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Idea Market: A stock exchange metaphor for empowering collaborative innovation Combining the benefits offered by web 2.0 technologies and mindset plus Experian Latin America’s people-oriented culture, in late 2008 we conceived a web ideation platform called Idea Market. It functions as a metaphor of a stock market, in which employees act like entrepreneurs, investors and/or advisors. By doing this, Idea Market extracts the wisdom of the crowds to improve Experian's decision on which ideas should get attention from the board, promoting a BOTTOM-UP management and strategy setting.

International Ideas Exchange for Clients & Creatives Well the simple answer is that for clients, Idea Bounty is the simplest way to hire 1000s of creatives and only pay for the Ideas you want. For creatives it's an amazing platform that allows you to pitch on various briefs. The bottom line: Clients get the best Ideas and creatives get paid for those Ideas. Brilliant, yes? Création et vente de meubles sur mesure en bois fabriqués en France The Owner Of This Domain Is Willing To Entertain A Sale Or Other Proposals. Our exclusive domain name listings consist of filtered, hand picked, premium domain names. Each domain name is individually valued based on a series of unique attributes, variables, characteristics, and Owner’s needs. Location, Location, Location Premium domain names provide an immense value to brand owners and web surfers. A premium domain name creates a deeper meaning, promotes understanding, conveys trust & confidence, and expands findability.

14 Patterns of Biophilic Design - Terrapin Bright Green Abstract Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. Theorists, research scientists, and design practitioners have been working for decades to define aspects of nature that most impact our satisfaction with the built environment. “14 Patterns of Biophilic Design” articulates the relationships between nature, human biology and the design of the built environment so that we may experience the human benefits of biophilia in our design applications.

You Gotta Love Lego – Crowdsourcing meets Open Innovation! Yes, you gotta love Lego! Not only is the company doing amazingly well during this ”crisis”; they are also constantly experimenting with new ways of working together with partners. Their new thing is Lego Cuusoo. Here Lego has teamed up with Cuusoo, which is a Japanese pioneer of user innovative product design that introduced a design-to-order process already in 1998. This image gives you a good explanation of the project: Sofar only 1 project has been realized, but once Lego Cuusoo expands beyond Japan and thus activates the huge international fan base, this could turn into an interesting vehicle for Lego.

About Here at Elance, things work differently. They just do. For one thing, businesses get lots of great work done fast and affordably. Plus freelancers here love their work and love the freedom to enjoy life. Pretty novel approach to the old working world, eh? Vitaminwater to Crowdsource New Flavor Through Facebook App Vitaminwater, the beverage brand that has become nationally-known this decade through clever marketing efforts, is making another innovative move today — on Facebook. It has launched its own application, called “flavorcreator,” that appears within its Page and intends to get users creating their own virtual vitaminwater beverages. While the app has all sorts of games, contests and other features, what it really is trying to do is gather market research about the sorts of flavors that Facebook users like. More on that in a second.

the marketplace for expert and business advice - WhatIsKnowHowMart What is PinPointIQ? PinPointIQ is a new innovative and flexible online marketplace that allows anyone with experience and expertise in any area to so sell advice by the hour over the telephone. PinPointIQ matches those seeking advice to those that can offer that advice and facilitates the process by holding the fees in escrow as well as providing a confidential conferencing service so that no personal contact details are disclosed. Who can use PinPointIQ?

Hire creative freelancers. You are a company, a start up, a creative agency. You need a professional of the creative industry for one of your projects. You need to hire a Freelancer for the time of your project. Ecological Economics The journal is concerned with extending and integrating the study and management of nature's household (ecology) and humankind's household (economics). This integration is necessary because conceptual and professional isolation have led to economic and environmental policies which are mutually destructive rather than reinforcing in the long term. The journal is transdisciplinary in spirit and methodologically open.

Deliv Raises $1 Million To Crowd Source Same-Day Local Delivery For Big Brick And Mortar Retailers More and more shopping is happening online, thanks to the low cost and convenience of having products delivered directly to users. But that is happening at the expense of big national retail chains, which are having a difficult time keeping up with online competition. A new startup called Deliv hopes to provide retailers with a new way to please tech-savvy shoppers by offering same-day local delivery for the same price — or less — than having items shipped.

Biomimicry This is not a new concept, however recently, thanks to the likes of Janine Benyus(Biologist) and Michael Pawlyn(Architect) it has regained momentum and focus and is answering many of the questions we as humans lack the answers to. Useful links: Biology has played a role in architecture ever since we decided to build primitive shelters. More recently though the word “Bio” has been lost through an obsession with suggestive organic shapes. When we talk about biomimicry in architecture- phrases such as biomorphic and organic spring to mind. Whilst there can be a connection between these, they are inherently different.

The Advent of Super Communities As I look around the FOSS ecosystem I’m beginning to see a trend towards something I call “super communities,” or “communities of communities” – essentially, these super communities are vertical industry-driven open source communities. The core driver for these groups is the recognition by certain industries that a substantial portion of the software they develop is non-differentiated software that absorbs a significant amount of resources that could otherwise be used to innovate, differentiate and compete. Prime examples of these super communities include:

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