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¤ 6-colors ideas

¤ 6-colors ideas
Update: Graph has now been made interactive. I was originally put onto network visualisation by Simon Raper by his fantastic post graphing the history of philosophy. I’ve learned a lot in the last week and decided to be ambitious. I wanted to see what the entire network would look like – with everyone on Wikipedia. Well, everyone with an infobox containing ‘influences’ and/or ‘influenced by’. For those new to these types of graphs: the node size represents the number of connections. Method First I queried Snorql and retrieved every person who had a registered ‘influence’ or registered ‘influenced by’ value (restricted to people only so if they were influenced by ‘anime’, they were excluded).I then decoded these using a neat little URL decoder and imported them into Microsoft Excel for further processing (removing things like ‘(Musician)’ and other similar syntax). Caveats The Future The Network There are a few main communities (roughly): Now for some pretty pictures. The Graph Of Ideas Related:  Tech

LifeMoves - PrioHealth “I have been an Occupational Therapist for 38 years. I have worked with people of various abilities and disabilities, ranging in age from 3 months to 101 years, and across clinical settings to include an acute care setting (hospital), nursing home (pediatric), nursing home (geriatric), home care (pediatric and geriatric) and school settings. In all that time, and across all ages, settings, and abilities, the key component of successful therapy intervention is for the client to be able to focus on treatment. Without focus, learning cannot take place, and re-learning (rehabilitation) is compromised. The brain requires focus to hard-wire neurons in order to get reliable, automatic cognitive and motor responses to the environment. Research tells us that a precursor to focus is stress reduction to a manageable level. I am very happy to see LifeMoves as a product specifically for the adult population. Obviously, I am a big fan of your product. Sharon Gregoire OTR/L

10 Wonderful Examples of Interactive Infographics | Infographics | DESIGNIFY We looked through the web to see what are the most recent examples of Interactive Infographics and this is a list of 10 Wonderful Examples of Interactive Infographics. Infographics became a favourite tool for businesses to show their clients important and valuable information. We are also seeing lots of designers using infographics as resumes. Newspapers and magazines also find it useful to present data. And being such an important tool, infographics started evolving as much more efforts are put in the development of this tool. You may also want to check: 15 Infographic Online Tools and Free Vector Elements The difference between a Data Visualization and an Infographic Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough Evolution of the cloud See the infographic Eastern Tennessee See the infographics Future of Car Sharing See the infographic Get Tech Fit (Verizon) See the infographic How Search Works See the infographic See the Infographic

Stephen W. Porges, PhD: Q&A About Freezing, Fainting, and the ‘Safe’ Sounds of Music Therapy Early humans stalked by brutal killers had a limited choice: Gird for battle or run to safety — as in “fight-or-flight.” A bit further down the evolutionary road, we added “tend and befriend” to our danger response repertoire, which may have allowed particularly the females among us to protect children and cultivate a social group for mutual defense and support. And that was that — until Stephen Porges, PhD, the Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University in Bloomington, introduced a third option: freeze or faint. His widely-cited polyvagal theory contends that living creatures facing or sensing mortal danger will immobilize, even “play dead,” as a last resort. This strategy occurs instinctively — without conscious thought and at the behest of a nervous system quickly deciding whether the environment is dangerous or safe. The only cure, Dr. Porges shared his theory, his therapy, and his respect for the body’s longest nerve, with Everyday Health. SP: Not just fight-or-flight.

50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics It’s impossible to comprehend complex data or analyze large amounts of information, if we only use words or texts. Information graphics or better known as infographics are visual explanation of data, information or knowledge. These graphics are excellent visual tools for explaining huge amounts of information where complex data needs to be explained immediately and clearly. Let me show you how Rick Mans explain how infographics ease the process of communicating conceptual information Image credit. Infographic is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process alone is pretty intensive. We are truly delighted to show you these brilliant and informative infographics created by various talented individuals. Recommended Reading: More Infographic related posts. 50 Years of Space Exploration. Disney vs Marvel. Grand Mosque. High Rise. Relief Wells & Subsea Containment. Prism Social Media 2010. Genes and Society: Cloning. Flickr User Model. Crude Awakening.

Neuroception: A Subconscious System for Detecting Threats and Safety • Neuroception describes how neural circuits distinguishwhether situations or people are safe, dangerous,or life threatening.• Neuroception explains why a baby coos at a caregiverbut cries at a stranger, or why a toddler enjoysa parent’s embrace but views a hug from a strangeras an assault.• The Polyvagal Theory describes three developmentalstages of a mammal’s autonomic nervous system:Immobilization, mobilization, and social communicationor social engagement.• Faulty neuroception might lie at the root of severalpsychiatric disorders, including autism, schizophrenia,anxiety disorders, depression, and ReactiveAttachment Disorder. Best Infographics Ideas and Free Tools Look at pretty much every blog, professional site and presentation these days, and you will notice that most of them have infographics, which are charts that display a visual image in order to supply data to the user. They are highly functional and often work more effectively than graphs and charts alone. They are also more pleasing to the eye and can break down concepts for easier understanding. But for every good one, there is a bad one that looks cluttered and doesn’t manage to get the point across. That is why people seek out both inspiration and tools to help them make the most out of this valuable resource. Here are some of the best examples and tools to assist you in creating your own. Inspiration Online Piracy With new legislation being argued right now in the Senate to curb piracy, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the topic itself. It illustrates that popular movies are not affected in profit by illegal downloading. Calorie Intake & Outtake The Brutal Decline of Yahoo Tools

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques - structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients. If a person has Alzheimer’s disease, it’s usually the result of a build-up of two types of lesions - amyloid plaques, and neurofibrillary tangles. Amyloid plaques sit between the neurons and end up as dense clusters of beta-amyloid molecules, a sticky type of protein that clumps together and forms plaques. Neurofibrillary tangles are found inside the neurons of the brain, and they’re caused by defective tau proteins that clump up into a thick, insoluble mass. This causes tiny filaments called microtubules to get all twisted, which disrupts the transportation of essential materials such as nutrients and organelles along them, just like when you twist up the vacuum cleaner tube. You can hear an ABC radio interview with the team here.

Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized) This post is #6 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 112. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Update: Be sure to check out our latest post on infographics: Infographics Are Everywhere – Here’s How to Make Yours Go Viral. I love a good infographic! There’s more to this article!