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Build Furniture Without a Shop

Build Furniture Without a Shop
It doesn’t take much.When you get started in woodworking there are many paths to follow, forks in the road, dead-ends and shortcuts. It’s a journey that our forebears would make with the help of a living, breathing guide: a master, a grandfather, a shop teacher. Inexpensive home-center tools and materials can be used to build pieces that are surprisingly sophisticated. All it takes is a little ingenuity and some decent designs. Sadly, the guides are fewer in number today. And so you are left with people like me to help. So they buy more tools and machines. I want you to know something important that doesn’t get said much: There is another way to begin building furniture. I’m not talking about building junk, either. To build nice furniture you need three things: A handful of decent tools that you won’t outgrow, some help getting started and some realistic projects to build. Eventually, we think you’ll outgrow this approach to construction as your skills improve.

Rustic Log Furniture Gallery Colorado grown. Colorado crafted. Custom Log Furniture, Fixtures, and Decor Each piece of furniture that comes out of the San Juan Carpentry shop was crafted using a hands-on approach that is rarely seen in the log furniture industry. The process begins by hand-selecting and harvesting usable, standing-dead aspen and pine logs from Colorado forests. When a piece of furniture is crafted, we sift through our inventory to find logs and lumber that will contribute to the piece under construction in a very specific way. The pieces you see in the pictures are samples of what our premium-craft furniture looks like. San Juan Carpentry builds pieces for wholesale as well as consumer direct custom pieces. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate, please Contact Us.

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