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Rik Kretzinger's Page - Aquaponic Gardening

Rik Kretzinger's Page - Aquaponic Gardening

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San Diego Architectural Foundation Date: 03/12/2011 - 9:00am - 12:00pm A BEEP Workshop & Volunteer Recruitment Event will be held on 10 inspiring urban chicken coop designs for Happy Hens Many people are growing tired of the mad rush of city life, and are moving to smaller towns, and by employing different methods and devices, they are figuring out different ways to raise their own food like fruit and vegetables as well as chickens and eggs. With raising backyard chickens , they are hoping to fare better from not having to depend entirely on other people for all the necessities of life and to this end they are able to download free chicken coop plans from the Internet to suit their specific needs. Of course there are many people who just love the idea of keeping chickens as pets. Building your own coop needn’t be difficult, because apart from books and pamphlets, the Internet can offer 10 inspiring urban chicken coop ideas on raising backyard chickens in attractive coops and how it can be really economical to build.

Self-Sustaining Aquaponic Greenhouse Coming to Vermont Park The Root Center, a pending non-profit, is building a solar-heated aquaponic greenhouse in Vermont Park. Dubbed “Garden of the Future,” the project will house a sustainable fish pond and aquaponic vegetables. The Root Center’s mission is to provide food, water, shelter, energy and community, and the food the greenhouse produces will supply local food banks and schools. Contact Us : Global Plastic Sheeting, Plastic Sheeting Specialist Global Plastic Sheeting 1331 Specialty Dr Vista , CA 92081 How to Establish a Small Space Intensive Food Garden Permaculture Research Institute Editor’s Note: This post is a good reminder to ensure you take good before, during and after photos as you implement projects! Case studies like this become an awesome portfolio for yourselves, and help people to see the practical potential in permaculture. It can be totally inspiring, and help get people moving on the ground! Case Study – Noela’s Garden, as installed by Geoff and Nadia Lawton This is a story about a garden that Nadia and I were asked to establish in 2006. It’s a very small space – the area is 95m2.

Factors affecting feed intake of chickens There are many factors which affect feed intake of chickens and hence determine nutrient intake level and efficiency of poultry production. Although the spectrum of these factors is very broad, here the focus will be made on management and environment, feed and water, and physical factors. Management and environment play an important role in controlling feed intake and efficiency. Poultry producers should, therefore, make use of the current technology and recent research works aiming at optimising management practices and micro-environment for better feed intake and utilisation. Flock size - In studies on laying hens, feed consumed per bird was less in large than in small flocks for the overall production cycle. Feed conversion for egg production also improved with size of flock (Table 1).

6 Online Surveys Online Surveys We started designing our WebSurveyAngel software in 1981, but had to wait a while for technology to allow online surveys. Now the're everywhere, and some folks are doing great things with them. There are overlaps in the examples below, but in general, your range of options includes: Simple: Web-based survey services, such as from SurveyMonkey, that let you set up and manage a survey online. Mid-level: PC-based software, such as from Vovici (formerly Perseus), that allows you to publish your survey to the web. Aquaponics Group Training in Hawaii After holding these trainings in Hawaii since 2008, we’ve trained just about everyone here! And while Hawaii is a wonderful place to take this training, we’ve partnered with several Mainland affiliates to offer these trainings several times a year at mainland locations that are a lot more convenient and affordable for you to attend. Simply pull down the “Training” menu at the top of the page to see current mainland trainings being offered. If you or your project just can’t wait, we offer two and three-day Personal Intensive Trainings in Hawaii, which focus on your project and its challenges.

the interactive map and database of the Worldwide Permaculture Network Featured Profile Project Type: Rural, Commercial, Intentional Communities, ... Date created: about 1 year ago Followers: 35 Last Update: 4 months ago A unique blend of art and science that reveals the hidden machinations of the natural world One set of threads after incubation. Here the threads have been inoculated seperately with two different bacteria that are initially white. However, when these two strains are allowed to mix with each other and communicate, they produce a purple pigment.This is clearly visible at the junction or node where the two species have mixed and are communicating with one another One set of threads after incubation. One thread was inoculated with a purple pigmented bacterium and the other with a red one.

Updates On Aquaponics Secrets - Polytech-Infos De Polytech-Infos. One of the most popular gardening systems that have evolved recently is aquaponics, which requires less maintenance than other systems which is easy to create, even for beginners. Aquaponics is a hybrid with the 2 older systems of aquaculture and hydroponics, and is easily scaled up into an aquaponics business that will provide bulk of fresh produce and clean fish. Each of these traditional farming methods has drawbacks which aquaponics offers a solution for. Hydroponics keeps growing fruit and vegetables without soil. 5 Executive Interviews Executive Interviews Individual interviews, whether conducted in person, by phone, or via the web, are one of the most valuable information gathering tools. Whether speaking with executives within your organization for direction and insight, or interviewing key decision makers and influencers in your marketplace, executive interviews can provide phenomenal return on investment. Interviewing decision makers is a commonsense art, not rocket science.

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