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Golden Victoria

Golden Victoria
The discovery of gold in Victoria created years of wealth for the young colony. Here was a metal that could liberate servants from their masters and sometimes set those masters off to dig for gold themselves. With little attention paid to the environment or the Indigenous custodians of the land, all Victorian soil became potential ‘paydirt’. In this section, learn about the positive and negative impacts of gold mining; many of which we can still see today. Learn about gold's properties, uses and how it was mined. Find out what life was like on the Victorian gold fields. The colony of Victoria had become a magnet for the world and fortune hunters everywhere.

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Why did the great journey's of exploration occur? In this part of your course you are investigating some of the great explorations in world history. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries there was a great outbreak of exploration from Europe to unknown areas of the world. Why did this happen? Things To Do In Australia There are a lot of things to do in Australia from the outback to the shores you can always find something going on to suit you. Maybe you're into more traditional holidays like touring around Australia's largest city of Sydney or going on a wonderful shopping trip in Melbourne. Or maybe you like to get off the beaten track a bit and take an outback adventure or take a train journey on one of Australia's spectacular trains. There are some great holiday ideas at the bottom of this page and some more on our Australian Tourist Attractions page..... you can also get some great hints and tips about visa's, driving in Australia, train travel and much more on our Australian Travel Guide page.

1 Historical background Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution: Report of the Expert Panel Millions of non-indigenous Australians have joined with us in the search for a better relationship based on equity and justice. Australians at every level of our society have put up their hands to be counted as supporters of a nation that holds as its core value a society based on mutual respect, tolerance and justice. ... I am convinced that true reconciliation that is not based upon truth will leave us as a diminished nation. And I ... am convinced that such reconciliation is possible.

Collections in Melbourne: A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records - Collections in Melbourne: A Guide to Commonwealth Records Celia Blake Published by the National Archives of Australia This is guide number 8 in the series of research guides published by the National Archives. The Melbourne office of the National Archives of Australia holds a wealth of material that will interest both professional and family historians. 7 Sydney spent time You spent time in Australia quite recently, so tell us about that. To 'spend time' in a place is to be there for a while. You can also spend time with people. Australian painters John Glover (1767-1849), Australian landscape with cattle: the artist's property Patterdale, c. 1835, oil on canvas. Image courtesy of the : an2253188. When the first artists arrived in colonial Australia from Europe in the late 18th century, they were confronted by images and scenery the likes of which they had never seen:

Ancient Australian History There were eleven ships in the First Fleet. They were all small ships that included two naval ships, six convict ships and three storeships for supplies. The ships were specially built for the long eight month voyage which had to carry prison chambers for the convicts, and also carry food and animals. The animals included sheep, goats, chickens, dogs and cats, that also needed special areas to place them. The supply ships were loaded with enough supplies for the new settlement to survive for two years, after which they would have to make use of the land, local animals, and materials. Australian Olympic Committee: Olympian Search Every Australian Olympian and their Games results can be found here. Simply type in the athlete name and search. For more advanced searches, you can use the drop down boxes to filter by Gender, Medal type, Sport, and Games.

First Fleet: 04/02/2014, Behind the News Recently we celebrated Australia day on the 26th of January. But why do we mark it on that day in particular? To answer that question, Sarah will take you back in time to 1788, to meet some kids who came to Australia on the First Fleet. Kid 1: “My name is John Hudson and I'm nine years old. Sport Australia Hall of Fame - Legends of Australian Sport 2013 Induction & Awards Dinner News Feed 5th Feb 2014 Search Legends of Australian Sport The Sport Australia Hall of Fame introduced the Legend status to recognise those members who have distinguished themselves at the highest level and in doing so have offered inspiration and example to Australia. Australian History: Post Federation: Sporting Achievements During the century of world wars and the Great Depression, Australia achieved great heights in sporting achievements. These are the main highlights of significant Australian performances. Sir Donald Bradman - Sir Donald Bradman is arguably the greatest cricketer of all time.

Australia Australia's ecosystem is an unusual one because of its remote location. As a result, there are many animal species that occur here and nowhere else in the world, such as the platypus, kangaroo, echidna, and koala. Australia has 516 national parks to protect its unique plants and animals.