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Making a Wire Wrapped Ring

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How to make a mini bow and arrows set. It's so fluffy! SCORE 162 Stop it! SCORE 1279 If the disney princesses had instagram... The only person you are destined to become... Things that I love. That's a strange way to make friends. Sock kitty! Introducing, Nap Time! DIY Satsuma Candle A friend of mine DIYed her own candles, made from the peels of Satsuma oranges, for a recent dinner party. I was so excited by this simple yet clever idea, I had to share the tutorial on HonestlyWTF. My only regret is not discovering this sooner when Satsumas were at their absolute peak in December. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to snatch up a few at your local grocery store or farmer’s market and impress your guests at your next dinner party! The stem side of the Satsuma will be the bottom and base of the candle. Because Satsumas are known for their loosely attached peels, the orange should easily be removed. Once the flesh of the orange is taken out, the pith connecting the outer stem should remain. Pour a few glugs of olive oil into the orange, leaving just the very tip of the pith exposed. Depending on the length of the pith, the candle should burn for at least a couple of hours. (all images via HonestlyWTF) Maegan: * Leather Lanyard Bracelet Maeg-it Yourself * Fashion+Home+Lifestyle Blog If you went to Summer Camp as a kid, you’ll totally remember making lanyard keychains with that brightly colored plastic lace {I had tons of them!} …so I thought, why not do it with leather lace? And I did. And I love them! So I thought I’d show you how …and if you like, you can buy one of mine because I’ve listed a few in my Etsy shop. Here’s What You’ll Need… * Leather lace * Chain * Clasp * Needle nose pliers/Scissors NOTE: There are tons of lanyard making videos on youtube if these instructions are a bit confusing! Steps… * Cut 2 strips of leather lace. * To begin, find the middle of one of your laces and wrap it twice around your finger. * Getting the first and last stitches done are the most difficult, so watch these videos for help, but otherwise it’s just loop/loop opposing laces then loop over and under and over and under with the leftover laces, then pulling it tight. * Using your pliers, open a link in your chain . . . Voila! Have Fun! Find all my DIYs here!

Crafty Nest Fake Toilet Paper Roll Is there anything worse than going to the bathroom only to find you forgot to check if there was any toilet paper? There is Now! I made a fake roll of toilet paper out of cardboard, and inserted a removable prank message for that moment of truth when your victim realizes that no salvation will come from that little white roll. I can't wait to get my little brothers with this guy! Happy Pranking! And remember to vote for your favorite pranks starting April 3rd! Disclaimer: This little roll of paper can be a powerful and day ruining little prank if used maliciously, so I suggest that care be taken when setting up where and on whom it will be used.

Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow: Kids Handmade Holiday Like many of you, this year we are doing an all handmade holiday. This includes the kids! My sister and I have seven kids between us and working together we came up with a big list of all the things that the kids could make for their siblings, cousins, parents, aunt, uncle, grandparents and friends. paper crafts: countdown to christmas, making tree decorations Step 1: Choose a variety of coordinating decorative papers and cut them into 8cm x 4cm strips (you will need six pieces for each decoration) Step 2: Fold each piece in half lengthways, and then fold the corners inwards (with the folded edge along the bottom) Step 3: Fold each piece in half so the folded corners are together Step 4: Insert the points of one piece into the ‘pockets’ of another (you should have a double-sided pocket next to the folded corners) Step 5: Continue doing this to build up a circle Step 6: Tie several finished circles together with twine or ribbon, fix with a brad and hang on your tree… Paper crafts: Countdown to Christmas, Making tree decorations What are you hanging on your tree this year?

Photo Blocks & The Hybrid Chick Today we are going to make some really cool Photo Blocks! Yes, we are going to visit the hardware store for this one! But, really it’s fun and easy. Let’s get started. From the hardware Store… 1 1×4 A table saw or have them cut it at the hardware store for you Sandpaper, medium and fine grit From the craft store or your stash… Glue, I used an extra strong glue embellishment glue stick by Pioneer Mod Podge, I used Matte Craft paint, paintbrush Scissors, Craft Knife Flat Wooden Letters Ribbon Digital Items…. Your photo editing program Printer and Matte Photo paper OK, lets get crafting! OK, so your wood is all cut into 3.5 x 3.5 squares. Now take out the craft paint and paint your wood on all sides and let them dry. While your paint is drying, open up your photo editing program and design your pictures to put on your squares of wood. OK, so I have all my 4 squares designed. Now time to print them all out. First step is to glue the pictures to the blocks. Other Articles by juliemomof4: