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Small House Plans and Homes

Small House Plans and Homes
With wheels, traditional proportioning and archetypal form, these little structures are designed to be portable and can, essentially, be sited anywhere you can park a travel trailer. They range from about 117 to 172 sq ft. Purchase yours ready-made or buy the plans to build it yourself. See all the floor plans. These homes are stationary designs built as a main house or guest house. Most of the plans have an optional extra bedroom in back.

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Tiny Egg House – The Exbury Egg Artist Stephen Turner seems to have been incubating a novel solution for eco-living. That idea has now hatched into a full-size tiny live/work space that floats. All egg jokes aside, this is an incredible work of craftsmanship and fine woodworking. The fact that it is sea worthy (well, at least river worthy) amazes me… but then again it’s built like a boat. “The Exbury Egg is a trans-disciplinary project drawing on art and architecture as well as technology and the sciences to transcend individual specialism and work toward a further engagement of my visual art practice with contemporary ecological thinking.I will seek to creatively map the inter-connection of life from the smallest invertebrates to the largest mammals and between fauna and changing flora during the course of four complete seasons.

Whidbey Plans Cost to Build Want to know how much it will cost to have a contractor build it for you? Visit and follow these instructions. General notes about construction costs:Costs for materials are almost the same in different regions but labor costs will vary greatly depending on where you live. Super inexpensive alternative housing Offbeat Home & Life runs these advice questions as an opportunity for our readers to share personal experiences and anecdotes. Readers are responsible for doing their own research before following any advice given here... or anywhere else on the web, for that matter. [blockquote]My fiance and I are having a terrible time finding an apartment or other traditional living space here in New Jersey, and I am looking for inexpensive alternatives, but am not sure where to start. He is in the Army Reserves and neither of us make a lot, so we would like to save as much money as we can.

Home Plans HOMEPW02349 - 4,600 Square Feet, 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Contemporary Home with 2 Garage Bays Building your own home is quite possibly the most exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake. And it all starts with the perfect home design. We are here to help ensure that you get off to a perfect start!

containerbay There is growing interest in the use of shipping containers as the basis for habitable structures. These "icons of globalization" are relatively inexpensive, structurally sound and in abundant supply. Although, in raw form, containers are dark windowless boxes (which might place them at odds with some of the tenets of modernist design...) they can be highly customizable modular elements of a larger structure. Store Shockingly Simple Electrical Electrical for tiny houses Ebook. Learn More This Ebook walks you through everything you need to know about wiring your tiny house. We start with the basic principle, different components, how to wire panels, boxes, outlets, lights and more. How a Family of Four Live in a Very Small House While many of us commit to the three decades it takes to pay off a mortgage, Hari and Karl Berzins come at home ownership from a completely different viewpoint. They live in a tiny 8-by-21-foot home they built with salvaged materials in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Counting the loft space with its three feet of headroom, that’s 320 sq. ft., or about the size of most people’s master bedrooms. It might be a tiny house, but it’s paid for. “We wanted to really cut back our overhead as far as we possibly could and own what we live in outright so we have the choice to do what makes us happy,” says Hari, who works part time for a non-profit while husband Karl works as a chef. Sharing that 320 sq. ft. are the Berzins’ two kids, ages 7 and 9, and a Great Pyrenees, a 3-foot-tall dog weighing in around 90 pounds.

Meet Eliza Brownhome: a 1974 Bluebird school bus that houses a family of five This summer, after six months of preparation including writing a detailed lease, we moved our family of five back into Eliza Brownhome, our 40′ Bluebird school bus. We bought this bus ten years ago as a yellow school bus full of seats. We parked it in my sister's backyard and undertook the very lengthy conversion process. We lived there for five years and developed an amazing community of friends and neighbours. We had a view of a lake out our windows, we grew a prolific garden and our oldest son was born in the bed in that bus.

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