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{Vidéo} Broomstick stitch au crochet

{Vidéo} Broomstick stitch au crochet

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Tuto : Bordures au crochet *Skip 2 stitches, then dc 7 times into the next stitch. Skip 2 stitches, then slip stitch into the next stitch. Olé Olé blanket: The border Feb08 Good evening ladies, Hope everything is fine ! Let me begin this post by thanking each and every one of you… one by one… every single one… for every sweet comment you left on my Olé Olé blanket post…Your words filled my heart with a big joy and I felt sooo happy reading them This is, as promised, the graphic pattern of the border of Olé Olé blanket:

Pattern/Photo Tutorial Star Blanket (For more pictures click here) For this blanket 100x150cm I used 14 colored skeins of StonewashedXL by Scheepjeswol and 15 natural colored ones and hook size 5mm.To be precise: 15x Moonstone 841 and 1 x : Smokey Quartz 842, Boulder Opal 844, Blue Apatite 845, Canada Jade 846, Red Jasper 847, Corundum Ruby 848, Yellow Jasper 849, Garnet 850, Deep Amethyst 851, Lemon Quartz 852, Amazonite 853, Crystal Quartz 854, Green Agate,855, Coral 856.You can get StonewashedXL in my Shop (click here) The pattern for the diamond: For the dutch version click here. Click on the pictures to make bigger. This is how I joined the diamonds to make a star: To crochet the natural colored diamond around the star, you have to crochet the diamond till step 25, chain one, pull through, chain 2 and then while joining follow rest of the steps.

madknittyhouse: Tentacles! - pattern So, my first octopus keyring proved to be so popular with my colleagues that I've been making tentacles for almost everybody i know. *g* So many tentacled little beasties! But hey, it's not like I am not chuffed about this. It makes me happy that almost everybody at school is now sporting a knitted keyring. It's like a new mascot or something. Poncho Drops au crochet en Alpaca et Eskimo DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.55 EUR DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 3.55 EUR DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.15 EUR DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 2.45 EUR DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.45 CHF DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 4.45 CHF DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.75 CHF DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 3.15 CHF DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 5.35 CAD DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 5.35 CAD DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.55 CAD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 4.10 CAD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 4.45 CAD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 4.45 CAD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 4.45 CAD

Free Crochet Basketweave Bracelet Pattern Click on any photo to see it larger. Buttons sewn onto the first 8 rows of single crochets. Triple Crochets at the other end of the bracelet. Crochet Basketweave Bracelet Yarn for Knitting and Crochet at the Online Store for Fiber Fanatics, Some people wonder about the recent explosion in crafts. Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, embroidery - rug-making, doll-making. For us it all boils down to one thing - the spiritual energy and fulfillment that you get from taking something, something like String (ie, yarn) and turning it into something else (like knitted garments) with mere fingers. Our yarns and yarn selections spring from our own love of fiber. free pattern: spoke mandala - a creative being Hurray, free pattern day! :) So many of you were interested in the pattern for this mandala, that I decided to write it down for you all. The people have spoken! This pattern uses US terms and abbreviations. For a conversion chart to UK terms, look here.

Do you dare to wear a granny square? I’m not sure if I’d manage a granny square evening dress…. But I’m loving the cowl I made last week and have been quite excited to show you! I must apologise for the photos, I’ve cropped them right down this week, so you can’t see the whole effect, but let me tell you, it really is lovely, I tried it on my friend to see how it looked on someone and couldn’t get it off her and back around my neck fast enough! Being that we are heading into winter at what seems like a veeeeeery fast pace right now, I’m obsessed with cowls and this I have to tell you, is the first of a series of cowl posts.

Crocheted Edging Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version Edgings beautify not only handkerchiefs, but also towels, pillow cases, place mats — in fact, any item that you wish to decorate. And with the abundance of beautiful crochet threads in many different colors, you can make edgings and insertions in any color you choose. A taste for gracious living seems to come naturally to many people.

Notions de base de crochet tunisien - crochet Tutoriels - Tricot Crochet Patterns à coudre et à broder Idées Artisanat! Tunisian (also known as Afghan) crochet makes a beautifully textured, dense and squishy fabric. It's very easy to learn and very satisfying to hook up! This type of crochet is distinguished by the tool you use to work it, namely, a long "Afghan" hook. You should choose a size that is at least two sizes bigger then the hook you would normally use with the same yarn. Purl Soho has a selection of Afghan Crochet Hooks right here.

YARNS Rendezvous Silky Lace USD 35,-/Skein (Free Shipping Worldwide) Weight: FingeringFibers: 55% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester/45% SilkYardage/Weight: approx. 800 yds / 100gHand Wash/lay flat to dry using bleach-free detergent.May bleed slightly upon first wash.

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