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Like many women, I loooove hoops! I make quite a few, in different shapes and weights, and although some designs can get a bit complex, the basic “one piece of wire” hoop style is quite easy to make. It’s been a while since I posted a new tutorial (sorry!), so tonight it’s a “how-to” on making hoops! You’ll need the basic jewelry tools (chain nose pliers, cutters, and round nose pliers), as well as some metal smithing tools (steel block, chasing hammer, and a steel ring mandrel). How to grasp the wire First, we cut 2 pieces of 20g dead soft round wire, each 3 1/4 inch long, and file/sand the ends flus. TECHNIQUE TIP: The closer the wire is to the tip of the pliers, the smaller the loop. Rotate the wire - create the loop Now, while holding the pliers firm, rotate the wire around one of the jaws to create a loop. Centering the loop Now we need to center the loop over the wire. Flatten the loops.... a little bit! Shaping the hoops Hardening the hoops We’re almost done! Finishing them up Related:  creation aluWire work jewelryCrafts

Craft-jewelry-ideas-pair-of-dainty-wire-wrapped-earrings wanting Dainty Pale Watermelon Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Earrings in Sterling and Fine… earrings Jersica Copper earrings, amethyst earrings, grape purple earrings, wire wrapped jewelry earrings wanting Labradorite in Silver Wire Wrap Earrings Wire Wrapped Jewelry Handmade Jersica wire wrapped jewelry handmade Purple earrings pearl by shahrinalam, $16.00 meghan Copper Wire Wrapped Paper Bead Earrings | BlueRidgeDiva - Jewelry on ArtFire Favorites Jersica tutorial II - jewelry tutorials - wire wrapped earrings. $6.00, via Etsy. gay O! Reads hester Birds Nest Earrings Nature Jewelry Wire Wrapped by sewamore, $6.00 Jewelry. wanting Wire Wrapped Bracelet, Coral Beaded Bracelet, Hoop Copper Crystal Bracelet, Cluster Copper Wire Jewelry, Dainty Bohemian Style Jewelry, Boho Bracelets

Wrapped Chain Bracelet Here, we will discuss how to make a lot of figure 8 connectors while conserving your wire. Step 1: Straighten a segment of wire at least 1 inch long. Be certain that you have a flush cut on the end of the wire. See the picture below-left. Step 2: Grasp near the end of the wire with your Fine Step Jaw Pliers. Step 3: Make a loop in the end of the wire. Step 4: Remove your wire from your pliers. Step 5: Now we need to make the second loop in the figure 8 connector. Step 6: Complete the second loop as shown below-right. Step 7: Remove the wire from the jaws of your pliers and it should appear as shown below-left. Step 8: Now you need to cut the excess wire with your flush cutter. Step 9: Your finished figure 8 connector should appear as shown below-right. Step 10: Because the cut of the wire in step 8 left a sharp end on the wire on your spool, in order to be ready to make your next figure 8 connector, you need to cut about 1/16 inch of wire of the end of the wire.

How To Hollow Out Rocks A lot of people have asked me how I hollow out river rocks to make my river rock necklaces, so I took photos of today's process to share with you. I recommend drilling softer sedimentary rocks (sandstone, limestone, etc). When scouring the beach for rocks, these tend to be well rounded. Those that are not rounded are probably harder igneous or metamorphic rock and are likely to break apart while drilling or even break your drill bit. Materials Needed: High speed rotary tool (I have a large, used drill press), but I've read that a dremel tool works well.A small (2mm diameter) and large (10mm) hollow, diamond-tipped coring bit.Plastic container to hold water so you can drill your stone under water (I use an old dog bowl). Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. That's it!

Wire Ring Base Tutorial I decided to make some polymer clay rings to sell,but turns out it's almost impossible to buy ring bases here.So after I finished beeing mad at the local craft store I came up with the idea to make my own ring bases. And I'm going to share the idea,since I know some of you have trouble finding tha bases too. This is how they look without the clay. -tutorial-Step1 Gather the things you will need:- thick wire (I don't know what gauge it is) I got 5 meters of the wire for really cheap at the craft store.- wire cutters- hammer- a piece of wood or iron - and some kind of an item that is the size of your rings.I used a little bottle of nail polish from Avon.Step2 Measure and cut 17cm of wire. Curl up one end of your wire to form a swirl.And curlp up a little bit the other end.Step4 This is how it should look like.Now get out your hammer and piece of wood or iron.Step5 Hammer the hole thing flat. :) Trust me,it's easier then it sounds. Start wrapping the wire on the item you are using as the form.

Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: Free Tutorial: Wire Infinity Link Chain Bracelet Infinite Love Bracelet Infinity shapes are very popular in jewelry lately - and this chain is easy and quick to make. It's also great practice to learn to make consistent size and shape loops. Infinity Shape Wire Links This project is made using one of the simpler wire wrapping shapes - an open loop. The infinity shape (or figure eight) is made up of two loops turned in opposite directions - with the wire ends closely aligned in the center. In my finished infinite love bracelet chain, the links are hammered and joined with a jump ring. I also made a chain by joining the links without jump ring connectors and without hammering. DIY Infinity Link Chain Instructions Supplies: 18g wire Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire Cutters File or emery board Jump Rings (optional) Steel Bench Block (optional) Jeweler's Hammer (optional) 1. Each of my wire links use 1 inch or 25 mm of 18g copper wire. 2. 3. 4. 5. You can use any type of a clasp for your chain.

2011.03.01. - 2011.04.01. A Royal fülbevaló volt az első ékszer, amelyet tanfolyamon kívül, teljesen egyedül készítettem. Ekkor még csak néhány hete kezdtem a drótékszer-készítést. Cleotól megtanultam a fogók használatát, az alapelemeket, az alaptechnikákat, továbbá minden órán segített elkészíteni egy-egy ékszert. Ezzel a tudással késznek éreztem magam, hogy egyedül is megpróbálkozzak az ékszerkészítéssel. Azóta már tucatnyi ékszert készítettem egyedül, amelyek egyre jobban sikerültek. Hozzávalók 2 x hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót 2 x 1 db készen vásárolt füli akasztó vagy 2 x hosszúságú 0,8 mm-es félkemény drót 2 x 5 db készen vásárolt, lapított korongban végződő, hosszúságú szerelőpálca 2 x 1 db átmérőjű ásványgolyó (térképjáspis) 2 x 4 db átmérőjű ásványgolyó (térképjáspis) Szükséges eszközök Oldalcsípőfogó Laposfogó Kúposfogó Reszelő Az elkészítés menete A következő lépés a fülbevaló vázának elkészítése. Ugyanezt a műveletsort kell a bal oldali száron is végrehajtanunk.

How to Make a Spiral Wire Ring | Art-Z Jewelry This is one of the easiest wire rings I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this sooner. It only requires one piece of wire and looks great in copper, silver, brass, bronze or whatever wire you like. The wire should be 16 gauge, soft and round. *This sample was in size 8 so if you want a smaller ring, you can decrease the length by either cutting it 1/2″ shorter or creating a bigger center spiral. For bigger sizes do the opposite and cut a longer piece of wire to begin the project. Tools for this project Supplies One piece of 16ga, soft, round wire 10″ long for a size 8 ring – *see note above regarding sizes. Ring mandrel Rubber or rawhide mallet Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Needle file or steel wool #0000 Steps Using your round nose pliers, made a small right angle bend 2 1/2″ from the end of the 16ga wire. Step 1 Step 2 Continue forming a flat spiral with your fingers until the spiral is big enough to grip with your flat nose pliers. Step 3 Step 4 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade I am a ring addict, and because this Ring is one of my favorites I thought why not share how I make them. So this weeks DIY is my so-called “Swirl Ring”. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started with the things you’ll need to make the ring… What you’ll need: Ok, do you have everything? 1. 2. 3. Do not hammer your 2 wire ends yet, if you do so you won’t be able to curve and shape them easily. 4. 5. By hammering the wirework it ensures your design will curve naturally around the top surface of your finger. I took this little cutie a step farther and gave it a little sparkle. My little Swirl Ring design can now be ordered on etsy, just in case you don’t feel like getting into this Swirl Ring DIY or don’t have the tools on hand. (images and design by me | tools can be found at Hobby Lobby, Amazon or Etsy) Subscribe via email and receive free desktop wallpapers! Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Bettina Johnson

Tutoriel CHAINE MAILLE (Bijoux) Vous pouvez utiliser des anneaux tout faits ou les fabriquer vous-mêmes. => Je vous conseille l'utilisation d'anneaux tout-faits pour les boucles d'oreilles (petits anneaux très fins), les bracelets or/argents avec anneaux 10mm => si vous désirez des anneaux originaux, il est simple de les fabriquer vous-mêmes : Enroulez le fil métallique de votre choix (lisse, diamanté ou structuré) autour de l'enrouleur ou d'un stylo. Utilisez de gros marqueur si vous désirez faire des anneaux encore plus grands. => A titre informatif : je fais 50 petits anneaux (enrouleur taille max) dans 1m de fil et 25 grands anneaux. Coupez ensuite les anneaux avec la pince coupante J'aime parfaire la découpe des anneaux en recoupant le côté pointu