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le service pour toutes vos dépenses à plusieurs Create a money pot (for free) Share your money pot and collect contributions Ask your friends to contribute and keep track of your money pot with your computer, smartphone or tablet. Buy exactly what you want Venture Partners « Jim Armstrong Managing Director A successful and experienced early stage venture investor across a variety of enterprise and consumer facing technology companies, Jim has established himself as a leading investor based in Southern California. Since joining Clearstone early in its formation, Jim has applied his experience and industry contacts to help companies deliver a strong record of venture performance. Jim invests nationwide, and his work at Clearstone focuses on information technology investments, with particular interest in consumer Internet, gaming, application software, and Internet enabled business processes.

About Us - One Earth Ventures Who We Are Climate change has arrived with a force and speed even more threatening than the worst-case scenarios predicted. Without intelligent solutions deployed aggressively, our planetary future looks grim. Green technology solutions that improve our biosphere are needed and must be supported as quickly as possible. Kulinaario Rich and aromatic flavors come from the special varieties of apples grown in the Finnish light Summer Every bottle is produced with the traditional method of making Calvados. A Premium Quality Apple Spirit - L’Omena® - made from the finest, handpicked organic grown apples. Consumer Electronics - LittleUpStarts : LittleUpStarts Consumer Electronics At Little UpStarts we love new technology and the opportunity we get to work with designers & pioneers who have a deep passion for technology, what they do and the amazing ability to turn great ideas into innovative product, improving our everyday lives…. The US market has a strong and deep-rooted reputation for investing in the design and development of new technology and continually striving to bring high tech products to consumers around the world providing solutions for our everyday needs.

The Top Five Crowdsourcing Mega-trends I had my eyes opened to the massive growth of the crowdsourcing industry at a SXSW panel earlier this year. Ever since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to bring more information on this trend to {grow}. I’m fortunate today to have an expert on the subject, David Bratvold, provide a guest post: If you’re not yet familiar with crowdsourcing, it’s a new work process that involves getting a crowd of people to help with a task typically performed by one employee or contractor.

Venture Partners « Sumant Mandal Managing Director Sumant is a Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners, a leading early stage venture capital firm that has been the initial investor in companies such as Paypal, Netzero,, Overture and many others. He is co-founder of The Hive, a company co-creation studio focusing on data-driven businesses. And, his is also co-founder of The Fabric, a company creation studio for next-gen networking companies, through which he is involved in the creation of multiple new technology businesses. Sumant also initiated and manages all Clearstone India investments. Sumant sits on the boards of The Rubicon Project, BillDesk, Games2Win, Glossi, Clearfly, Deep Forest Media and Openbucks.

Our Approach - One Earth Ventures Our Approach One Earth Ventures spends much of its time researching technology and executive teams that can make a difference in the world on a very large scale. We work with companies from early stage through all stages of growth and reinvention. We seek established companies seeking to improve their business processes, to grow and expand through channel partnerships and other forms of marketing, and want further business development, innovation, strategy and funding. When evaluating potential companies we look at three main areas: Technology – best in class, transformational, patents awarded and pending, big market potential, net impact to environment, good economics, market readiness, competitive advantage, scaleableTeam – vision, experienced, confident, driven to make a difference, know what they don’t knowTraction – business model, purchase orders, sales, existing funding, momentum, great potential for high growth

75+ Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups Home » Mockups » 75+ Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups Trying to find Mock-ups to present your Print Designs? Here are some absolutely free design mock-ups for you. Mock-ups are always a valuable resource for graphic designers to present their raw designs in real world environments and objects. Whether you want to present your graphic design and print design to a client or on your portfolio, free mock-ups always comes in handy. In this showcase we are presenting some Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups..

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