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The V Motion Project

The V Motion Project

[KINECT] Instalando los drivers de OpenNI para Kinect - El Bruno 30/12/2010 11:37 El Bruno Buenas, como hay bastante Kinects dando vueltas por allí y yo ya he pasado de la fase de programar en C++ porque ya somos C# compliant (no verán never un post mío en C++ !!!), pues creo que es momento de compartir un poco mis experiencias y dar un poco de guidance para aquellos que quieran hacer alguna pruebita. Primero lo primero –> los Drivers Hasta el día de hoy hay varias opciones para instalar drivers no oficiales para Kinect. Ahora bien, si tienes un Kinect sabrás que el mismo tiene la posibilidad de utilizarlo como un dispositivo USB. El gestor de drivers ha detectado el dispositivo, pero claro en Windows Update, no existe ningún driver para poder instalar las features que posee el Kinect. OpenNI 1.0 Alpha build 23 binaries for Win32 En el proceso de instalación de la versión, aparecerá un Warning relacionado con los drivers Ok volvamos a los drivers, cuando vuelves a conectar el Kinect, todavía está la referencia al driver inválido. Resumen 1. Saludos @ Home

AR für Wartungsunterstützung Welche Probleme gibt es bei der Wartung komplexer Anlagen und Maschinen? Bei der Wartung einer Maschine oder einer Industrieanlage kommt es häufig vor, dass das Personal bestimmte Informationen benötigt, um die entsprechende Wartung bzw. Reparatur durchzuführen. Hierbei treten Probleme unterschiedlicher Art auf: Die natürliche Vergessenskurve: Informationen, die lange nicht benötigt werden, werden vergessen oder können nicht schnell genug aus dem Langzeitgedächtnis abgerufen werden. Wie können diese Probleme reduziert werden? Die oben beschriebenen Probleme können durch ein am IPP entwickeltes Unterstützungssystem reduziert werden. Hierzu trägt der Benutzer ein kopfgebundenes Anzeigegerät (englisch: Head Mounted Display), an dem ein kleiner Positionssensor befestigt ist. angezeigt. Wie wurde das System realisiert? Der verwendete Positionssensor und das halbdurchlässige Display sind handelsübliche Komponenten. Wo kann das System noch eingesetzt werden? Schulung von Wartungspersonal

Open-source SDK for 3D sensors - OpenNI therenect - A virtual Theremin for the Kinect Controller The Therenect is a virtual Theremin for the Kinect controller. It defines two virtual antenna points, which allow controlling the pitch and volume of a simple oscillator. The distance to these points can be adjusted by freely moving the hand in three dimensions or by reshaping the hand, which allows gestures that should be quite similar to playing an actual Theremin. This video was recorded prior to this release, an updated video introducing the improved features of the current version will follow soon. Configuration Oscillator: Theremin, Sinewave, Sawtooth, Squarewave Tonality: continuos mode or Chromatic, Ionian and Pentatonic scales MIDI: optionally send MIDI note on/off events to the selected device & channel Kinect: adjust the sensor camera angle AcknowledgmentsThis application has been created by Martin Kaltenbrunner at the Interface Culture Lab.

dp.kinect | Dale Phurrough Cycling 74 Max external using Microsoft Kinect SDK dp.kinect is an external which can be used within the Cycling ’74 Max development environment to control and receive data from your Microsoft Kinect. Setup and usage docs are available at It is based on the official Microsoft Kinect platform. Known Issues Licensing and Terms of Use The dp.kinect software is free for evaluation and non-commercial use. This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. I do support creative endeavors and artists. Here are examples which will likely be granted a no or low-cost license after the beta period: Installation artist creating a work for a private galleryVJ performing in a local club Here are examples which will likely require a paid license after the beta period: Bundled as part of a software solution sold to multiple customersUsed in the touring show of a performer, band, or DJUsed in an presentation or installation for an outside environment Download

New Kinect Gets Closer to Your Body [Videos, Links] The new, svelte-looking Kinect. It’s not that it looks better, though, that matters: it’s that it sees better. Courtesy Microsoft. It’s a new world for media artists, one in which we look to the latest game console news because it impacts our art-making tools. And so it is that, along with a new Xbox, Microsoft has a new Kinect. The new Kinect uses standard infrared tracking (ideal for in-the-dark footage and accurate tracking), but also returns RGB imagery. The big news is tracking that gets closer to your body, breaking analysis into smaller bits. The original sensor mapped people in a room using “structured light”: It would send out infrared light, then measure deformities in the room’s surfaces to generate a 3-D depth map. Xbox One Revealed [] Say what? The upshot to all of this is better tracking: More discrete people can be tracked independently, without having to add more Kinects (as some hackers did) – up to six, says Microsoft. What Will Hackers Do with the New Kinect?

KinFu - Kinect 3D Scan Toolkit This software package enables you to utilize a Microsoft XBOX Kinect for scanning 3D geometry in real-time and saving it in various formats. The KinFu application depends on Fermi instructions of an NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU. Therefore, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 300 graphic card or above is required. Running the main application will show the depth map of the device and a real-time view of the output. KinFu Kinect 3D Scan Toolkit Win32 MSVC200857.0 MB (59.866.150 Bytes) md5 54642e630effc502f42b2f0db5c8922a KinFu Kinect 3D Scan Toolkit Win64 MSVC200865.0 MB (68.211.306 Bytes) md5 6bbaf5792088f3b010d1950c370c3b1e • Download the package and run the OpenNI and SensorKinect setup files from the install directory. • Connect your XBOX Kinect device to a USB port and make sure the KinFuSnapshots directory is empty if you've run the application before. • Now put the Kinect in a starting position and run kinfu_largeScale_et_r.bat Please move slowly while scanning. • To construct the mesh run textured_mesh.obj

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