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Los proyectos de Pachamama Raymi ¿Talvez Usted desee apoyar alguno de estos proyectos? Posthumanism and Transhumanism Literature Posthumanism and Transhumanism Literature Hello, I am wondering if someone here knows of any good academic resources on the topics of Posthumanism and Transhumanism. Posthumanism seems to fall into several sections of discussion, but I am more interested in learning about the version which is more related to Transhumanism. I am interested in learning what the defining and developing ideas are within these two terms. For myself, the interest in the topic is coming from art making. Eventually, ideas I had on the representation of a person through documentation intersected with concepts I started to discover were relevant to Transhumanism and a form of basic post-existence. So there is my question and the "why" component of it. Thanks for reading. cosmic microwave background radiation is awesome!

Conferences, Proceedings, Journals, Open Access Journals, SCIRP Improbable Research PubMed home Association ECLat Orion's Arm Orion's Arm, (also called the Orion's Arm Universe Project, OAUP, or simply OA) is a multi-authored online science fiction world-building project, first established in 2000[1] by M. Alan Kazlev, Donna Malcolm Hirsekorn, Bernd Helfert and Anders Sandberg and further co-authored by many people since.[2] It was described by Cory Doctorow as "a pretty thoroughgoing post-Singularity thinggum with lots of opportunity for fun noodling".[3] Anyone can contribute articles, stories, artwork, or music to the website. A large mailing list exists,[4] in which members debate aspects of the world they are creating, discussing additions, modifications, issues arising, and work to be done. A computer game and a role-playing game are being developed by the community, within the OA milieu. Setting[edit] OA is a part of the transhuman space opera subgenre. Prominent theoretical technologies[edit] Technologies that feature prominently in the Orion's Arm setting include: Prominent theoretical artifacts[edit]

Scientific & Academic Publishing: Home Automatic Detection System to the Sticky Bomb Raed Majeed, Hiyam Hatem, Muhanad Mohammed Computer Science and Engineering, 2018, 8(2), pp. 17-22 DOI: 10.5923/ Open Access The detection of explosives has become an important area in recent years for preventing terrorist activities, particularly in areas away from static checkpoints. Full-Text HTMLDownload Full-Text PDF 367 Views 191 Downloads ERM in Construction Companies in the Mexican Southeast Jose A. International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management , 2018, 7(4), pp. 153-161 DOI: 10.5923/j.ijcem.20180704.03 The construction industry is highly risk-prone due to the complex and dynamic environment in which the projects are developed, which generates situations of high uncertainty. Full-Text HTMLDownload Full-Text PDF 445 Views 238 Downloads Civil Construction Residue Management on Public Constructions in Barra do Garças City - Brazil International Journal of Materials Engineering , 2018, 8(5), pp. 109-119

The Journal of Irreproducible Results Life Science Company Database The BioPortfolio Corporate directory has been designed for three groups of users; the professional Business Development, Planning and Licensing executive; the job seeker; and the general investor with an interest in who are the key organizations in a given area – for example Alzheimer companies. The directory lists over 40,000 healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, involved in research, development, manufacturing, services and support. Companies can be sorted by keyword and each profile provides related press releases and clinical trials - for example Genentech Inc. Sign up now for a BioCorporate Account with BioPortfolio to add or take control of your corporate profile - FREE Publishing Credits provided to allow for three press releases to be published via our BioNewsCast service. Thursday 7th May 2015 Cigna Corporation and Eastern Connecticut Physician Hospital Organization (ECPHO) Consonance Capital Partners Harpoon Medical The Sloan Firm and Spiva Law Group

Rural Poverty Portal Hide Monitoring social transformation for the vulnerable using visioning and household mentoring The District Livelihoods Support Programme (DLSP), implemented by the Ministry of Local Government in Uganda, and funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has been piloting the use of visioning and household mentoring as a new approach to tackle rural poverty among poor communities. The approaches have the unique aspect of providing social transformation for the most vulnerable households by empowering them to make joint decisions as a family and tackle their challenges. So far, the approach has shown great improvement in family income, gender equality, as well as awareness of other community programmes from which households can benefit. In visioning, the targeted household members are guided to develop a vision - a clear description of how they would like their households to look like after exploring possible strategies to fight poverty. Source: IFAD


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