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Try Cloud Computing Free with AWS Free Tier * These free tier offers are only available to new AWS customers, and are available for 12 months following your AWS sign-up date. When your 12 month free usage term expires or if your application use exceeds the tiers, you simply pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates (see each service page for full pricing details). Restrictions apply; see offer terms for more details. ** These free tier offers do not automatically expire at the end of your 12 month AWS Free Tier term, but are available to both existing and new AWS customers indefinitely. † The following Windows variants are not eligible for the free tier: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server Web, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server Standard, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 64-bit for Cluster Instances and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SQL Server 64-bit for Cluster Instances. The Amazon AWS Free Tier applies to participating services across our global regions.

University of London Institute in Paris The University of London Institute in Paris (abbreviated ULIP) is a college of the University of London located in Paris. It is currently the only British University Institute in Continental Europe.[1] History[edit] The institute was established by an English woman, Edith Williams, in 1894[2] with the help of the then British Ambassador, Lord Dufferin.[1] It was originally known as the "Anglo-French Guild", which from 1894 offered classes in conversational English to French students soon to qualify as teachers of English through more theoretical studies. After the First World War the French and British governments, concerned by the lack of understanding between the British and French armies that had become apparent during hostilities, sought means of improving cultural and language links between their countries. The British Institute left its Sorbonne link to become incorporated into the University of London in 1969. The Dean of the Institute is Andrew Hussey. External links[edit]

Amazon Web Services, Cloud Computing: Compute, Storage, Database Distance Learning - the flexible way to achieve a University of London degree that has a track record of 150 years For over 150 years the University of London has been delivering its qualifications via distance learning through the International Programmes. This allows students to combine studying with work and family commitments, without having to live in London. The standard of the award is exactly the same as that achieved by students who study with the University of London face to face. Students can study independently, or for many programmes they may attend classes at local institutions. For more information go to Contact Details: Please contact us via our webform or at the following address: University of London International ProgrammesStudent Advice CentreStewart House32 Russell SquareLondon WC1B 5DN

In-App Purchasing The In-App Purchasing API makes it easy for you to offer digital content and subscriptions—such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine issues and more—for purchase within your apps. Within minutes you can be up and running, ready to give millions of Amazon customers the ability to purchase engaging digital content using their Amazon 1-Click settings. Creating a "freemium" model for your app where the app itself is free but you charge a premium for advanced services or functionality Allowing customers to purchase in-app currency directly within your app experience Allowing customers to subscribe to content available within your app Making content available for purchase to be viewed within your app In-App Purchasing API allows your app to present, process, and fulfill purchases of digital content and subscriptions within your app experience. In-App Purchasing API is designed to encapsulate the complexity behind the purchase process while providing a fully featured API.

Birkbeck, University of London Birkbeck, University of London (formerly Birkbeck College, informally BBK), is a public research university located in London, in the United Kingdom, which specialises in evening higher education, and a constituent college of the federal University of London. It offers many Master's and Bachelor's degree programmes that can be studied either part-time or full-time, though nearly all teaching is in the evening. It also admits full-time (as well as part-time) students for PhDs. Its staff members have excellent research reputations in subjects such as English, Economics, Statistics, History, History of Art, Philosophy, Psychology, Spanish and Science. Birkbeck counts four Nobel prize winners and a British Prime Minister among its former students and staff. History[edit] Founding[edit] In 1823, George Birkbeck, an early pioneer of adult education, founded the then "London Mechanics' Institute" at a meeting at the Crown and Anchor Tavern on the Strand. Birkbeck College[edit] Current status[edit]

Mobile Ads Click here for details In-App Display Advertising Solution from Amazon Monetization opportunity with great eCPM High-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers Easy integration and revenue tracking through a single portal Distribution at scale through Amazon and other Android stores How to Get Started Sign in to your Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal account. If you do not already have one, you will be prompted to create an account. Also, take a look at our webinar explaining Mobile Ads and how to integrate it into your own mobile Android applications: The Amazon Mobile Ads API serves ads to U.S. users and works with mobile apps on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, and Anrdoid phone and tablets. Success Stories Using the Amazon Mobile Ads API Games2Win "The $2.87 eCPM we saw through Amazon far exceeded our expectation. -- Mahesh Khambadkone, Co-Founder (click here for full story) James Farrier -- James Farrier, Founder --Anatoly Lubarsky, Founder

University of London The University of London (informally referred to as London University) is a collegiate research university located in London, England, consisting of 18 constituent colleges, 10 research institutes and a number of central bodies.[3] London is the second-largest university by number of full-time students in the United Kingdom, with around 135,000 campus-based students and over 50,000 distance learning students in the University of London International Programmes. The university was established by Royal Charter in 1836, which brought together in federation London University (now University College London) and King's College (now King's College London). For most practical purposes, ranging from admissions to funding, the constituent colleges operate on a semi-independent basis, with some recently obtaining the power to award their own degrees whilst remaining in the federal university. History[edit] 19th century[edit] 20th century[edit] The latter half of the last century was less eventful.

Mobile Associates Interested in having MAA for iOS? Click here to tell us. The Amazon Mobile Associates API offers a new way for you to monetize your apps: Offer physical and digital products in your apps and games distributed through Amazon and other Android stores. How to get started To get started with the Amazon Mobile Associates API: Sign in to your developer portal account. Also, take a look at our webinar explaining Mobile Associates and how to integrate it into your own mobile Android applications: Amazon Mobile Associates Availability: The Amazon Mobile Associates API serves U.S. users and works with mobile apps on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Android phones and tablets. Developers who reside in AR, CO, ME, MN, MO, or RI are not eligible to use Mobile Associates API because the Amazon Associates program is not available in those states. Who's Using the Mobile Associates API? Days of Wonder, Inc. Alt12 Apps, Inc.

GameCircle The GameCircle experience and Whispersync for Games are now available for all iOS and Android devices, including Kindle Fire. It's free to use and provides everything you need to implement achievements, leaderboards, and saved game syncing across any device, regardless of mobile platform. Once you integrate GameCircle, customers can seamlessly play games and interact with other gamers across any mobile device. Take a look at our webinar explaining GameCircle and how to integrate it into your own mobile iOS & Android games: Achievement Reports When you integrate GameCircle achievements, you automatically get access to Achievement Reports. For All Platforms Download the SDK - By downloading our Amazon Mobile App SDK, you agree to our Program Materials License Agreement and, if you use the Mobile Ads API, the Mobile Ad Network Publisher Agreement. Code it Your Way Whispersync Automatically Resolves Conflicts

Services for Game Developers Kindle Fire Kindle Fire tablets are high-performance devices that give apps, games, and content a place to shine. We’ve created resources to help you build, optimize, test, and market your apps on Kindle Fire tablets. Customers Customers who buy Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon are preregistered, so they can immediately begin downloading and using apps. Because Amazon's 1-Click purchase experience is secure and easy to use, it increases conversion rates for your apps and your ROI. Compatibility Got an Android app? The latest Kindle Fire HDX tablets feature hundreds of platform enhancements to make tablet technology easy to use and accessible to broad range of customers. Graphics Direct Texture The Fire OS graphics system is customized to quickly load large graphical assets like the high-resolution cover art in the Fire OS home screen. More Camera Support Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” tablets come with forward and rear-facing cameras and respond to Android intents accordingly. Speakers

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