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10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World

10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World
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A Simple Tool to Relieve Yourself From Tension 31st October 2015 By Lynn Newman Guest Writer for Wake Up World When we’ve got a hundred things on our plate, it’s super hard sometimes to know how and when to take a break. But there’s a quick and simple tool you can use to instantly relieve yourself from tension… it’s this thing called stopping. Taking a PAUSE By PAUSE, I don’t mean taking a Facebook break. Physically. And then … Take in all the senses. I know this may sound trite. All of a sudden, the busy life we’re in gets wider, more expansive and we can remember where we fit in the grand scheme of things. We’re really quite small, when it comes down to it. You know how, when your flight is landing, and you’re flying over a highway, and on that highway is a car, and you see the car from your plane’s window? Many times, when we’re stressed, we think it’s an emergency. Giving ourselves this permission to stop might seem crazy — like there’s something wrong with us. Tip Get present by taking 10 seconds to stop. About the author:

The Child From Hell – Raising a Child with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome By Dr. Susan M. Walker Guest Writer for Wake Up World I know, what a title, right? Bob was born a healthy, happy, blonde haired, adorable, big blue-eyed baby. He never walked anywhere, he’d always take off running and would run away every opportunity he got. I remember hiring a babysitter to watch him. By this time, there was no getting through to Bob, he was in his own world – a world where no one could touch him or interact with him. Pregnancy and early life While pregnant with Bob, I remember feeling terribly tired. Later on in my career, I learned that two of the duty stations I was assigned to had tested agent orange on the bases, and agent orange was found to be in the drinking water and saturated in the air. At that time, I was a single parent and thought long and hard about the rest of my life. My other two kids were great, although my second child had learning disabilities in reading and English, but did extremely well with math. Keeping to the vaccination schedule

21 Signs That Americans Are The Unhappiest People In The Entire World By Michael Snyder How can we possibly be so miserably unhappy? For a nation that supposedly “has it all”, we sure are depressed. In America today, suicide rates are soaring, antidepressant use is skyrocketing and virtually every new survey that comes out shows that we are deeply dissatisfied about something. When I was growing up there was only a handful of television channels to choose from, but now there are hundreds. Everywhere I go, I see people that look like they have had the life completely sucked out of them. #1 A scientific study that was just released found that U.S. adults are becoming less happy over the years… #2 Young people are also becoming increasingly depressed. Americans are more depressed now than they have been in decades, a recent study has found. #3 Back in 1987, 61.1 percent of all Americans reported being happy at work. #4 A different survey found that 70 percent of all Americans do not “feel engaged or inspired at their jobs”. Yet we are severely depressed.

How Cannabis Helps My ADHD – A Patient’s Story 15th November 2015 By an anonymous patient Guest writer for Wake Up World Let me introduce myself, I am a 32-year-old entrepreneur with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and I use cannabis, daily, to manage my condition. I’ve spent the past decade running international businesses on two continents, and have previously been in a long-term relationship for nine years; which provided me with a beautiful 6-year-old daughter whom I care for jointly. My story starts when I was diagnosed at age two with ADHD and spent the next three years on a series of diets that have affected my eating habits to this day. At the time I was unaware but I became addicted to these drugs before my 10th birthday; they caused my personality to swing one way then the other when the drugs were wearing off. At the end of my relationship, like many others, I found myself in a custody battle. ADHD affects the mind. My condition will not go away or lessen with time. Related reading: About the author:

High Stress Leads to Heart Disease and Diabetes Tuesday, September 08, 2015 By: Linda J. Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition Stress. There are so many different sources and occurrences throughout life. One person may be energized by it and another becomes ill after it. Severe stress and chronic stress are considered to be most toxic to the body because they create significant or even permanent changes to the body’s homeostasis. Adrenal Stress Symptoms How Stress Hormones Work: Cortisol and Adrenaline When there is a threatening event, either real or perceived, the body sends out signals to manage and deal with the threat. The endocrine system and brain are heavily involved with reacting to psychological stress or emotional trauma. The second endocrine response team is the adrenaline, or catecholamine stress response, called the sympathetic-adrenal-medullary (SAM) system. Stress and the Heart Endothelial Lining Damage Damage to the endothelial lining is at the “heart” of cardiovascular disease.

The Fiction of ADHD and the "Chemical Imbalance" Theory of Mental Illness 6th September 2015 By Cortland Pffefer (with Irwin Ozborne) Guest Writers for Wake Up World The belief that increasing dopamine levels will alleviate ADHD symptoms is why kids are treated with stimulants. On a trip to the zoo, there appeared to be a small gathering outside the wolverine display. “Oh he is still doing that,” said one of the adults behind me. “Still!?” “Well, he was doing it last week, too.” For over a week, this animal was sprinting back-and-forth on an eight foot ledge. The question is: is the Wolverine suffering a disease? There is actually nothing unnatural about the wolverine’s behavior based on its circumstance. These examples of what is termed zoochosis are quite obvious; these animals are not sick, but in fact they are intelligent enough to realize, despite their limited experience, that they are prisoners and there is much more to life than this constrained existence they have been presented. ADHD Stats The Chemical Imbalance Theory Dr. And about damn time, too!

Antidepressants And Violent Behavior: Are You Taking One Of The 10 Most Dangerous? Photo credit: Recent reports show that long term studies have strongly linked antidepressants with violent behavior. This latest study, out of Britain’s Oxford University, looked at Sweden’s national crime register and their prescribed drug register over a three year period. This involved more than 850,000 subjects who were taking prescribed SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). It’s interesting to note that it was among this age group that those who were given the lowest possible dosage were the most likely to commit violent acts. However, higher doses might not be the answer. The Harvard School of Public Health also published a study that involved more than 162,000 subjects between the ages of 10 and 64 for 12 years. Is there a connection between gun violence and antidepressants? Continue to Page 2 Although most people think of violence and drugs, it isn’t antidepressants that come to mind but crack or coke. We don’t want to alarm anyone unnecessarily. 10. 9. 8.

Antidepressants proven to cause birth defects (NaturalHealth365) False advertising and deceptive promotion can have deadly consequences. But big pharma appears to be acting outside the law, no matter the costs. That appears to be the case with manufacturers of the antidepressants Lexapro and Paxil. Mothers of babies born with birth defects have filed numerous lawsuits against Forest Labs, manufacturer of Lexapro, for failure to warn them of potential risks to their unborn babies. Meanwhile, class action lawsuits against Paxil parent company GlaxoSmithKline have already cost the company billions of dollars in compensation. The dangers of Lexapro are well documented. No surprise: Paxil shares a similar reputation. Both antidepressants have been linked to an extensive list of serious and deadly birth defects, including: The answer lies chiefly in unscrupulous business practices buoyed by questionable FDA approvals and a history of drug companies getting away with such atrocities. GMOs & Dangerous Chemicals Natural Health 365

Scientific Links Between Processed Foods and Depression By Dr. Joseph Mercola Guest Writer for Wake Up World Research shows that the food you eat can have a profound effect on your mental health. So, regardless of your mental health problems, the importance of addressing your diet simply cannot be overstated. In a very real sense, you have two brains — one in your head, and one in your gut. It is now well established that the vagus nerve is the primary route your gut bacteria use to transmit information to your brain, which helps explain why mental health appears to be so intricately connected to your gut microbiome 1 — the bacteria and other microbes living in your gut. For example, researchers recently found that fermented foods helped curb social anxiety disorder in young adults.2,3 Another study4 found that mice engaged in obsessive-compulsive repetitive behaviors were pacified when given a strain of the bacterium Bacteroides fragilis. Other Processed Food Ingredients That Promote Depression To Heal Depression, Heal Your Gut “According to Dr.

Healing From Within – Awaken Your Inner Healing Light 16th August 2015 By Áine Sands Guest Writer for Wake Up World It seems that there comes at least one time in almost every person’s life when they live in a state of depression, or experience a constant sense of anxiety or dread — enduring a deep sense of unhappiness, or feelings of being completely lost, confused and ‘out of place’ in life. Out of touch with their true self, that is. Some try to find a means of escape by masking their unhappiness (drugs, alcohol etc), and sadly, some can’t continue at all with their agonising way of living, and may even make the extreme and tragic decision to “end it” altogether. It is my Intention in writing this article, to reach out to anyone at all who is having such delicate difficulties at this critical time here on Earth – and this is indeed a critical time on Earth. What is Causing So Much Sadness, So Much Stress? So, you feel like you’ve done what society has asked and expected of you. For what reason do you feel so incomplete; unfulfilled?

6 Tips To Eliminate Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself Again by Sarah Peterson The worst enemy to happiness is self-doubt. Has self-doubt ever stopped you from doing something you longed to do? That little voice in your head kept whispering… “Who are you to even try to accomplish that?” Whether you wanted to run a marathon, start a business, or go for a promotion, that little voice kept nagging at you that you’re not good enough. In early 2014, this was the soundtrack that played on repeat in my head. See, I really, really wanted to start a new business. But even before giving myself the chance, the soundtrack began to loop, and self-doubt kicked in. “There’s no way you could be successful. After my self-doubt monster talked me out of starting my business, I smothered my passion for the topic. It gave me hope. Like my own experience, self-doubt will try to snuff out yourdreams. Use the following tips to fight back the self-doubt monster and reclaim your confidence (this is what worked for me): I get it. You must be mindful of how you feel. The good news?

The Antidote For Teen Depression 26th July 2015 By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Even with the highest of intentions, we are still raising our young from old paradigms that don’t work for evolving children. It is easy to say that depressed kids lack self-esteem — and of course this is true — but we need to ask why? I was a suicide outreach counselor in New York for seven years. It’s not teen heartbreak that makes children suicidal. Yes, as parents we want what is best for our children and we want them to grow up to be successful, but maybe our ideas of success are actually killing them. We instill fear in our children by telling them that if they don’t get proper grades, their lives are doomed to failure, but failure to what? Out of our own fear, we make the idea of success more important than the spirits of our precious children. We’ve got it wrong and our parent’s parents got it wrong. Although the dynamics can be complex, there are three elements that add up to adolescent depression:

untitled 9th July 2015 By Cortland Pfeffer Guest Writer for Wake Up World People with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are among the most discriminated against people in the history of the world. A “psycho” is a derogatory term for someone who is psychotic. A “psycho” is someone who is experiencing a disconnection from reality! At first the term was “mad,” then we called them “crazy,” then “insane,” which became “lunacy” or “lunatics,” and then of course “psychosis” or “psychotic.” In the very ancient times, the shamanistic cultures viewed schizophrenics as having a connection to the spirit world. Eventually as civilizations started to form, governments were created, along with rules, laws, and norms were passed down to keep peace and order. Medically speaking, it is a diagnosis that is characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality and the sense of the self. The hallucinations are nothing more than an over-sharpening of the senses and experiencing unusual sensations.