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“Because you’re foreign…” Western, White and English privilege in Korea | Mapping Words *Note: This post chronicles my own experiences with privilege in Korea as a White, American female. I am NOT speaking for all White people, females, Americans, Westerners or even Koreans. Even Hans, the German office worker, is given special treatment in my Korean textbook–full-body shot, front and center, standing next to Mina, the Korean girl on the bench. I nervously sat among my classmates in a holography class at the Korea National University of Arts in February 2009. A few days earlier, I’d flown to Korea to begin my semester as an exchange student. It seems obvious, but that minor detail made me realize that I was different. A few months later, all the students in the fine arts department went on an MT (membership training) trip to the East Coast. Upon arrival, the two female French exchange students and I were shuffled to the large room with the beds, while everyone else crammed into the smaller rooms. I responded, “No, it’s okay. “It’s okay,” he replied. Like this:

The Best Travel Stories on the Internet - Travel Writing - World Hum Peoples Guide to Mexico This Mama Makes Stuff travel blog | news, stories, deals, and tips. I have just returned from two and a half wonderful weeks in Japan, leading an intrepid, engaged and enriching group of eight travelers through Kyoto and Shikoku. The trip turned out to be full of magic and delight, but as I began the journey, before I knew how it would turn out, I had turned for inspiration and encouragement to the memory of an earlier journey – my very first time as a tour leader, when I had led two American travelers on an autumn tour of Tokyo, Kyoto and rural Honshu. Here is a tale from that initial tour: On our first full day in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto, we began with visits to three back-alley shops where traditional tofu delicacies, delicate fans and tatami mats are made. Then, when the husband of the couple I was accompanying mentioned that his mother used to love lacquerware and had a considerable collection in California, our local guide perked up. From the moment we walked into its hushed confines, Zohiko seemed more a museum than a retail store.

The Budget Traveller Guide to Sleeping in Airports Are you looking for a way to skim a few bucks off your travel expenses? Well, why not consider sleeping in the airport? Sure, it may sound a little cheap and degrading at first, but read-on and you'll soon discover a travel community that (for over 17 years) has been sharing their experiences and advice with fellow airport sleepers. Airport sleeping is no longer just for the cheap young backpacker. Nowadays, early morning flights, long layovers, flight cancellations, snow storms and erupting volcanoes are just a few reasons why you'll see travellers from all walks of life stretched out on airport floors around the world. Whether you sleep in an airport overnight by choice or you just get stuck in the airport due to a layover or weather delay, let The Guide to Sleeping in Airports help make your travel experience more tolerable. connect with us Explore the Site Airport Adventures Read traveller adventures and misadventures in the airport and submit your own story.

Almond Roca Recipe Almond Roca I’ve been a busy little candy maker lately, anticipating the desire for holiday gifting. So far, I’ve made truffles, peanut brittle, fudge and this Almond Roca. The almond roca is my favorite. My TOTAL favorite. Here’s how you make it… Sprinkle 3/4 cup chopped and toasted almonds into the bottom of a buttered 7×11-inch glass pan. Melt some butter in a medium saucepan. Add brown sugar, and stir it up. Bring the mixture to a boil. Boil the butter/sugar mixture for 12 minutes exactly (stirring constantly). Pour it on top of the almonds in the pan– drizzling it all over and and filling in all of the spaces with the toffee. Place four chocolate bars on top of the hot toffee. Let them sit there for a minute or so and get all gooey and melted, then use the bottom of a spoon to spread the chocolate around. Spread all the way to the edges. Sprinkle more almonds on top. Sample! It’s best to get this out of your house as quickly as possible.

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