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Like many women, I loooove hoops! I make quite a few, in different shapes and weights, and although some designs can get a bit complex, the basic “one piece of wire” hoop style is quite easy to make. It’s been a while since I posted a new tutorial (sorry!), so tonight it’s a “how-to” on making hoops! You’ll need the basic jewelry tools (chain nose pliers, cutters, and round nose pliers), as well as some metal smithing tools (steel block, chasing hammer, and a steel ring mandrel). But if you don’t have all of the metal smithing tools items, you can still practice all the basic steps without hammering… How to grasp the wire First, we cut 2 pieces of 20g dead soft round wire, each 3 1/4 inch long, and file/sand the ends flus. TECHNIQUE TIP: The closer the wire is to the tip of the pliers, the smaller the loop. Rotate the wire - create the loop Now, while holding the pliers firm, rotate the wire around one of the jaws to create a loop. Centering the loop Flatten the loops.... a little bit!

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How to Use the Bail Forming Pliers Tutorials There are many tools you can use to coil wire and make consistent sized loops. The bail forming pliers is yet another option which can help you make connectors, clasps, ear wires and jump rings. I bought the large sized bail forming pliers because I already had other tools like the 3 step loop forming pliers and wanted to avoid duplication. It makes two different sizes of rings - 9 mm and 7 mm. The inspiration for this tutorial are these beautiful cubic zirconia fans from Art Bead's cubic zirconia collection.

Wrapped Chain Bracelet Here, we will discuss how to make a lot of figure 8 connectors while conserving your wire. Step 1: Straighten a segment of wire at least 1 inch long. Be certain that you have a flush cut on the end of the wire. My first tutorial! Wire wrapped pendant. - Lampwork Etc. This is my first tutorial ever and I know it needs alot of work but I hope you can have fun with it. This tutorial is for a wire wrapped pendant that I made. You have all help me in in some way or other and I want to give you all something in return.

Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: Free Tutorial: Wire Infinity Link Chain Bracelet Infinite Love Bracelet Infinity shapes are very popular in jewelry lately - and this chain is easy and quick to make. It's also great practice to learn to make consistent size and shape loops. Infinity Shape Wire Links Easy Adjustable Spiral Ring Tutorial This adjustable spiral ring is quite easy to make with just a little wire, a bit of muscle and a few standard tools. Supplies - Two 6 inch pieces of round, soft, 16 gauge wire One 14 (or more) inch piece of 24 inch, round, soft wire Ring mandrel or other round object ¾” to 1 inch in diameter Round nose pliers

DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade I am a ring addict, and because this Ring is one of my favorites I thought why not share how I make them. So this weeks DIY is my so-called “Swirl Ring”. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started with the things you’ll need to make the ring… What you’ll need: Ok, do you have everything? Deluxe Duplex Bracelet 1 Step 13: Now we need to make the "end" wire component. This component allows us to connect our duplex bracelet to a single clasp instead of a two way clasp. If you have a two way clasp, you can eliminate this component and modify your bracelet. Begin making the end component by cutting a 1 1/2 inch segment of 18 gauge wire, preferably 1/2 hard. Make a loop in one end of this wire segment.

Making Spiral Zen Earrings with Red Aluminum Wire Happy New Year! On some day of 2014 January I made a pair of spiral zen earrings with red aluminum wire. This pair of earrings possesses strong Chinese style and very simple to make. I will share the detailed instructions below. 30 Degree Spiral Wire Earrings Step-by-Step Instructions for Making the 30 Degree Spiral Wire Component: There are two wire components that we need to make for the body of these earrings. The main, largest component is the 30 Degree Spiral component that is made using pegs 1 through 7. The second component is the top wire component that is made using pegs 8, 9, and 10. The steps involved in making these earrings are described below starting with making the 30 Degree Spiral wire component. Step 1: Using your flush cutter, cut two segments of 18 gauge soft jewelry wire each 7" long.