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10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World

10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World
I go to grad school where Dr. Paul Zak is a professor (Paul Zak, writer of some of the above articles, owner of the vanity license plate "OXYTOCN", chiseled face of oxytocin - check out his Ted talk, and laugh derisively - it was rated one of the worst). It's hard to take any "researcher" seriously who legitimately calls himself "Dr. Love" (I'm dead serious), and goes around to students "prescribing 8 hugs a day" ("I can do that! I'm a doctor!"). He did not find it amusing when I confronted him with the fact that oxytocin is also the chemical behind out-group bigotry (ie racism/sexism/-ism against anyone not like you).

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This is your brain on love (and other drugs) Forget about roses. If you really want to nail it tonight, try this on for size: Darling, when you touch my face like that, my dorsolateral middle frontal gyrus is but one region that releases a variety of chemicals into my blood stream, thus beginning their incredibly rewarding--and speedy--journey to my nether regions and resulting in undulating pleasures. So say researchers at Syracuse University who found, in their 2010 MRI study, "The Neuroimaging of Love," that falling in love takes about a fifth of a second, looks neurologically similar to getting high on cocaine, and affects sophisticated cognitive functions, including metaphors and body image. Which means you could also charm the object of your neuro-affection with the line: "Darling, given how quickly we fell in love, we should be celebrating the mere achievement of simply liking each other after the initial high wore off."

Fascinating New Study Shows How Emotions Are Mapped On The Human Body By Michael Forrester Guest Writer for Wake Up World Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained largely unresolved. Decalcify The Pineal Gland With Alkaline Foods Last updated on December 1, 2012 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! by S. What Do Emotions Have to Do with Learning? Thinkstock When parents and teachers consider how children learn, it’s usually the intellectual aspects of the activity they have in mind. Sidney D’Mello would like to change that. The University of Notre Dame psychologist has been studying the role of feelings in learning for close to a decade, and he has concluded that complex learning is almost inevitably “an emotionally charged experience,” as he wrote in a paper published in the journal Learning and Instruction earlier this year.

Nutritional Supplementation Improves ADD/ADHD in AdultsDr. Michael Murray Introduction It is often amusing reading news accounts of nutritional research or the benefits of natural therapies. For most rational minded folks with even a moderate amount of common sense, it seems obvious that since the brain is the most metabolically active organ that it would require a constant supply of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other brain critical nutrients. And, when the brain is damaged or not functioning properly, it makes even more sense to help rebuild it by providing key brain building blocks like the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA found in fish oils, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as other brain critical nutrients. Yet, this notion just doesn’t seem to make sense to the medical community for some reason.

Sea salt and baking soda, best all natural remedy for curing radiation exposure and cancer From: If you are having any kind of radiation treatments, macrobiotic is the cure. Macrobiotics is very effective in curing radiation sickness and cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer and you want to survive the cancer avoid any and all exposure to radiation treatment. Radiation treatment of any kind is what actually kills people diagnosed with cancer.

Why Do Some People Learn Faster? The physicist Niels Bohr once defined an expert as “a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” Bohr’s quip summarizes one of the essential lessons of learning, which is that people learn how to get it right by getting it wrong again and again. Education isn’t magic. Education is the wisdom wrung from failure. A new study, forthcoming in Psychological Science, and led by Jason Moser at Michigan State University, expands on this important concept. Depression and Stuck Negative Behavior Linked to Impaired Folate Monday, March 14, 2016 By: Linda J. Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition Understanding depression and locked in negative behaviors has just reached an exciting new level of possibilities. heal - Remote Healing – No Permission Needed By: Greg Gourdian Whether we describe the healing arts as psychical or spiritual, all healing through prayers, meditation, visualization, channeling, etc... fall into the category of spiritual healing. Spiritual healings are a special case of communication between a healer and their subject. The way this works is that the healer visualizes the healing for the subject and the subject then accepts the energy and imagery sent to them by the healer. The subject may then respond by healing themselves. The healer provides only two things, energy and imagery, the rest of the healing work is done by the subject themselves.

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life Post written by Sherri Kruger. Follow me on Twitter. Simplicity. How can we make things simpler, more streamlined, or more efficient? Is this all just hype or is there actually something to this simplicity thing? Treating COMT and MAO: the Hormonal Cause of Stress and Anxiety Introduction Optimizing methylation pathways means going further than just deciding how much B12 or folate a person needs. Seeking to optimize methylation pathways means you must go far beyond just looking at MTHFR and see all the genes and biochemicals that are impacting our health. And we cannot optimize genes without understanding how our sex hormones can impact our genetic pathways.

Alternative Medicine – Alternative for the Conventional Medicine Alternative Medicine – Alternative for the Conventional Medicine 5.00/5 (100.00%) 6 votes The concept of alternative medicine is getting more and more popularity day by day. It is due to the great benefits they offer without any side effects. Alternative medicine is the treatment of the medical condition without using any medicines. It involves the treatment by acupuncture, self-awareness, yoga and using other herbal medicines. Why I've Decided To Stop Comparing Myself To Others Many people I know slave to the comparison game. I’m not as thin as so and so; I’m not as tall or as pretty. I’m not as wealthy as she or he is. I’m not as strong or as flexible. I’m not as funny or as intelligent.