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Doctors' Slang, Medical Slang and Medical Acronyms, Veterinary Slang, Veterinary Acronyms

Doctors' Slang, Medical Slang and Medical Acronyms, Veterinary Slang, Veterinary Acronyms
3H enema - Enema that is "high, hot, and a hell of a lot." Reputedly given to patients who give staff a hard time. 3P’s - Pill, Permissiveness and Promiscuity (relates to female patients with sexually transmitted disease) 4F - Fair, fat, female and forty OR fat, forty-ish, flatulent female (both mean abdominal pain patient who is candidate for gall bladder disease) 4H - (US) Haemophiliac, Hispanic, Homosexual, Heroin addict 404 moment – On card rounds - when a patient’s medical records cannot be located (from internet error message: 404 Page Not Found) 5-H-1-T - polite medical term for shit 10th Floor Transfer - dying (floor number is always the next number on from the highest floor in the hospital). 45C - patient is one chromosome short of a full set (thick) AAA (or Triple A): Ay Ay Ay. Precursor to Status Hispanicus. Wound-up Hispanic female unable to tolerate even the small discomfort of removing an adhesive plaster, but not yet full-blown histrionics.

Basil Bernstein Basil Bernstein (1 November 1924 - 24 September 2000) was a British sociologist known for his work in the sociology of education. Biography[edit] He was born into a Jewish immigrant family, in the East End of London. He gained a doctorate after work including teaching and social work. In 1960, Bernstein began graduate work at University College London, where he completed his Ph.D. in linguistics. Kübler-Ross model The model was first introduced by Swiss-American Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, and was inspired by her work with terminally ill patients.[1] Motivated by the lack of curriculum in medical schools on the subject of death and dying, Kübler-Ross began a project which examined death and those faced with it while working as an instructor at the University of Chicago's medical school. Kübler-Ross' project evolved into a series of seminars which, along with patient interviews and previous research became the foundation for her book, and revolutionized how the U.S. medical field takes care of the terminally ill. In the decades since the publication of "On Death and Dying", the Kübler-Ross concept has become largely accepted by the general public; however, its validity has yet to be consistently supported by the majority of research studies that have examined it[citation needed]. Stages[edit] The stages, popularly known by the acronym DABDA, include:[2]

How to take a broke-ass road trip There’s a saying that goes, ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco’. It’s credited to Mark Twain, but that’s a lie; nobody really knows who said it. I wish I had. You know what else I wish I had? Douglas Hofstadter - Person Paper on Purity in Language William Satire (alias Douglas R. Hofstadter) From Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern by Douglas R. Hofstadter, Basic Books, 1985. (Original web version: It's high time someone blew the whistle on all the silly prattle about revamping our language to suit the purposes of certain political fanatics. How can anyone look at this and say that all life does not come from a common ancestor. Checkmate Christians!!!!

Primp Your Ride: The Last Word On How To Wash And Polish Your Car Summer is upon us. The kids are off. If you have time on a sunny Saturday, one way to put a smile on everyone's face, and feel sunny yourself is to put a decent shine on the family car. There is a right way and wrong way to wash a car. This promises to be the last article you ever need to read about how to properly wash and polish up your favorite set of wheels. At AOL Autos, we have spent time considering the not only the finish of our own car, but the legion of swirl marks that mar it. Not Without My Handbag One of my favorite things about the Oscars we don’t see any more is old timers getting their due. I appreciate that cutting the honorary awards makes the show move faster, but I miss the film clips and speeches from folks you don’t usually hear being heartfelt. For example, Federico Fellini was finally given an honorary Oscar in 1993, which meant a crazy montage of women being whipped, clowns with giant fake boobs, and other assorted lunacy. And who was there to present it? Hello, lower life forms.

Pablo soon regretted his decision to jump into the pool Three Exotic Necktie Knots to Try: The Eldredge Knot, The Trinity Knot, and The Cape Knot Forget the Double Windsor! Stylish gentlemen who fancy the kind of necktie knots that turn heads prefer these three exotic knots: The Eldredge Knot, The Trinity Knot, and the Cape Knot. Alex Krasny of Agree or Die explains how you can impress the ladies with these extraordinary necktie knots: The Eldredge Knot How to Tie the Eldredge Knot The Trinity Knot

...and they actually let me graduate The methodological reasoning for conducting the interviews that follow is two-fold: first, secondary sources on the exact subject of study are not terribly plentiful. More importantly, for this particular type of study, over-reliance on books and research papers written by outsiders would be imprudent at best. For these reasons, over the course of approximately three weeks a total of nine personal interviews were conducted with Japanese college students - who for privacy's sake shall be referred to only by first name -- currently studying in the area. Of the subjects, five attend the University of Pennsylvania, three are Bryn Mawr College students, and the remaining one is a student at Haverford College. Although biographical details vary, all interview volunteers have had extensive experience living in Japan, with 11 years' time being the absolute minimum, 18 years the maximum.

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