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Let's Grow Mushrooms! by Marc R Keith - Let's Grow Mushrooms

Myco Supply offers mushroom growing equipment, supplies and tools. Grow mushrooms and cultivate fungi easily. Myco Supply also offers fungi supplies, mushroom grow kits and mushroom growing products. Perry Lab Identifying patterns of biological diversity and the underlying processes that create and maintain such patterns are fundamental questions in evolutionary biology. Our research integrates studies of fungal biodiversity and molecular phylogenetic analyses with data from disciplines such as genetics, ecology and geography to address broad questions of how these biological and physical processes interact to drive evolution, especially within the Hawaiian Archipelago and greater Pacific Basin. Our empirical work thus far has focused primarily on the diversity and evolution of understudied groups of both Basidiomycete and Ascomycete fungi. We are also very interested in conservation biology and the roles that both mycology and phylogenetic systematics have to play in this field. The Perry Laboratory is part of the Biology Department, and the graduate program in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science, at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

North American Mycological Association Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified Grow Your Own Mushrooms - Mushroom Cultures - Everything Mushrooms Loading... Please wait... Call us: 865-329-7566 Advanced Search | Search Tips Categories Info Zone Shop by Price Popular Brands Our Newsletter Sort by: Mushroom Cultures Next » Pages: 12 Current Top Sellers New Products All prices are in USD. Copyright 2006 - 2014 Everything Mushrooms. Psilocybe cubensis The figure below illustrates the Basidiomycota life cycle. Once again, the Basidiomycota phylum includes an enormous amount of other species along with P. cubensis. The text below the illustration further explains the life cycle. For clarity, the red, blue, and green text describes their corresponding areas on the life cycle illustration. Like all other mushrooms, the P. cubensis fruiting body (also basidiocarp, or mushroom) is the only stage of the life cycle that is visible to us in nature. After karyogamy occurs, the ploidy of the basidium is now diploid (2n), meaning that the nucleus contains two sets of chromosomes. Keep in mind that each basidium is extremely small. dikaryotic!!! Now, we will cover some interactions among P. cubensis!

Fun With Fungi: Mycology Careers Martin Bidartondo discovered mycology as a teenager in his native Uruguay when he saw an illustration of a root covered with fungi in a botany book. "I thought, 'That's it--that is the coolest thing on the planet,' " Bidartondo says. Now age 35, Bidartondo works at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the United Kingdom, where he is a specialist in mycorrhizal fungi--the very same kind that got him hooked. Mycology--the study of fungi--is often just a chapter in high school biology textbooks, and it's a specialist field even at universities. Bidartondo moved to Kew in July 2004 after finishing his research at UC Berkeley. Rare breed (Beth Elzer/Imperial College London) Martin Bidartondo Mycologists such as Bidartondo are a rare breed, and the demand for fungi scientists is relatively small. Kew's mission in mycology is to increase knowledge about fungi by identifying and describing new families, genera, and species in the United Kingdom and overseas. Fungi careers (Courtesy, John Collier )

Ethnomycology of the World - Information on Edible, Medicinal, and Psychoactive Fungi Welcome! The ethnomycology of the world website will attempt to guide you through the many layers of human-fungal interaction throughout our past and present. Learn about the many uses of fungi in society since antiquity. The Kingdom of Fungi is as diverse as life itself. There are many different types of fungi, from the microscopic yeast cell to a basketball sized puffball. Perhaps most significant has been its role in the spirituality of man. Fungi's role in human cultural is sometimes just practical.


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