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The Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography
Boy, are we excited. We’ve spent every waking moment these last months cooped up in the Photojojo Labs, working tirelessly on what can only be our greatest experiment ever. We’ve finally done it. We’ve found the key to… Time Travel. Well, time-lapse photography. So go ahead, read our guide on the ins and outs of time-lapse and start churning out your very own time-lapse videos from your photos. Then, take up your mantle in the halls of history, beside legends such as Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, Dr. p.s. Time Lapse 101: An Overview Alright, so it’s not time-travel. Time-lapse lets you see the natural progression of time, while not having to wait through the actual length of it… so you could watch the sunset (at least, yesterday’s sunset) as you always wanted to, without staying up late to do so – and you could fit it all within a nice, brief commercial break in-between episodes of “Dr. Here’s an example of a time-lapse we put together just for you: Music by Loena Naess, who is awesome.

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Timelapse Photography Tutorial: An Overview of Shooting, Processing and Rendering Timelapse Movies You’ve probably stumbled upon an incredible work of time-lapse where you just couldn’t get the images and the feelings out of your head. Possibly you are fascinated by nature and the slow changes that occur over a period of time. A flower blooming, a sunset or a moonrise. Tutorial: How to create a HDR time lapse In the last few years, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography evolved to a serious photography technique. Here an example which is slightly over the top, which I made in 2006 from the telescope I write my phd thesis about. HDR gone bad:

DIY Outdoor Time-Lapse Photography Update: Check out my latest Camera Axe project for a much more robust device that handles this. There is a beautiful overlook of Worcester Massachusetts near my home. I wanted to build a weatherproof camera box that automatically takes one picture an hour so I can make a time lapse video of the changing seasons. One requirement was to keep it cheap and already had a Fuji F30 point and shoot camera.

Christian Saint Photography misskaciemarie: I'm a big fan of your work, I'd love to work together XoXo misskaciemarie. com Thank you Kacie Marie. I only do commercial shoots but I will definitely keep you in mind for anything appropriate. The History of Stop Motion & Time-lapse Photography Many may think of stop motion and timelapse photography as modern techniques, perhaps something that came along with the advent of digital photography. But, you may be surprised to learn that they date all the way back to the 1870′s when a photogtrapher by the name of Eadweard Muybridge set up a series of 24 cameras and photographed a galloping horse. After he animated the images together, the first photographic stop motion film was birthed. Thomas Edison would use elements of Muybridges work to develop the first timelapse videos.

Save 20%: Time-lapse Photography eBook Note: This deal is expired; however, you can visit the website directly to check out their latest deals. Up for grabs in this SnapnDeal is a complete introduction to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapse movies with a DSLR camera. The guide covers the art and science of time-lapse photography and contains both detailed explanations and immediately actionable summaries in a colorful easy to understand and fun to read package. It will also walk through three separate rendering workflows that touch different ends of the cost (both free and not so free), functionality and time-to-learn spectrum.

"deshake" a time lapse sequence taken in windy conditions In Barcelona I shot some time lapses in very windy weather and I only had the gorilla pod as a tripod with me. The result makes you seasick when watching.Here is a still from that sequence: Luckily, there is photoshop with its great "auto align" function. This will nicely deshake the movie. To use it, proceed the following way:First load all the images as a stack into layers (File... Scripts... DIY Time Lapse Photography If you’re on the PhotoJoJo mails, you must have gotten that awesome time lapse bit. On that post they recommend the Cannon TC80N3 – a round 100 dollars device that give you the ability to take time lapse images. (It is called Intervalometer, but I can’t even say it, let alone write it and feel good about myself).

50 Great Photographers You Should Know (with portfolios) Lots of wonderful things happen around us all the time; being able to see is easy, but being able to capture that very moment is probably the hardest part. A good photo comprise of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. Being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. This weekend, we want you introduce you some of the greatest photographers around the globe and their awesome portfolios. We hope you’ll be able to get some sort of inspiration from their work. In no particular order, here’s 50 Great Photographers You Should Know.

The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial – Story, Scheduling & Scouting I am happy to announce the release of the latest instalment of the raw time-lapse tutorial. I want to first off apologize for the delay since the last posting. When first announcing the project, I was not expecting to go as in depth as I am in the videos/posts. As a result, I will be somewhat restructuring the way in which the series will be released. This content will now be released in two stages. 17 Steps to Create Time Lapse Video from Still Images 17 Steps to Create Time Lapse Video from Still Images Watch this photography tutorial to learn how to make a time-lapse video with your DSLR camera. Wish you could take gorgeous photos? Now you can! see our Review of a New Educational Resource – Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography – eBook On January 11th and 12th Connecticut was hit with a blizzard that dropped 20-30 inches of snow across the state.

Pans and Zooms with Adobe Premiere (Elements) People (like me) whose photo equipement is already heavy enough, do not want to carry a Meade mount or something similar in remote places. Still, pans look great in time lapse sequences.To some amount, these pans and even zooms can be done in post production, what I will explain here with Adobe Premiere Elements.To save some memory on the memory card, I usually shoot in sRaw1, with 7.5MegaPixels (3272x2178). The final movie should be HD (1080p, that means 1920 x 1080 pixels), what leaves lots of space for pans and zooms, as illustrated below:

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