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[Adv] Four Towers Adventure Dungeon Map

Welcome to Master of the Arena! This is an action packed fully automated, mob spawning, ground pounding, lava flowing, round counting experience. In order to defeat this map you will need to keep moving and of course kill gobs of mobs as the doors open and close with a full array of monsters. To become the Master of the Arena you must survive all 9 rounds without dying. Unique dispensing means you will never play the same game twice (Items and mobs). This map will work for SSP or SMP although I am making one specifically for SMP that will be more dificult for multiple players. Download: Master of the Arena (single player) or Master of the Arena MP (Multi player) How to play: Enter the control room. Video by timbloemen Specifics: Spoiler: First doors open about 16 seconds after pushing the start button. Resettable: If you die and want to reset here are the simple instructions. 1. Rules: Play on easy or greater Play vanilla Minecraft No cheats Hints: Related:  מיינקרפטcraft2

Minecraft [Adv] Prof. Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid Looking good there! However, there's a rule alot of people handle: 'pictures or it didn't happen'. Those are mostly the people that pee in their pants, fearing for virussus on each single thing, but ofcoarse there are other reasons: People want to know what they download. As for making pictures: -Make pics of diffrent things and aspects of the map. Follow that, and people will go all "Whoa, looks nice! I'll download this later, sounds promising!

[Short Adventure Map] The Crevice Just a short adventure quest map i made! Plot : You are camping out in the wilderness when you come across a crevice, Amazed at natures creation you decide to explore, but without any ladders to get back up you must find a way out! 5aeKVYanzg4 RULES : You are NOT alowed to destroy any blocks other than clay and paintings, : You are NOT alowed to craft any items, for you will find them in the map : You are NOT alowed to destroy spawners, but only disable them with torches. Installation Info : I know this has been explained a trillion times before. 1)Download the file to a known location 2)Extract the file using Win.Rar or ZIP 3)Open up the minecraft directory, (Can vary on different operating systems) The path is... FnZFlrLPMnc Download You can use the custom texture pack i made for this particular map too... to install simply go into the minecraft directory and place the file into your texture pack, DO NOT UNZIP OR EXTRACT THE FOLDER.

Index page - Minecraft Forums [Surv] ★★★ Survival Island ★★★ 308,000+ DL's ★★★ Crismajor said: How did you create the map? i assume he used a program like mcEDIT (iff so props brah, that sucker is hard to use) any way day three and here is my survival house its not pretty but it works (especially since i have found no hositle mobs and i set it to hard.) i have a small farm plot and a lone plane i named bob :3 isn't bob cute? now the rest of the island as you can see i replanted some trees, (which haven't grown and is been three days already >.<) and i pulled all the lights out from the small mine i made to get to the coal and put cacti there for good measure

Home of The Minecraft Painterly Pack TooManyItems Marglyph's TooManyItems Create and enchant items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. TL;DR common issues: Not all features work in MP, and you need permissions. Copyright: All of TooManyItems except for the small portion excerpted from the original Minecraft game is copyright 2011-2013 Marglyph. Downloads The following links have ads on them to provide some support for modding Minecraft. Non-Forge: Please refer to these jar mod installation instructions, or to your launcher's instructions if you are using a launcher. Forge: Place the TMI jar into your mods/ or mods/<version> folder. * Sorry for slow updates, they will speed up soon * For 1.7.6 non-Forge versionFor 1.7.5 non-Forge versionFor 1.7.4 non-Forge version (2014_01_13 updated!) (Note: 1.6.4 version has a problem with the newest Forge that did not exist with the original 1.6.4 Forge release. Pre-1.6 These are all jar mods. Update log 2014-04-08 -- 1.7.6 is up 2014-02-27 -- 1.7.5 Up Spoiler: Troubleshooting

Minecraft Hunger Games Server Hardcore Games is a brutal, all-out battle to the death. Players spawn in the open countryside with no equipment, except for simple kits. Last man standing wins. Watch out for Hunger! Check out this video to get an idea of the gameplay: To join a game, simply point your Minecraft Client to: For an enhanced gaming experience, you may optionally download the McPVP Mod. How do I choose a kit? How do I choose a kit? When in-game, simply type “/kit kitname”. How do I purchase more kits? Just go to our kits page at: What do I get for winning? Right now, you don’t get anything for winning – except for pride and bragging rights over your friends. This kit is unfair, overpowered or silly. Absolutely, in fact – please do! How do I track people and use my compass? In order to track, you need to update your compass. My compass says there are no valid targets, what does this mean? This occurs when you are within 25 blocks of your enemy. Well – not a lot. Nope! Nope. Nope!

♥ Girlcraft 16x W.I.P ♥ 1.4 compatible muncher21 said: Glimmar said: That is a really beautiful and cheerful pack, minegirl, and if you don't mind me saying, about flippin' time too! I know that a number of male neanderthals think Minecraft, and all things pertaining to construction, was invented exclusively for them, but when they've finished scratching themselves and switched on a few brain cells, they may realize the world has moved on a few centuries, but I doubt it! [Lol! bring it on!! Seriously though, your tiling and choice of colours, etc. looks superb and I'm sure this will please many! Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the mobs, etc! wow really? On topic- I like the pack! Lol! You assume I am a woman - incorrect assumption. My post was a 'tongue-in-cheek' comment, and not to be taken seriously, that's why I ended my comment with "seriously though". pps. [edited by poster due to bad case of sarcasm!]

AdventureCraft Note AdventureCraft is compatible with 1.3.2 via its installer but it only has features from beta 1.7.3 and back. AdventureCraft, is a stand alone Minecraft mod designed to let players create adventure maps for other players. It allows you have full control of how mobs spawn based on the player triggering blocks with a custom trigger system. This Week's Latest Map This is a neat map all taking place pretty much in a single room, similar to Spawned. Fan Made Trailer Sample Map Trailer Recent Feature Videos Feature List Tutorial Videos Credits My Girlfriend for creating the island I used MrMessiah for his BetterLight and BetterGrass mod thats integrated into the mod (can enable/disable it in the options) N3X15 for his SnowMod Bemoliph for testing out my changes Thundara for managing the Redmine I was using Everyone who works on MCP as this mod is heavily based on MCP. Recent Version History r1095 - Adds a NPC Path block that can have an NPC path to it.

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