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Beautiful web-based timeline software Welcome to Shelfari! Read, Share, Explore! Make a Video. Amazing Animated Video Maker - GoAnimate. Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles Storytelling: 10 Significant Reasons For Branding | Piktochart Blog Brands and agencies need to embrace storytelling because it’s awesome and it works. Storytelling for branding is not a new method. It’s simply buzzing as a unique content marketing way following the growth of social media. In fact, it is asserted as the top business skill of the next 5 years (source: Before we go into the awesome reasons why it works for brands, you might want to pick up some tips on how to make a good story for your brand. 1. With a story, you bring your audience to a deeper level of understanding. 2. Stories make your content special because it is all about experience. 3. Story helps you to present your brand offerings or messages better. 4. People easily latch on stories that hook at their emotions and senses. 5. When you tell a story you take your customers for a ride. 6. With data and facts you shape them into meaning that can easily be understood. 7. A good story instills emotions in your audience. 8. 9. 10. Conclusion

Mind42 IUAV Interaction Design Thesis Projects » THE ARK Immersive storytelling in Historic/urban ambient The Ark is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) based on a web app. It aims to create small communities of players living in the same city and encourage them to deepen their knowledge of the city’s history and morphology. An ARG is a game that uses communication and network technologies, combined with elements in the real world, to create an immersive narrative experience in which players participate actively and in real time. The structure of The Ark is designed to be easily adapted to different social, spatial and temporal settings. _elements The main elements are the plot (the story is the backbone of the game), a web platform that supports the system, and a series of six puzzles on which the game is based. For the most demanding players a mobile application is available. The project explored and defined the development of the narrative, the definition of the kind of puzzles, the visual appearance of the application and the video content. Get more infos on my site:

Popplet Digital Storyteller Digital Storytelling in Language Arts Authors: Glen Bull & Sara Kajder Introduction This introduction to digital storytelling in language arts is adapted from an article published in Learning and Leading with Technology. The PDF of the original article can also be downloaded: Digital Storytelling in Language Arts (pdf) A digital story consists of a series of still images that are combined with a narrated soundtrack to tell a story. The Wellsprings of Digital Stories Digital storytelling as we practice and teach it grew out of the work of Joe Lambert and Dana Atchley at the Center for Digital Storytelling at U.C. We have adapted their work for school settings. The second technical advance is the ubiquitous presence of digital cameras and digital images. While technical advances have made digital storytelling practical in today’s schools, connections to the language arts classroom are grounded in the curriculum. Seven Elements of Effective Digital Stories 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Summary Authors

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