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How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial - Make Your Own Talk Show, Music Program or Audio Stream

How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial - Make Your Own Talk Show, Music Program or Audio Stream
I'm often asked by visitors to this site how to start an Internet radio station. But, often they are over-thinking it. Offering audio on the Internet can be done in many ways and it just keeps getting easier. Podcasts Come in Various Flavors Podcasts are easy to do whether you DIY with an audio editor and your own website or use a third-party to create it and host it. A Podcast allows you to create audio which can be accessed on-demand. But, now, just placing an audio file online at your website and informing users to "click to listen" to your "Podcast on-demand" is sufficient in many cases, especially if you know ahead of time that you are doing a limited amount of podcasts. Thanks to broadband, the moment your audio file begins playing uninterrupted through the end-users player, you have achieved the same effect as Internet Radio. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. How Complicated Do You Want This?

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5 So-Called Signs of Genius That Any Idiot Can Learn You know what would be cool? Superhuman intelligence. To walk into a room like Dr. House or Sherlock Holmes and show everyone your brain works twice as fast as theirs. Unfortunately, we can't turn you into a genius -- genetics and the public school system have already tried and failed. The PodPress Pluging for Wordpress A dream plugin for Podcasters using WordPress. Download PodPress Version {podpress_latest_version} Changelog Full featured and automatic feed generation (RSS2, iTunes and ATOM and BitTorrent RSS) Preview of what your Podcast will look like on iTunes engage - transforming teaching and learning through technology Podcasting is an Internet technology that educators can use to provide students with course materials they can use anytime, any place, even when they are not connected to a computer. You can use podcasting to deliver course content in audio, video, and/or graphic formats. The term podcast implies the ability to deliver programs like other broadcast media but it has some significant differences and advantages: Students can download podcasted programs view wherever they go, whenever they like.

10 oddball skills that could save your ass 1. Odd manipulation skills: Learn how to use your “off hand” for various tasks. Learn how to use your feet to pick things up or manipulate door knobs, light switches etc. You never know if you will be forced to operate minus your “strong hand” or any hands. 2. Eyes wide closed: Try doing your entire shave/shower ritual with your eyes closed.

Software Garden Products: ListGarden RSS Feed Generator Software Garden ListGarden™ Program: ListGarden Product Description New Version 1.3 Now Available! Features: Basic Podcasting Gear Let’s talk about the basic podcasting gear you’ll need to get started? We’re going to start out with podcasting gear that you probably already own or can get for cheap. To get started you will need a computer with broadband internet access, a mic and headphones. Computer Your first piece of podcasting gear is your computer. Most likely you will record and edit your podcast on your PC or Mac. 81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters We recently launched our new course How to Start a Blog That Matters . To coincide with the launch, we’ve compiled a huge list of the blog topics suggested by all of you for our Million Dollar Blog Project . We used one of these to create our new blog Expert Enough , but there are tons of great ideas left on the list. There are websites about nearly everything imaginable, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good. At Think Traffic, we believe that anyone that puts in the right amount of focused effort can build an audience online, even if it is about an obscure topic. Don’t know what topic to start your blog on?

Software to Receive Podcasts - Automatic Retrieval - Windows - M There are an increasing amount of software applications being designed specifically for receiving podcasts. Here you will find a growing list of these applications. What You Need to Know About Subscribing to PodcastsThere are thousands of podcasts already out there on the Internet just waiting for you to subscribe. DIY Mini 8 Page Pocket Zine! DIY Mini 8 Page Pocket Zine! Loading ... DIY Mini 8 Page Pocket Zine! - More amazing videos are a click away Here’s a short little instructable showing you how to make a mini 8 page pocket zine, use it as a information booklet, instruction manual, whatever you want! Materials Needed: Paper 8 1/2″ x 11 Scissors Creativity You can either make your own or download the template at Zine Template You can also do this on a blank piece of paper to see how it will turn out yourself before writing everything up. Once you have that take your piece of paper and fold it in half.

Zine Making/Putting pages together Presentation Different ways to fold a sheet of paper These are just suggestions of course but they cover some of the main ways people fold sheets into ziney shapes. We'll start off by showing how to fold a single sheet to make multiple pages, but most people need more pages than that so they use multiple sheets of paper... Frequently Asked Questions — 24 Hour Zine Thing What is the 24 Hour Zine Thing? The 24 Hour Zine Challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from conception to final product in 24 hours straight. Zines should be of suitable size and technical difficulty so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.