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LMS, 5 règles d’or d’un projet réussi Les projets LMS diffèrent selon que l’entreprise démarre dans le e-learning ou souhaite au contraire changer de LMS, voire remplacer plusieurs plateformes par un LMS corporate. Les 5 règles d’or mises en pratique par les équipes e-doceo s’appliquent principalement au premier cas des entreprises encore novices dans la formation à distance. Issues de notre expérience d'éditeur de solutions logicielles e-learning, elles peuvent aussi inspirer les entreprises qui ont un projet de migration ! 1 - Ne pas perdre de vue l’enjeu du projet Un projet LMS est un projet informatique. Vous allez vous doter d’une application qui pourra relayer votre stratégie de formation à distance.

E-Curriculum… Exploring 24 Free Open Education Resources (OER)… The Digital Curriculum Part 2 Everyone is talking about a digital curriculum free of those hard copy textbooks that have been a part of schooling since the advent of the one room schoolhouse. In this series I will investigate some resources that can open up a world of digital curricula. In this second post of the series, I’ll examine the idea of Open Education Resources. Learn What You Want, Teach What You Love The idea for MentorMob sprouts from the backgrounds of Kris Chinosorn and Vince Leung. Both avid learners, they found early on that the Internet was not quite the incredible tool for learning new skills and hobbies that everyone thinks it is. Even with millions of free lessons online, the content is almost impossible to navigate. "You don’t really know where to start, what to learn next or who you can trust, which is why in a sea of free content, people are still paying for online lessons." - Vince Leung, CTO Both Kris and Vince knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to learn for free online and that is when MentorMob was born.

Enterprise Learning Management System With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. A variety of tools make the creation process simple, from defining an online homework assignment with a homework submission area to creating a set of rich-text or HTML pages that can be sequenced and played in a desired navigational order. For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content. For more advanced users that may be looking for full customizability, the Pages feature within Schoology allows for the easy creation of content using either an advanced rich-text editor or custom HTML and CSS. With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content.

Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students LES PLATEFORMES LMS « cafel22 14 logiciels de e-learning open source. 1 Voici un panorama des logiciels libres et open source de e-learning. Mais avant de découvrir cette liste, un rappel des fonctionnalités attendues de ces systèmes d’apprentissage en ligne également appelés LMS (Learning Management System). 1 Qu’est-ce que le e-learning ?. 2 Panorama des logiciels libres et open source d’e-learning. 3 Moodle. 3 Atutor. 3 Claroline. 3 Dokeos. 3 DoceboLMS. 4 eFront. 4 SyndeoCMS. 4 Ilias Learning Management. 4 OLAT.. 4 Sakai Project. 5 Open Elms e-learning. 5 Ganesha. 5 AnaXagora – LCMS. 5 Sources : 5 Study Together OpenStudy is study help 2.0. Everyone needs study help but it has to be just right—online, immediate, even late at night. We make this possible on OpenStudy.

Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities » Putting our diagrams to work Jul 05 2010 Our goal in writing Digital Habitats was to recognize and move forward the literacies that are involved in stewarding technology for communities. We are happy when people put our ideas to work and appreciate it when people use our diagrams for that purpose. by Blackboard is a free learning management system for K12 and Higher Ed Instructors enabling blended & eLearning. [OASIF / Amarante] La plate-forme est conçue pour accueillir des formations centrées sur l’activité pédagogique de l’apprenant (cf. définition au-dessous) et organisées en dispositifs (scénarisées). À ce titre, elle reprend la structure du dispositif de formation à distance (définie par l’ENST dans le cadre du projet FIPFOD) selon 4 couches, en voici les définitions extraites du glossaire fournit avec Amarante : la formation : Un assemblage cohérent de modules de formation.

Open Academy Powerful Learning Practice supports its Communities with live events featuring experts, practitioners, and educational thought leaders from around the world. We are offering these challenging, action-packed sessions to extend learning opportunities beyond our Communities to the rest of the globe. Through the list below, you can view the archives in Elluminate. Check back often to see what new material has been added or subscribe via RSS. Customized for your team Business Models: Plugg Start-up winners Mendeley & Myngle Today, European internet entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers gathered on the Plugg 2009 conference to look at the ‘new web’ and its future. One of the key elements on Plugg is the Start-ups Rally, a pitching competition where 20 start-ups present their business to the audience and a challenging jury of investors and thought leaders. Let’s have a look at the business model of the 2 winners!