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Shopping Online Stores

Shopping Online Stores

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Furniture Shopping for Our New Place When my roommate and I decided to move in together, the only places we could find that we liked were unfurnished. We fell in love with a particular place, but we did not have the furniture to furnish it. We agreed that we did not want to settle on a place that was furnished just because it had furniture.

Getting Ready for an Academic Career in Engineering Do you enjoy working with numbers? Do you enjoy sitting down and taking your time with your homework? How about working with complex, physics-based problem sets? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you might very well want to look into the broad world of used engineering textbooks . Glenn Greenwald: An Interview with The Art of the Possible Seemingly out of nowhere, Glenn Greenwald burst into the blogosphere in October of 2005 at his former blogspot site, Unclaimed Territory. As a lawyer having practiced law in Manhattan for a decade, including litigating constitutional issues, he was well-equipped to analyze and eviscerate defenders of President George Bush’s ordering the National Security Agency (NSA) to secretly engage in warrantless interception of telephone calls and emails of U.S. persons, in blatant violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Indeed, when the New York Times broke the NSA story in December of ’05, Greenwald quickly emerged as the go-to guy for explaining, in readable terms, what FISA requires and why the Bush Administration’s extreme arguments for presidential “inherent authority” to violate any law the Executive doesn’t like – including FISA or bans on torture — were not only meritless, but virtually limitless and radically un-American.

10 Features Unique To Bing Ads That You Might Not Know About On the Bing Ads blog this week Marta Turek from Mediative spotlighted several features offered in Bing Ads that are not available in Google AdWords. Most PPC practitioners spend more time in AdWords than Bing Ads, so it can be hard to keep up with the different features offered in Bing Ads. AdWords users will be familiar with the fact that there is essentially zero visibility into Google search partner performance beyond aggregated metrics. Turek, who shared her AdWords geo-targeting case study with us recently, highlights three features she uses as a result of Bing Ad’s transparency into the Bing and Yahoo search partner network. 1.

Monetize Your Website With Google AdSense Ads If you are just starting your website and have decided to enable Google AdSense marketing practices, then there are a few things you should know from the get go. The best thing about AdSense, as you probably already know, is that it’s free. Anyone who has a website can sign up with the program and as long as they follow the guidelines outlined by Google. First of all, you will have a short waiting period from the time you sign up for your account to the time it is activated.

Coupon Policy Change at Gerbes Well … we all knew it was going to happen. Coupon policy at Gerbes, which is a daughter company of Dillons, on Broadway location, has instituted few changes to protect their customers. The customer service rep was very friendly and sympathetic to the changes, but their reasons to change few rules are to protect ALL of their customers (including couponers). I know many of you have gone to the grocery store and discover shelves being totally emptied out! Not only this inconvenience really mess up with your plans (especially if’s MEGA sale items where you are required to purchase specific number of products), but it also means that you have to make another trip to the grocery store. This happened to me more than once and it can be quite annoying.

Election Year Garbage These episodes, all from the last 24 hours, demonstrate why I cannot wait for the election to be over: Mitt Romney, Monday, in his heralded foreign policy speech: "This is the struggle that is now shaking the entire Middle East to its foundation. . . . In short, it is a struggle between liberty and tyranny, justice and oppression, hope and despair." Louisiana public water system has brain-eating amoeba BATON ROUGE, La. — The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the presence of a rare brain-eating amoeba in five test locations of a northwest Louisiana water system. STORY: Boy infected with brain-eating amoeba diesSTORY: How Kali survived a brain-eating amoeba No known cases of illness related to the Naegleria fowleri amoeba have been reported this year in DeSoto Parish, where DeSoto Parish Waterworks District No. 1 in Grand Cane, La., had the contaminated specimens, the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals said Tuesday. The water system, one of 14 in the parish, was tested because the area had one of two Naegleria fowleri-related deaths in the state in 2011. Beginning Wednesday, the water system, which serves almost 5,000 customers, started flushing its pipes with additional chlorine for the next 60 days to kill the amoeba.

Hope For College Hopefuls The cost of attending a college or four year university has been on the rise for quite a while now. College hopefuls are facing higher than ever tuition cots, while at the same time trying to compete in a brutal job market as the nation struggles under the weight of a down economy. Some people who once planned on attending a college or university in pursuit of a degree in their field of choice are now having to reconsider, unsure of whether they have finances enough to make returning to school feasible.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Money Especially in today’s uncertain economy, many consumers are looking for ways to save on groceries, clothing, and other necessities of modern life. A number of online discount shopping sites offer significant price reductions on needed items ranging from common over-the-counter medications to clothing, shoes, books, and even downloadable movies and software. Here are some tips on how to find the best deals online as well as in local stores and markets.

FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation The Petraeus scandal is receiving intense media scrutiny obviously due to its salacious aspects, leaving one, as always, to fantasize about what a stellar press corps we would have if they devoted a tiny fraction of this energy to dissecting non-sex political scandals (this unintentionally amusing New York Times headline from this morning - "Concern Grows Over Top Military Officers' Ethics" - illustrates that point: with all the crimes committed by the US military over the last decade and long before, it's only adultery that causes "concern" over their "ethics"). Nonetheless, several of the emerging revelations are genuinely valuable, particularly those involving the conduct of the FBI and the reach of the US surveillance state. As is now widely reported, the FBI investigation began when Jill Kelley - a Tampa socialite friendly with Petraeus (and apparently very friendly with Gen.

LinkedIn: Our Future Is Mobile LinkedIn is expecting mobile to play a big role in the company's future — and that future isn't far off, according to CEO Jeff Weiner. On Wednesday, Weiner said he expects 50% of LinkedIn's unique visitors will come via mobile devices in 2014, a jump from 38% of unique visitors today. In the first quarter of 2011, the first full quarter the company had a mobile app, only 8% of unique visitors came from mobile.

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