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Makeup Withdrawal YouBeauty - The Science of a Beautiful You trabeauli Fat builds up (accumulates) to different parts of the human body, mainly to the tummy and also hips region. However, it as well accumulates in your chest, legs, back, arms. Irrespective of where you would like to drop some fat, you do it the same way at all times. Upper body fat burning exercises will help you. There are a no different technique and most effective way to lose upper body fat to shed fat from your tummy from your legs. Which Types Of Body Fats? Body fats comprise of 2 types; The good as well as the bad. The good body fat is vital to the body as not just that it provides a place for the energy; this also helps to safeguard the tissues as well as the organs.The bad fats are the excessive amount which usually hangs around your belly, upper arms and even thighs. If you carry out research, you definitely come to realize that there are practically a lot of ways by which an individual can get rid of upper body fat. Top 9 Upper body Fat Burning Exercises at Home: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Hemp & Honey Lip Balm This week I tried another recipe from the current Book Club selection, A Green Guide to Natural Beauty, Hemp & Honey Lip Balm. For ages now I’ve been making manuka honey lip balm because of the extraordinary healing properties of the magical golden goop. Hailing from New Zealand, manuka honey comes from bees that pollinate the Leptospermum scoparium, a shrub or small tree that can grow up to 4m tall with profuse star-shaped flowers. Manuka honey is claimed to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Applied topically, it is said to promote healing and reduce inflammation, with some sources saying it even prevents or heals the cold sore virus. Raw manuka honey is rated using “Unique Manuka Factor” (UMF) that rates the antibacterial factor. Now the book clearly states that this recipe makes a softer lip balm, suitable little pots not tubes, but since I only had tubes I added more beeswax and some carnauba wax. Ingredients: Equipment Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

» The first lime «: Homemade pore strips! Steps 1-2: First take one spoon of milk and one of Unflavored Gelatin (it works with flavored too!). Mix it very well, and then microwave for about 15 seconds. Step 3: Place the mixture over your nose and wait for about 30 minutes, peel it of and you are done! Hope you have a lovely weekend! hugs, Monica. Hair and Make-up by Steph trabeauli Curly hair is hard to manage. They tend to get frizzy and dry very soon. I am also the victim of this. But, I agree when the curls are soft and lively, they are the most beautiful hair in the world. They make us look younger and vivacious. These days companies have understood the problems of curly hair and have launched products which help them control frizz and dryness of their hair. So, I thought why not to write a blog on the Best Shampoo for Curly Hair. I have researched and brought 11 best Curly Hair products for you which help you in managing your curls- Best Shampoos For Curly Hair 2019 1. Enriched with coconut oil and honey, it helps to soften the curls and nourish them. Pros- Sulfate-freeCoco- nutty fragranceMakes curls soft and shinyMakes hair nourished and keep them hydratedCruelty-free Cons- Contains Silicone P.S. 2. We all know how good is the banana hair mask. Pros- Pleasant fragranceNourishes the hairAdds volume to the curlsMake curls soft and smooth100% VegetarianSilicone free

Hand-made sparkly strawberry lip balm This year I want to make my own hand-made Christmas crackers to match my Winter Wonderland colour palette and theme. This got me thinking it would be nice to fill them with hand made gifts. The gifts would have to be small enough to fit inside the crackers and ideally match the theme. So, I decided to make pink coloured strawberry lip balm with a smattering of pink glitter. To fit in with my theme, I added a vanilla flavoured mini deer shaped lip balm piece which I placed on top of the strawberry lip balm. Christmas gift : Sparkly strawberry lip balmIngredients 2 tablespoons of white beeswax pellets (plus 1/2 tsp for the deer toppers)4 tablespoons sunflower oil (1/2 tsp for deer)Few drops of strawberry flavour oilEdible pink glitterLipstick shavingsPackagingEquipmentMini deer mouldPipettesMicrowavable glass jugMicrowavable small glass jarMetal spoonsScissorsSharp knife Sparkly strawberry lip balm, How-to step by step Gradually add lipstick shavings to the jug of liquid. Have a sweet day!

How to Make Your Own Beauty Products from Scratch Let's keep things simple this week. When it comes to personal-care products, we are big believers in streamlining what you use—see "Eight Products You Think You Need But Don't" for a refresher—buying less in general, and getting creative. We have both always loved experimenting in our kitchens and our bathrooms, checking ingredients in products we love, isolating the main ones, and then trying them on their own. Sometimes it works: A favorite hair leave-in contained aloe, for example, so one day we tried aloe alone and found that, lo and behold, it worked just fine on its own. And sometimes it didn't. Simple body scrub Many body scrubs, even the ones that claim to be sugar- or salt-based, actually contain beads made out of polyethylene, which is environmentally deplorable (it all goes down the drain, remember)—to say nothing of the preservatives, fragrance, penetration enhancers, and sulfates that typically bulk up these products. Honey face wash One-ingredient eye liner Perfume Shave oil

trabeauli We all have this mindset, that oily skin does not need any moisturizer and dry skin are the one who needs to be moisturized. But we are wrong in that way, even oily skin needs moisture to balance the natural oil of the skin and to keep the skin barrier intact. Using any medication for oil or excessive cleaning of the oily skin can lead to dryness, causing more damage to the skin. So, after a lot of research we have shortlisted some Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin, check them out- 1. This water-based moisturizer is the lightweight and nourishing moisturizer. Pros:– No parabens and sulfatesNo Synthetic fragrance100% VegetarianOil-freepH- BalancedHypoallergenic Cons:- None Price:- Rs.2983/- 2. This is the best moisturizer for extremely oily skin. Pros:- Dermatologically tested8 hours no oily skinFades out acne markContains SPF 15Brightens up the face Cons:- Not suitable for extremely dark skin, as it can leave a white layer on it. Price:- Rs. 85/- 3. Pros:– Contains alcohol Price:- Rs.300/- 4. Pros:- 5.

Pink lip balm This is a re-post of my guest post from the Color My Summer series Kojodesigns and I co-hosted in May…. Today I’m going to share a spin off my beeswax lip gloss. Instead of gloss, today we are going to make: The key is the amount of beeswax you include. The more you put in, the less glossy and the more firm and balmy it gets. The great thing about beeswax is that it has natural sun protection qualities. As you can tell…I haven’t been in the sun much yet. Disclaimer: This recipe is just me experimenting and sharing what I did with you. Alright… let’s get started. Gather your supplies: 2 Tablespoons of grated beeswax Grate it with a dollar store or old cheese grater. 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil {the kind you cook with} 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil A chunk of some red lipstick. How much depends on your preference. 1/2 teaspoon of shimmery eye shadow – to add some subtle sparkle. - Boil water in a small sauce pan and rest a metal bowl on top – to make a double boiler. Pink Tinted Lip Balm Containers:

trabeauli The most beautiful phase in a women’s life is when she knows she is pregnant. The feeling of a living person inside you is priceless and cannot be described in words. Women will do anything to make sure that their baby inside is healthy and protected. But there are many things which a woman is told by everyone and it gets all messy. So, with lots of research, talking to experts and reading, I have brought to you the new do’s and don’ts during pregnancy period- Do’s During Pregnancy- Image source- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. If you feel fatigued, that is the sign your body needs rest. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Don’ts During Pregnancy 13. Underweight:- You need to gain 28 to 40 poundsNormal:- Gain 25 to 35 poundsOverweight:- Gain 15 to 25 poundsObese:- This category should not gain more than 20 pounds Gaining more weight tend to create problems during delivery and you are also at risk of hypertension and gestational diabetes. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Recommended Articles for you: Save

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