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'Iran does not pose an existential threat ' - Israel News, Ynetnews

'Iran does not pose an existential threat ' - Israel News, Ynetnews

10 Features Unique To Bing Ads That You Might Not Know About On the Bing Ads blog this week Marta Turek from Mediative spotlighted several features offered in Bing Ads that are not available in Google AdWords. Most PPC practitioners spend more time in AdWords than Bing Ads, so it can be hard to keep up with the different features offered in Bing Ads. AdWords users will be familiar with the fact that there is essentially zero visibility into Google search partner performance beyond aggregated metrics. Turek, who shared her AdWords geo-targeting case study with us recently, highlights three features she uses as a result of Bing Ad’s transparency into the Bing and Yahoo search partner network. 1.

Should I Send this Email? By Joel Comm on March 9, 2014 A little journey you can take to make sure what you’re doing is work related. Keep this in mind, distractions at work take away business hours. Lower business hours while on the clock means less income for the business. Less income for the business means no raise for you. So, for the sake of a raise, keep yourself professional at work. Avoid Money Making Schemes In the current economy everyone is looking to make a little extra cash. In some cases people are looking to replace the income in which they are losing because people just are not buying as much as they used to. For those people who own their own businesses or even those people who work in large companies, they do not have the disposable money in which they used to.

Shoppers fill stores on Thanksgiving, eating into Black Friday sales Black Friday traffic at bricks-and-mortar stores tanked 11.4% while revenue… (Don Bartletti, Los Angeles…) A record number of shoppers flooded stores on Thanksgiving, but that took a bite out of Black Friday sales, according to industry data released Sunday. Foot traffic on Thanksgiving was up 27% to nearly 45 million, compared with the 35 million visitors who shopped on the holiday last year, the National Retail Federation said. Black Friday remained by far the biggest consumption day, with more than 92 million shoppers. But the shopper count that day rose just 3% from 2012. A separate report from ShopperTrak showed Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales together rising 2.3% to $12.3 billion year over year, while traffic jumped 2.8% to more than 1.07 billion store visits over the two days.

Louisiana public water system has brain-eating amoeba BATON ROUGE, La. — The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the presence of a rare brain-eating amoeba in five test locations of a northwest Louisiana water system. STORY: Boy infected with brain-eating amoeba diesSTORY: How Kali survived a brain-eating amoeba No known cases of illness related to the Naegleria fowleri amoeba have been reported this year in DeSoto Parish, where DeSoto Parish Waterworks District No. 1 in Grand Cane, La., had the contaminated specimens, the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals said Tuesday. The water system, one of 14 in the parish, was tested because the area had one of two Naegleria fowleri-related deaths in the state in 2011. Beginning Wednesday, the water system, which serves almost 5,000 customers, started flushing its pipes with additional chlorine for the next 60 days to kill the amoeba.

Johnsonville Chicken Sausage Review Well … I had to try them out. My hubby absolutely adores chicken sausage from Sam’s Club, but they are kind of steep in price and I seldomly go there for shopping. These days I only pick up water bottles (they have the best price in town — 32 bottle for $3.98 or $0.12/bottle), bag of basmati rice, creamers and maybe pop (sometimes they have select 12 cans for $1.98) … other than that I shop at regular stores because they take coupons.

Lakers don't give up, but don't get win, either, against Portland A 20-point deficit is often too much for a team to overcome. Not the feisty, fun-to-watch Lakers. But comebacks from two massive deficits? Sorry. LinkedIn: Our Future Is Mobile LinkedIn is expecting mobile to play a big role in the company's future — and that future isn't far off, according to CEO Jeff Weiner. On Wednesday, Weiner said he expects 50% of LinkedIn's unique visitors will come via mobile devices in 2014, a jump from 38% of unique visitors today. In the first quarter of 2011, the first full quarter the company had a mobile app, only 8% of unique visitors came from mobile.

Read this for College Textbooks Read this about College Textbooks As much as I like to read, I particularly do not like to read books they give you in collage to read. I can almost guarantee you I will not ever read a school book twice after that class is all over. I have never gone back after I finished a class and read that book again. I know they are not made to do that, but still it tells you a lot about how school books are written. A Look Inside the Angora Rabbit Fur Industry After watching this video, you'll never buy angora again. The undercover footage, shot by PETA Asia, reveals routine cruelty to angora rabbits, whose long, soft fur is often used in sweaters and accessories. The investigator filmed workers who were violently ripping the fur from the animals' sensitive skin as they screamed at the top of their lungs in pain.

Angela Merkel's Cell Phone Tapped By NSA? U.S. Accused Of Spying On German Chancellor BERLIN -- BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel complained to President Barack Obama on Wednesday after learning that U.S. intelligence may have targeted her mobile phone, saying that would be "a serious breach of trust" if confirmed. For its part, the White House denied that the U.S. is listening in on Merkel's phone calls now. "The president assured the chancellor that the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

How to Know about Politics and Current Events  If you want to know the latest scandals, news and controversies regarding the political arena, world events and social issues then read about politics and current events. You may declare that current eventsare the news events that might become historical subjects one day. Keeping up with these issues is not just maintaining a sense of where your economy, society and culture are headed but doing your civic duty as well. If you stay informed about what is happening to your society requires you to do lots of listening and reading and even a bit of watching.

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