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I Love Coffee - - A blog for coffee lovers.

I Love Coffee - - A blog for coffee lovers.

30-Something Everyday Tasks You Might Be Doing 'Wrong' My breakfast this morning — blown, not peeled. Matt Thompson hide caption itoggle caption Matt Thompson My breakfast this morning — blown, not peeled. Matt Thompson I prepared my breakfast of hard-boiled eggs a bit differently this morning. This egg-peeling trick, demonstrated below by Internet-famous life hacker Tim Ferriss, was one of dozens posted to the question-and-answer site Quora, in response to the question, "What are common activities people do wrong every day but don't know it?" While many of the 30-something videos listed deal with food prep, the full list covers a fun variety of everyday activities, including adjusting your rearview mirrors, popping a zit and taking off a T-shirt. I've long been utterly certain I could never be a credible beat-boxer. I wash my hands several times a day, so "shake and fold" has been a revelation: Not all the tricks I sampled worked for me on the first try, though. And of course, there's more than one way to peel an egg.

20 Signs You Grew Up a Church Kid | Chasing Supermom *This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on the link and making an Amazon purchase helps support my family. Thanks in advance! I grew up a church kid. I went to Sunday School every week, memorized my Bible verses, was youth group president, went on mission trips – the whole nine yards. My husband was raised on the opposite side of the country, and grew up in a different denomination. And yet, in spite of all of these wonderfully cheesy things, I remain a person who clings to her faith, loves Jesus, and loves her church. So, sit back, pop in some Steven Curtis Chapman or Geoff Moore and the Distance, throw some cocoa in your dad’s Promise Keeper’s mug, and enjoy this trip down memory lane. 1. *Bonus points if you can sing Bullfrongs and Butterflies and/or the “Arky Arky” song! And now I’m singing, “The Lord told Noah, there’s gonna be a floody floody….get those animals out of the muddy muddy.” 2. Straight up – I challenge anyone – any day – anywhere. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Superbook! 8. 9. 10.

37 Amazing Bathroom Designs That Fused with Nature So you like to relax in the bath? Then this tropical nature inspired bathroom uses blue lighting to set the mood and fauna to make you feel like your bathing in a rainforest. Natural greenery promotes a sense of wellbeing, and there are several ways in which you can play on the look. So, if you have a beautiful garden on the other side of your bathroom wall, then why not install a run of floor to ceiling glazing to allow you to enjoy the view right from your bathroom. Tags: bathroom, interior design, natural bathroom, nature

Melt Them Down! Recycling Old Crayons Gather up your old crayons - short ones, long ones, fat ones, skinny ones. It doesn't matter what shape or color they are because we are just going to melt them down. They can be Crayola or Rose Art or even the crayons that you get at a restaurant. You will need a handful to make a new crayon, if you look at this picture, you can see about how many it will take to make a new chunky crayon. These crayons have already been peeled, but if yours have wrappers then you will need to remove all of the paper before you can get started. You don't have to sort them by color, but I suggest it.

Favourite Cat Quotes through Time Man has always been intrigued and fascinated with the cat so it's not surprising that there are so many cat-related quotes throughout time. This is a selection of some of my favourite quotes that I have collected over the years that I know all feline lovers will enjoy. This page will be updated with new quotes from time to time so please feel free to come back again soon! "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat. "A home without a cat- and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat- may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?" "If animals could speak the dog would be a a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much "A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime." "I simply can't resist a cat, particularly a purring one. "Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. "Dogs come when they're called.

399 keep your brain young What a great book to review! It’s a book that is fun and entertaining. It might even make you feel very smart. It’s an easy-to-take prescription, don’t you think? I am loving this book. This particular book breaks it into levels of difficulty, but in addition each page has a little box showing for what purpose the puzzle is effective. Long-term memory Working memory (part of which is short term memory)executive functioning attention to detailmultitasking processing (needing information repeated, for example) Most of these are self explanatory. 399 Games offers exercises for each of these functions, so if you feel a need to work on one more than another you can choose puzzles that associate. The games are fun. There is all sorts of variety that you will find entertaining and engaging.

Spurious Correlations TransProse turns literature into music A great novel has an ambience unto itself -- but what if you could translate that ambience into a different medium? Music, for example? That's the idea behind TransProse, a project that examines works of literature and transposes them into music. It's the work of New York-based programmer, artist and musician Hannah Davis, and Saif Mohammed, a research officer at the National Research Council Canada (NRC) whose interest lies in natural language processing. The project doesn't translate the works directly into music. "Often different emotions are expressed through different words," Mohammed explained in his research paper on compiling the lexicon. When a novel is fed into TransProse, the program reads the text, searching for these words. The tone and density of emotional words in a text is then used to determine how the musical piece is strung together: tempo, key, notes, octaves and so forth. Based on what they have so far, we think the project is pretty successful.

How to start your career as film crew You’ve made it to your first film set as an unpaid intern, congratulations! Your main reasons for being here are to prove that you can work dilligently and that you’re willing to learn. If you’re in a technical department the “willingness to learn” part becomes doubly important. Here are a couple of common sense bits of advice for those who are just starting out: Work hard. Stay busy. Be accountable. Respect the pecking order.You may have creative suggestions on how the Director of Photography can improve his carefully composed shot, but if it’s not your department you should keep your suggestions to yourself. There’s proper protocol on set. Never take something from a different department without permission. If you don’t know, ask. Be punctual. ———- Photo Credit: Michael Augustine

Man-Tracking 101: How To Find And Follow Tracks For Search And Rescue One common method of tracking is done with a three-person team, consisting of a Point person and two Flankers. (The team leader can be any of the three.) The Point is the person on the track, while the Flankers are to the left and right of the Point. The distance between the Point and the Flankers will depend on things like terrain, vegetation, weather, and the quality of the track itself. When the Point gets tired — or even before then — a Flanker can take over that position, and the Point can take the Flanker’s spot. Flankers can be helping the Point by looking ahead, trying to spot prints or clues (or the subject) in the distance, which can enable the team to jump ahead and therefore move more quickly. Flankers should also keep their eyes out for obstacles or dangers that the Point may not notice while so focused on the track. Of course, this isn’t a perfect world, and a three-person team won’t always be possible.

Tim Ferriss Will Teach You How To Quickly Master Any Skill Tim Ferriss is a human guinea pig: in his researching the 4-Hour Workweek, Body, and Chef, the author has thrown himself into deadlifts and omelets and French--and from all that experimentation, a meta-sequence of contrarian best practices emerged. During a talk at the Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Ferriss unpacked--or is it deconstructed?--the madness to his methodology. To begin, dissemble all parts. The first stage of skill acquisition, behavior change, or however you want to call improving yourself is deconstruction, the art of breaking a complex practice into small tasks. Ferriss learned to swim only five years ago, he says, because he had a hard time breathing and kept getting exhausted from kicking. Then find where the value comes from. Next is selection: he anchors his argument to the Pareto principle, stating that you get 80% of your value from 20% of the work. And nail the timing. Another hack with sequencing is being able to find places to fit in "no stakes" practice.