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Craft supplies, scrapbooking and sewing at discount prices

Craft supplies, scrapbooking and sewing at discount prices
Behind the Door Book Storage The space behind the door is often overlooked in terms of function and style but it doesn't have to be! In my son's room, I created some floating acrylic shelves. I installed the shelves at his height so he's able to browse, retrieve and return the books all on his own. More Free Stuff Friday!!

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Making a kilt [From Bobbie Suttie, images copyright Jan Bruyndonckx and used with permission] A Kilt is basically a pleated, wrapped skirt. The back half of the kilt is pleated, the front half (apron) is the made of two overlapping panels. A true kilt is completely handmade. Customer Homepage - Stampin' Up! Last week my team and I had the opportunity to go on a fun outing to Salt Lake City’s Art & Soup. Local artists and restaurants gathered to support Community Nursing Services’ (CNS’s) Charitable Care Program by donating a portion of the artwork sold. This year, the Salt Palace Convention Center’s walls were lined with booths—24 to be exact—which were issuing a variety of soup samples. Our team had fun tasting the samples. Some of our favorites included: lobster bisque, ginger spring pea soup, and squash soup with jalapeño spice. (Yum!)

Welcome to!!! Ornamentea is your home for fine craft ingredients and inspiration. We strive to offer the most interesting 'parts' for your creations and we do it in an environment that is welcoming and encouraging. Our 'real' store is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and our virtual store is open 24 hours a day on your screen. You can visit us by sitting at our work table, joining us early on a Friday morning for Breakfast & Beads, coming to a class or by downloading one of our free jewelry making and beading tutorials any time. Ornamentea began as Bedizen Ornaments jewelry design, started by Cynthia Deis in the kitchen of a tiny pink house in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Where to Buy the Best DIY Supplies DIYers know that getting the right goods is just as important as actually having the goods. Skill, patience and a great eye are key, obviously. But an amazing source for custom yarn and discount Mod Podge? Now that’s the stuff. Here’s where you can get it. Crates and Pallets Welcome : The Mad Scrapper Monday 22nd February - Scrapaholix class featuring Paper Loft papers and Prima Marketing resist tags & tabs. Time: 7.15 - 9.30pm. Cost: £15 (includes kit and refreshments). Saturday 5th March - All day crop. Sewing Tutorial: Sew A Crinoline Crinoline or petticoat is easy to make, really!!! Well, at least it is so much more easier to make compared to the queen gown below. Crinoline when worn under a skirt, makes it look domed and inflated, especially for gown of special occasion. You can get crinoline easily in some countries but they normally came in white or black.

Sewing Tips for Beginners & Pros With so much excitement about learning to sew, improving skills and the new Sew Crazy Monthly Challenges, I thought it would be a good time to pull together a list of all sorts of sewing tips for beginners, pros and everyone in between. Let’s face it, probably almost all of us have things to learn and things to work on in our sewing, so today I’ve got a list of 50 Sewing Tips, Tricks and Techniques to help you in your projects. Sewing Tips for Beginners and Pros: Here we go!

Bookbinding Materials buy online Touché bookbinding boardFancy Cardboardfrom 1,00 € solid colour, both sides painted wth matte finish,... produced with multi-layered cellulose cardboard and chemical cellulose which contains 40% recycled fibre material, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Papiria Home page Terms and Conditions Instructions on withdrawal Contact information Categories Product search

Wristlet Sometimes you want to travel light – with just the essentials at hand. For this, you need: the wristlet. A tiny, tidy tote that hangs from your wrist. It's just 5" x 7", but holds all the necessities with room to spare. Zip up your spending cash, a couple o' credit cards, maybe a bit of makeup and a comb. Ours has a detachable strap, so you can unclip it, and drop it into a bigger bag, like a handy wallet. 101 Pretty Printables {free} These pretty printables are fabulous and free…you can’t go wrong with that! Decorate your home with quotes and flowers, throw a party that looks like a million bucks or wrap a gift with the perfect tag. Oh my gosh…you are going to love these!!! There’s a little something for everyone. I wish I could share a photo of each one, but my blog would most likely blow up…ha! Make sure your printer has color ink before you start, and feel free to share this list with all your friends…they’ll love you for it!

5 Home Habits That Save Money There's no denying that times are tough, people are losing their jobs, and spending is down. In this type of economic climate, evenings out are replaced with time in. While we need our homes to be havens, we also have less money to spend on them.

Embroidery I hope you had a Happy Christmas. As previously mentioned, crafty activity has come to a temporary halt, hence no posting for me, but I have one project still up my sleeve to share. This is the last one I completed before Christmas. I will preface by saying that normally I intend to keep this blog strictly craft-related and leave out the personal stuff. Sew Liberated: kitty doll tutorial Some children are doll children. Some children are stuffed animal children. I was a stuffed animal child, and so are my nieces, the giddy recipients of these here kitty dolls. For those of you who have a stuffed animal child of your own, here's a quick tutorial along with the additional pattern pieces to make one (or two, or three) for yourself your child. (Do make sure that you print it out at 100%, or else you will find yourself with a very large-featured cat.) You will also need to purchase the fabulous Wee Wonderfuls "Kit, Chloe and Louise" doll pattern to make the rest of the doll body and little outfits.