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The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad

The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad
1-StoryKit This is an awesome iOS app that allows users to easily create an electronic storybook via illustrations by drawing on the screen, using pictures and text, and recording audio to attach to stories. 2- Talking Tom & Ben News This is fun app to use. Kids can talk to them and they will repeat what you say in turs. They can also create and record funny conversations between them. 3- I Tell a Story This is a free app that allows users to narrate and record their stories with their own voice and language. 4- Scholastic Storia This is an app that is designed to help kids learn and love to read in a fun and interactive way. 5- Talking Tom Cat This is a cool app that lets you interact with Tom, your pet. 6- Toontastic This app allows kids to draw, animate and share their own cartoons through imaginative play. 7- Our Story This app lets young learners take part in fun games that can help them develop their reading skills. 8- Bunsella Bedtimes Story 9- Idea Sketch 10- Sock Puppets 11- Scribble Press

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Mobile Makerspaces The Arrowhead Library System (ALS) Mobile Makerspace launched in spring 2014, and over the past year it has proven to be a successful model of a shared equipment system among 7 small to mid-size libraries in southern Wisconsin. Our Mobile Makerspace consists of iPad® minis loaded with creative apps, such as StopMotion and comic makers; 2 digital video cameras; tripods; a tabletop microphone; 2 iMac Pro laptops; LEGOs® and PlayDoh®; a sewing machine; a 3D printer and more. Our complete equipment list is available here. The equipment was paid for through Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant funds. With new grant funds, we will add more equipment, including Makey Makey™, LEGO Mindstorms, snap circuit kits and additional iPads.

14 iPad Apps for Storytelling in the Classroom Storytelling continues to gain popularity as an educational activity as it stimulates a deep thinking process, it provides opportunities for reflection and it enhances and enriches the learning experience for our students. Storytelling is a very powerful way of communicating with our peers and portrays to others who we are and what our own stories are. It also provides an opportunity to connect with a group by creating a shared experience. This is vital in any community but more so in an educational setting where we are nurturing and fostering creativity.

How To Capture Ideas Visually With The iPad By its very design, the iPad promotes consumption. Essentially an interactive mobile screen, the combination of physical form and supporting software-based user interface on Apple’s wunder-tablet suggests watching and listening, enabling you to tear the “monitor” off the desk and take it with you. By lacking a keyboard, input and production aren’t quite as natural. That isn’t necessarily because the iPad can’t accommodate such input, but rather that the software–and our habits as users–haven’t completely caught up with the not-insignificant shift in interface. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A Round-up of The Best iPad Apps for Teachers and Educators November 4, 2014 Here is a chart I have been working on for the last couple of days. The purpose behind this work is tp provide teachers with a handy resource where they can have free and quick access to some of the best iPad apps to use in their teaching. As you can see below I arranged the apps in such a way that they cover several categories. From apps to creating presentations to apps for grading and creating portfolios, the chart below will assist you take your iPad experience to the next level.

I Created A Little Makerspace To-Go.....It Even Includes A Makerspace Mobile Too! On Monday and Tuesday of next week I have the honor of presenting to a variety of educators including administrators, teacher librarians, technology coordinators, and classroom teachers at the TIES Conference in Minneapolis. My presentations focus around makerspaces and the importance of the make movement and these spaces in education. By definition makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. In libraries they often have 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, and more. I love seeing what my friends and others are doing with makerspaces.

An iPad Toolkit – 29 apps that promote good learning In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m quite a fan of the iPad (the Lollipop Nexus 9’s not too bad either). Not because of its design or because its by Apple or any of that, but because of its keen heritage in the learning arena. Any one who knows me will tell you that I am not one for using tech for tech’s sake, despite my evangelist moniker. Use of technology in a cross curricular sense should be measured and done with consideration for the best potential learning outcomes.

Apps & More for Makerspaces Whether your library or school has a dedicated makerspace, you are experimenting with maker and STEM programming, or looking for inspiration to get started, this inaugural installment of “Mix It Up” offers a broad selection of free or low-cost apps, websites, and tools for engaging kids and teens in creative maker projects. Our field-tested recommendations are grouped into three main sections: Coding, Filmmaking, Tinkering, and 3D Printing. Making is all about trial and error; don’t be afraid to experiment with these tools and encourage playful exploration by your patrons or students. As makers like to say, “If at first you succeed…you’re probably doing it wrong.” Tinkercad Rainy Day, Solo ExplorationFree | Gr 5 Up A computer-aided model (CAD) software program that allows users to design items for 3-D printing or lasercutting.

The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students Ready for school? Let’s examine some of the featured apps that you should be using this year. From time-saving tools to reading helpers, there are apps that do just about anything.

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