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Style Log In or Sign Up Get the Official App! Literally just became my favorite app, ever! 5 Ways to Naturally Even Out Skin Tone Melasma is the term often used for hyperpigmentation of the skin. People from all ethnic backgrounds can suffer from melasma during different times of their lives and for different reasons. Ultraviolet exposure, inflammation, hormonal changes, drugs, acne, skin diseases and a genetic predisposition can all cause an increase in the melanin in the skin, causing dark pigmented blotches on the skin. Freckles and brown spots can appear anywhere on the body, and mostly on women but 10 percent of men can suffer from melasma, as well.

Drab to fab! 5 DIY ideas for t-shirt remakes Posted by on tisdag, juni 5, 2012 · 5 Comments With temperatures rising so is the annual epidemic of fashion fever, making many of us feverishly hit the high street (although our wardrobes are already stuffed full…). This post celebrates the power of re-invention of a wardrobe staple – old t-shirts. MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays Disney's Frozen, Elsa hair tutorial. How to do Elsa's voluminous braid hairstyle. Cute,"messy" braids version!★1.5" QT Performance CURLING IRON Seen the Elsa's "reinvented" Fishtail Braid Tutorial? ✔ Latest Elsa Braid here - (Open this box for more info) ✔ Elsa's coronation updo tutorial Get more info about this hairstyle on my blog ( product info + Pics) -

Homemade Facial Masks Recipes for All Types of Faces I've tried to mark the facial mask recipes with the type of skin it is for, I hope this will help you decide which ones to make. Be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before using the homemade facial masks you have created. You can test out a face mask by using it as directed on the back of your ear first.

Home Spa Recipe Treatments - Natural Beauty Recipes at WomansDay Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature’s best ingredients? Some of the finest all-natural beauty remedies can be whipped up at home using basic items you probably already have in your kitchen. To give you some ideas, we got beauty experts to share their favorite “recipes” for curing common skin and hair gripes using equally common pantry staples. So go whip open the cabinet doors, tally up what you’ve got in there and get cookin’—in a matter of minutes, you’ll look good enough to eat. DIY Fendi Frill It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on the amazing oversized, billowy, ruffled frills adorning the Fall 2010 runway looks at Fendi. We immediately wanted one and just couldn’t imagine having to wait another several months to actually see these frills materialize. With some research, persistence, and umpteen botched attempts, we finally figured out a fail-proof pattern.

Natural Skin Care Recipes For All Of Your Skin's Needs! Natural Skin Care Recipes Making your own natural skin care recipes is not only fun, but it allows you to have full control over everything you put on your skin. You can prepare these recipes ahead of time for your regular skin care routine, or just as a special treat for your skin every so often. A fun idea is getting a group of friends together and having each person bring one of the homemade skin treatments of their choice. That way everybody gets to try a variety of different recipes and also have a relaxing, luxurious evening. Not to mention everyone goes home with pampered and rejuvenated skin!

How To Style a Fishtail Braid We love the look of fishtail braids! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair. Kinsey and I photographed the steps so you can try it out for yourself... Healthy Skin (TIP: To return to this shortcut list, click the Back button on your browser.) What is skin needling and dermarolling? Why skin needling and dermarolling can be effective An overview of the needling/dermarolling healing process over a 12-month period Needling depths matter The advantages of skin needling and dermarolling How to needle and dermaroll safely […] What it does: Calms down inflammation.

About Help Exchange travel and volunteer abroad program Help Exchange, HelpX for short, was launched back in April 2001 by Rob Prince from England. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand over several years, during which time he worked at several locations for accommodation and sometimes for meals as well. These places were usually farms or backpackers' hostels. He sometimes used the casual system where owners of farms ask for help by putting up notices on hostel notice boards. There are also schemes producing booklets that list such places.

21 All-natural DIY Beauty Products You’ll Love … To me there’s nothing better than DIY beauty products, especially when they’re all natural! I love making my own beauty products and treatments because they’re fun, cheap, good for you and good for the earth. Try out some of these all-natural beauty products and treatments the next time you’re spending the night in with girlfriends or just want some rainy day primping activities!

10 of the Best Drug Store Beauty Buys I have an apology to make: I used to be one of those girls behind the makeup counter of a big, fancy department store selling you over-priced beauty products. While I won’t say which brand I worked for, I can tell you that my uniform consisted of all black and way too much makeup. Hey, it was the 90’s, after all. Well, I’m here to make amends.