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The Adventure of English The Adventure of English is a British television series (ITV) on the history of the English language presented by Melvyn Bragg as well as a companion book, also written by Bragg. The series and the book are cast as an adventure story, or the biography of English as if it were a living being, covering the history of the language from its modest beginnings around 500 AD as a minor Germanic dialect to its rise as a truly established global language. In the television series, Bragg explains the origins and spelling of many words based on the times in which they were introduced into the growing language that would eventually become modern English. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Watch the full documentary now (playlist - )

Mission 1: "For Crown Or Colony?" | Mission US | THIRTEEN Having difficulty streaming Mission 1? Learn about the downloadable version of Mission US here. Not yet registered? Sign up here. About The third is community. We believe learning should be as rich and varied as the world you're learning about. So with our community we're building a kind of multimedia wonderland of learning, where videos, audio, usage, mnemonics, etymologies and much more bring your learning to life. We believe that every learner is partly a teacher, and we hope that once you get started, you'll soon be supplying little nuggets of wit and wisdom to help the rest of the community as they learn! Anyone can learn anything We believe that learning’s quite simple, and that there’s nothing that can’t be learned with the right help and enthusiasm. Together we are smarter Millions of people have learned what you want to learn. As you learn, you share your ideas to help others, just as you benefit all the time from the ideas other people have shared. This way, we all learn quicker and more effortlessly. Play works We’re at our most receptive when we’re at play. Your memory is a garden, not a storehouse

Chemistry & Physics Preview a Physics or Chemistry Episode Streaming: In addition to watching the videos in this site, Georgia teachers and students can stream Chemistry: A Study of Matter and Physics Fundamentals from GPB Education Streaming by plugging in the search term 'GPB Classroom' and select an episode to stream live or download. You may also stream the videos through PBS Learning Media by searching for Chemistry & Physics. Chemistry & Physics consists of two series teaching high school college preparatory chemistry and physics. For each unit, daily lesson plans are given to help teachers prepare for and pace the lessons. Semester 1 Chemistry is the study of matter, its composition and the changes it undergoes. Semester 2 This semester begins with the introduction of the mole. Semester 1 of physics is the study of mechanics, which involves motion and its causes. This semester is a continuation of the study of energy, introduced to you in the first semester as mechanical energy.

From Tate to the Louvre, the world's best museums and galleries online | Art and design Best all-rounders Tate, UK Tate galleries were among the first to recognise the value of the internet – both for engaging with visitors, and for offering multimedia exhibition guides. Their clear, easy-to-use website includes a wide range of blogs; a dedicated Tate Channel of artist video interviews and short films; and no fewer than 16 apps. These are mostly free, and range from the educational, such as the Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms, to the just-for-fun: the Muybridgizer allows you to create an Eadweard Muybridge-style animation using your iPhone camera. Museum of Modern Art, New York MoMA's well-designed website has a multimedia channel hosting "walkthroughs" of exhibitions, blogs and a strong social media presence. Best for audio guides Louvre, Paris The world's biggest museum has an audio guide available as an app for both iPhone and Android. Prado, Madrid There are several apps associated with the Prado, though none seem to be officially endorsed by the museum.

Connect the Dots | STEM CAMP But first, they must embrace science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build the skills that will serve as their tool set for the future. For that to happen, we must work together to ignite their curiosity and get them excited about STEM in their everyday lives. So we ask you to join us in connecting the dots between learning and life. Together, we can ignite the spark in students around the clock and around the world. While after-school learning and summer programs provide rich opportunities to keep students inspired beyond the classroom, we know that unequal access to these programs can contribute to disparities in student achievement. STEM Camp combines hands-on labs, engineering challenges, digital investigations, and more - all designed to immerse kids in the grand challenges of science set forth by the National Academy of Engineering.

YouTube Loading... 6 Gluons by JeffersonLab 180 views 8 Hadron by JeffersonLab 143 views 9 Laser by JeffersonLab 2,627 views 11 Matter by JeffersonLab 65 views 13 Proton by JeffersonLab 99 views 18 Baryon by JeffersonLab 19 views Jefferson Lab scientists and other experts explain some of the common words and terms used in nuclear physics research. About Jefferson Lab Jefferson Lab is a Department of Energy facility located in Newport News, VA. Our mission is to better understand the laws that govern the behavior of the quarks and gluons within the nuclei of atoms.

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