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Keshe Foundation From PESWiki Page first featured July 19, 2009 Plasma Energy and Anti-Gravity Applications "The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Testing Nanocoating - Keshe Foundation Local Group Long Beach CA USA Since there are a lot of people out there who are just starting to make nanocoatings, we are providing this page as an instructional aid in testing your nanocoating. A nanocoating is a very thin layer of a structured material that doesn't like to let normal electricity pass through it. It is called an insulator.

The New Science: Magnetism and Plasmatronics Will Change Everything We Know About Health and Our Universe Michael Forrester, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times The developed world has dwelled on primitive technologies for far too long. Whether it be conventional aircrafts, primitive vehicles with combustible engines, or treatment systems that are worse for our health than the diseases they attempt to cure, there is no end to the stagnant lack of advanced technology available to humanity. All that is about change in less than a decade. Energy Solutions THEY don't want you to know about Footage from DECADES AGO!!!!......... Methernitha Testatika free energy machine Newman's Magnetic motor

Step By Step Building The Top Magnetic Generator Videos The following videos show a step by step how to build the project, the videos were embedded from Mr. Reinhard Wirth Youtube Channel. Video # 1 – Preparing the Magnet Rotor Plate Child Rides EV Toy on Boyce Free Energy! A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. What makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow. He's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications of the effect by others.

Videos and Teachings - Kauai PLasma energy workshop plasma energy videos & teachings Keshe Foundation Recent Knowledge Seeker Workshops on Youtube Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Youtube Channel with all teachings! Jack and Leeda's Youtube Channel from Kauai,HI showing how to build your own Magrav Plasma Unit Here is the archive link to our Plasma Energy radio interview on KKCR. First hour of the Kauai Soap Box show is with Commander Bruce Hay of Kauai's Pacific Missile Range Facility and the second hour of the show our interview with Mike Nashif , myself and the wonderful sponsor of our upcoming Plasma Energy Workshop here on Kauai, Richard Kraft.

Warp Factor Last September, a few hundred scientists, engineers and space enthusiasts gathered at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Houston for the second public meeting of 100 Year Starship. The group is run by former astronaut Mae Jemison and funded by DARPA. Its mission is to "make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system to another star a reality within the next 100 years." Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan. No gasoline, no battery recharging and no emissions. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke Bill Clinton announced what it represented in his State of the Union Address Jan 27, 2000 ~ “It is a Rising Sun!” The Eye of Horus.

The Johsnon Engine Make sure your sound is turned on! Please wait up to 10 seconds for the presentation to load. It takes just 5 seconds to prove it to yourself that this works. the secret they can't kill. Bob Boyce's Story The man in the photo [right] is Bob Boyce. You probably have never heard of Bob until now. Keshe health patch. Pain Aid Pad Description The programmed magnetic material, which applies a combination of constant and gradient fields that assure a sufficient magnetic/gravitational field dose, is applied to both superficial and deep affected tissue. It will modulate the body’s normal production of anti-inflammatory chemicals from cells in the affected tissue, and will accelerate pain relief and increase blood flow instantly. (See more in the complete description below) Biologically Active Magnetic/Gravitational Intelligent unique configuration of constant and gradient fields, which have been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.

Aquamarine Dreams - 01 Archived material recently discovered by Ralph Ring Complete unpublished book by Otis T. Carr, written in 1952, entitled DIMENSIONS OF MYSTERY. The typewritten manuscript is an 83 page PDF (23 Mb) Govt to support Water Fuel Kit Project: Cabinet body a comprehensive session took place in PEC where officials from PEC, NUST, and auto industry, and research scholars held a detailed discussion on the Water Fuel Kit Project, in which they shared their views with the cabinet members and Engr Waqar. - Reuters photo ISLAMABAD: A sub-committee of the Cabinet on Thursday reiterated the government's commitment to support the Water Fuel Kit Project to tackle energy crisis in country. The committee strongly encouraged the Water Fuel Kit Project, as the project designer presented a tremendous demonstration of car driving on the Water Fueling system. The committee members highly appreciated the idea of Engineer Waqar Ahmad of introducing the Water Fueling system for automobiles in the country. He asked the ministry and the Pakistan Engineering Council to float the feasibility of the project as soon as possible.

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