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See the magic of the web brought to life through 5 Chrome Experiments. Open to the world online. Live from the Science Museum, London. Web Lab is now closed.Source code is now available. Create your own Web Lab inspired Chrome Experiment. Loading is taking longer than expected. Aw, snap!

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Előadások és koncertfilmek az Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínházban – Metropolitan Opera Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen – Hivatalos előzetes! Az Egyesült Királyság, USA, Ausztrália, Új-Zéland után az angol nyelvterületen kívül elsőként Magyarországon láthatóak a világhírű Shakespeare’s Globe produkciók. A HD minőségű színházi vetítés- sorozat március 26-án a Sok hűhó semmiért c. darabbal kezdődik az Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínházban. Az első színházi évad során 3 darabot tűz műsorra az Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház: a Sok hűhó semmiért, a Minden jó, ha vége jó c. Shakespeare műveket és a Dr. Faustus című Marlowe-darabot.

Earth Engine Earth Engine Access Develop, access and run algorithms on the full Earth Engine data archive, all using Google's parallel processing platform. Access to Earth Engine is currently available as a limited release to a small group of partners. Logiciels gratuits dont la majorité est libre - CRIP Internet : Clients : Navigateur Web : Mozilla Firefox * Client FTP : FileZilla ** Client SSH : PuTTY *** Client SFTP : WinSCP *** Client pour gérer et accélérer les téléchargements : Communication : Courrier électronique : Mozilla ThunderBird * Messagerie instantanée : Pidgin * Téléphoner par Internet : OpenWengo **

Robotics Developer Studio <a id="b7777d05-f9ee-bedd-c9b9-9572b26f11d1" target="_self" class="mscom-link download-button dl" href="confirmation.aspx?id=29081" bi:track="false"><span class="loc" locid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d" srcid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d">Download</span></a> Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 4 is a freely available .NET-based programming environment for building robotics applications. It can be used by both professional and non-professional developers as well as hobbyists. DetailsMicrosoft Robotics Developer Studio 4.exe Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 4 enables hobbyists and professional or non-professional developers to create robotics applications targeting a wide range of scenarios.

How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management Artwork: Chad Hagen, Graphic Composition No. 1,2009, digital Since the early days of Google, people throughout the company have questioned the value of managers. That skepticism stems from a highly technocratic culture. As one software engineer, Eric Flatt, puts it, “We are a company built by engineers for engineers.” Google analyzed our MP3 libraries to visualize the evolution of music Google Play knows a lot about what its users listen to, and on Thursday Google shared some of those insights via a new tool called Music Timeline. It’s an interactive feature that shows the popularity of genres over time, as well as the popularity of subgenres and artists within them. It’s also a great way to show off Google Play as a worthy competitor to more widely used streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora, or more popular MP3 stores such as iTunes. This type of knowledge is a big deal. As I explained earlier this month, the battle to become the world’s dominant streaming service is heating up as more listening goes digital.

24 People Who Applied for the World's Toughest Job Were In for Quite a Surprise Here's a pretty cool project from Mullen for a client we won't immediately reveal, lest we spoil the surprise. (Scroll down to the bottom of credits, watch the video or click here to find out.) The Boston agency posted this job listing online for a "director of operations" position at a company called Rehtom Inc. The requirements sounded nothing short of brutal: • Standing up almost all the time • Constantly exerting yourself • Working from 135 to unlimited hours per week • Degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary • No vacations • The work load goes up on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and other holidays • No time to sleep • Salary = $0 The job ad got 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placements.

Marcel Breuer Marcel Lajos Breuer (pronounced BROY-ər ;22 May 1902 – 1 July 1981), was a Hungarian-born modernist, architect and furniture designer of Jewish descent. One of the masters of Modernism, Breuer extended the sculptural vocabulary he had developed in the carpentry shop at the Bauhaus into a personal architecture that made him one of the world’s most popular architects at the peak of 20th-Century design. Life and work[edit] Known to his friends and associates as Lajkó (the diminutive of his middle name and pronounced LOY-ko), Breuer left his hometown at the age of 18 in search of artistic training and was one of the first and youngest students at the Bauhaus– a radical arts and crafts school that Walter Gropius had founded in Weimar just after the first World War. He was recognized by Gropius as a significant talent and was quickly put at the head of the Carpentry Shop. (Gropius was to remain a life-long mentor for his junior by 19 years.)

6 Non-Teaching Books Every Teacher Should Read Posted 07/02/2015 8:20AM | Last Commented 07/22/2015 3:49PM A book promises the chance to escape the noise and busyness of our daily lives. In its pages we are never alone, yet we are also shut off, shut off from the thousand decisions and distractions that attack us at any moment. When we open ourselves up to a book we are embedded in the preciousness of ideas, growth, and mindful stimulation.