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The original web archive of game manuals - replacementdocs

The original web archive of game manuals - replacementdocs
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Commodore C64 Manuals : Free Texts : Download & Streaming Commodore C64 Manual: Commodore 64 Programmers Reference Guide (1983)(Commodore) Topics: sprite, basic, data, program, color, poke, memory, commodore, machine language, character, assembly... Commodore C64 Manual: Action Replay MKIV (198x)(Datel Electronics) Topics: disk, program, turbo, programs, memory, fastload, load, freeze, saved, tape, freeze button, double... Commodore C64 Manual: Elite (1985)(Firebird Software) Topics: cargo, space, laser, ship, cobra, ships, galactic, hyperspace, coriolis, combat, space station,... Commodore C64 Manual: Commodore 64 Users Guide (1982)(Commodore) Topics: commodore, program, print, sprite, data, computer, color, poke, goto, screen, sound program, sound... Commodore C64 Manual: Gunship (1986)(Microprose Software) Topics: helicopter, meters, tads, rotor, flight, missile, radar, enemy, flying, target, diesel maximum,... Commodore C64 Manual: Pirates! Commodore C64 Manual: Up Periscope!

The Art & Business of Making Games Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals : Free Texts : Download & Streaming Atari Game Manual: Infiltrator Topics: whizbang, enemy, inventory, adf, screen, joystick, mission, altitude, cockpit, booster, inventory... Atari Game Manual: Pacman Atari Topics: goblins, cartridge, key, joystick, computer, controller, press, atari, maze, game, space bar Atari Game Manual: Solo Flight Topics: vor, approach, aircraft, instrument, altitude, pilot, landing, flight, airspeed, radial, solo... Manual for Eastern Front (1941) by Chris Crawford - Atari Program Exchange catalog number APX 20050. Manual for the Atari 8 Bit computer cassette based software States & Capitols released in 1980. Icepik Users Guide (1983)(ICECO)[addendum] Topics: configur, icegraf, icepic, drivers, driver, port, program, versions, diskette, ramos, software... Atari Game Manual: Bismark Topics: game, bismarck, joystick, screen, swordfish, fire, press, ships, torpedo, map, fire button, action... Manual for Earth Science - Lessons on earthquakes, minerals, and the solar system. Atari Game Manual: jumpman

Vintage Video Game Consoles 1970-1976 The Channel F was the first programmable video game system, having plug-in cartridges containing ROM and microprocessor code rather than dedicated circuits. Not a very popular or entertaining system, it was nonetheless important at the time for having a number of original features which were copied by later more successful systems. Fairchild released twenty-six different cartridges for the system, with up to four games being on each cartridge. The games included sports, such as Hockey, Tennis and Baseball, educational, such as Maths Quiz, board games, such as Checkers, and shooting games, such as Space War. The Channel F console's popularity lowered when the Atari released their VCS in 1977 as the VCS had much better graphics, games and sound. View All Fairchild Video Game Consoles

VGMUSEUM.COM : Free Software : Download & Streaming MOCAGH.ORG: Miscellaneous: sleepinggodslie alt2 manual Topics: anb, disk, toas, game, ammunition, option, seemeb, sgl, tessera, boor, sleeping gods, gods lie,... MOCAGH.ORG: Origin Systems: u7 alt manual Topics: mage, spell, mandrake, vas, avatar, sulfurous, britannia, creature, magical, traveller, blood moss,... MOCAGH.ORG: Questbusters: qbustersIX8 Topics: ultima, quest, game, games, ces, adventure, combat, vii, questbusters, alien, ultima vii, dark... MOCAGH.ORG: Sierra On-Line: mothergoose alt manual Topics: child, goose, game, icon, mouse, mother, install, joystick, inventory, disc, mother goose,... MOCAGH.ORG: Sierra On-Line: sierra refcard amigast Topics: die, sur, mit, das, des, und, pour, auf, disk, mit der, appuyez sur, und die, left mouse, bouton... MOCAGH.ORG: Sierra On-Line: sierra sprintad Topics: sprint, sierra, certificate, distance, receive, switch, customer, clarity, shawnee, long distance,...

AGA Go Software Available for Purchase The following are programs you can purchase on the internet from a vendor of go products, or in many cases directly from the author. Crazy Stone: Currently one of the strongest go playing engines. Available for PC, iPhone and iPad.Ego: by Bruce Wilcox. It plays with nine different personalities.FunGo: Includes a tutorial and 200 life and death problems. Available for Free Download The following are programs you can download for free. PANDA-glGo: A 3D and 2D Goban, game viewer and editor, client for IGS-PandaNet and interface for GNU Go.Tetsuki: An IGS client that lets you observe and play games online.Aigo: Shareware plays go on your Palm Pilot.Augos 6: Joachim Pimiskern test his theories of intelligence.Dariush: 13x13 freeware, compatible with Kogo's Joseki Dictionary.Explorer: Claims to be the strongest program for the Mac.GnuGo: An open source go program.GoSuite: A complete go application for your Pocket PC or smartphone. Windows iOS and Android Windows CE Macintosh

MOCAGH: The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History : Free Software : Download & Streaming MOCAGH.ORG: Questbusters: qbustersVII1 Topics: game, ibm, quest, adventure, amiga, walk, questbusters, graphics, ultima, enter, hard disk, stephen... MOCAGH.ORG: Sierra On-Line: cranston alt manual Topics: eht, dna, reyalp, morf, siht, moor, tsum, yam, teg, cranston, reyalp eht, eht morf, dluohs reyalp,... MOCAGH.ORG: Sierra On-Line: yserbius manual Topics: imagination, network, yserbius, click, dungeon, sierra, twinion, skill, disk, spell, imagination... MOCAGH.ORG: Sir-Tech Software: sorcellerie manual Topics: vous, les, des, est, une, dans, niveau, pour, personnage, sont, combat espace, tous les, votre... MOCAGH.ORG: Sir-Tech Software: trophycase jagged refcard Topics: click, mere, jagged, cursor, inventory, alt, sector, main, alliance, mercenary, left click, jagged... MOCAGH.ORG: Sir-Tech Software: wiz1fc hintbook Topics: battle, armor, magic, sln, evil, special, cleric, mage, spells, adventurers, enemy group, entire... VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: fireking manual

Index: if-archive Index: if-archive You feel somewhat disoriented as you pass through... This is the Interactive Fiction Archive at You may be interested in... The list of all directories is a table of contents of the entire Archive, in order. Or, go delving into the hierarchical tree shown here. 23 Subdirectories 8 Items directory-tree [08-Aug-2013] interpreters-glulx Symlink to if-archive/programming/glulx/interpreters interpreters-infocom-zcode Symlink to if-archive/infocom/interpreters interpreters-other Symlink to if-archive/programming interpreters-tads Symlink to if-archive/programming/tads2/executables ls-lR [17-Apr-2014] Master-Index [17-Apr-2014] README [06-Apr-2014] Maintained by Goob and Zarf and David and Mark. About the IF-Archive - File Licenses