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Curious George . Mix and Paint Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! Adaptions 4 Kidz Junior loves glitter, its messy, sparkly, and fun to feel, so that makes it perfect as far as Junior is concerned.A few years ago we tried glittering our pumpkin and since then Junior has to have a glitter pumpkin every fall. We can have others decorated differently but we still have to have one covered in glitter. Be warned this is one messy activity but still lots of fun and you end up with a very sparkly pumpkin(probably also a sparkly kid, carpet, chair, table, etc. ) To start you need a pumpkin(preferably one with a stem, we learned that the hard way yesterday), glue, a small dish, paint brush, and glitter. The pumpkin Junior decorated yesterday only had glitter on it. Place your pumpkin on a sheet of paper to keep the glitter mess to a minimum. Then start spreading on the glue. Then start sprinkling on the glitter. Let it dry and then glitter the rest of it.

Art for Children and Adults with Disabilities - Lessons Art SPECIAL ARTISTS Note: Grade levels are given as a guideline only. Lessons are always adaptable. KinderArt® features many activities and lesson plans which have proven successful with children and adults with disabilities. In order to help those who work with special children and adults, we have listed a few appropriate activities here in one place. In addition, at the bottom of this page, we have provided you with links to resources specifically designed for children and adults with special needs. If you have some ideas/tips to share, please send them to us. Depending on their level of ability, children and adults with disabilities will be able to attempt the following activities. Crayon Resist Students can use crayons and paint to make delightful crayon resist pictures. Leaf by Leaf Students can create a tree using different leaf cut outs. Musical Art By drawing or painting to music, students will learn to identify the similarities between music and art. Very Special Children

VSA - Education - The John F The resources listed here are designed to help educators and parents gain more useful information on the relationship of arts, education, and disabilities, especially for children with disabilities. As a leader in arts, education, and disabilities, VSA has produced programmatic resources that have proved invaluable to educators and parents alike. Forums and Conferences 2012 Examining the Intersection of Arts Education and Special Education: A National Forum - Proceedings and Executive Summary Leaders working at the intersection of arts education and special education met in July 2012 to explore successes and issues and make recommendations for a new national agenda that would positively impact the education of students with disabilities in and through the arts. 2010 International VSA Education Conference Proceedings Publications Transition to Employment: Model Projects Fostering Careers in the Arts for Youth with Disabilities Arts Education and Special Education Bibliography Lesson Plans top

VSA - Education - The John F Skip VSA feature images About VSA VSA, the international organization on arts and disability, was founded more than 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to provide arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increase access to the arts for all. With 52 international affiliates and a network of nationwide affiliates, VSA is providing arts and education programming for youth and adults with disabilities around the world. Each year, 7 million people of all ages and abilities participate in VSA programs, in every aspect of the arts – from visual arts, performing arts, to the literary arts. Four principles guide VSA programs and affiliates: Every young person with a disability deserves access to high quality arts learning experiences. About VSA's Name When founded in 1974, the organization was named the National Committee - Arts for the Handicapped.

5 Smart Supports for Special Artists Art students with special needs hold a very special place in my heart. In the past, I have worked during the summer as a skilled need provider and respite provider to students with a special needs. I even held a day camp with art activities for special needs students. It was such a learning experience, and I learned so much about life and about art strategies for special needs kids through my work. I want to provide the optimum experience for all students in my art room. Support #1: You are the Teacher One of the most profound things I have learned over my years of teaching is to keep your hopes for all students at the forefront of your classroom. Support #2: Be Creative with Choices What works for one student may not work for all students. Support #3: Visuals Many Special Education teachers have a program on their computers with picture systems they can download and make for students. My mom is an expert when it comes to working with special needs kids. Support #4: Be a Team Player Mrs.

Sara Green: Art Teacher & Artist Teaching Art to Students With Special Needs Multi-Handicapped Students I was first assigned to teach a class of multi handicapped students two years ago. I am in no way an expert on this but I'd like to share some things that have worked for me or... have NOT worked! I do this in order to help you out in case YOU are in the same position I was in. If by any chance you are reading this and you have some expertise in this area, please share your ideas with me and I will share them with others. I have a group of 12 students for a 40 minute class in the art room once a week. There are links to specific lessons at the bottom of this page- scroll down to find them. General tips: Plan lessons around the senses- sounds, touch, smell, …What can you build into your lessons that can be felt, make sounds or excite the eye etc. In my teaching I often ask many questions but in the MH classes I try to explain rather than use questions because many of my students are non-verbal.

adaptive tools A few weeks ago this easel arrived in my room. At my school we have a carpenter that makes adaptive equipment for all the students. His Name is Ron and he is amazing, the school is so lucky to have him. As my students get older their wheelchairs have more difficulty fitting under the tables in the art room. I really wanted to get some type easel so my students could get right up to their work. Since traditional easels are not accessible I needed something a bit different. This easel has really made a difference in my classroom. Zen Brush

Faces iMake - Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store Special Needs Blog : 8 art ideas for kids with special needs from an art therapist This guest post is from Diane Quiroga, a wonderful person who used to be a teacher's aide at Max's old school. I always thought she was super-sweet, and she adored Max. We lost touch. Then she happened to find this blog and emailed me; in the last few years, she'd gotten her degree in art therapy. She is now a certified art therapist, mental health consultant, and child counselor. When I tell people that I'm an art therapist, I usually get one response: "Art therapy? Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic service and form of expressive therapy that gives kids the chance to participate in creative, nonverbal expression through the use of art materials. This is by an 8-year-old boy with ADHD and autism. Art therapists are professionals trained in both art and therapy. A 4-year-old with Downs syndrome who is working hard on fine-motor skills made this Remember that feeling of pride you got when you saw your artwork hanging in the school hallway or on your fridge? Completed art starter sheet

Zot Artz | Arts for All Art for Me Too! : Spectronics Home Catalogue Books and Resources Create fun and exciting art projects Art For Me, Too! Instructional preparation tips, materials lists, and project patternsAdaptations for children with special needsArt project directions in both words and symbolsCommunication cards with words and symbols related to the projectA listing of follow-up activities, recipes, books, toys, and computer programs related to the theme The arts and crafts projects are arranged according to the school calendar and provide at least one theme for each week of the school year. Note: the book is no longer available but licences for Art for Me Too! Optional Boardmaker Add-on: Art For Me, Too! This Boardmaker Add-on CD-ROM includes 45 theme-related art activities that include instructional preparation tips, adaptations for children with special needs, directions in words and symbols, communication cards, follow-up activities, recipes, books, toys, and computer programs. Art for Me Too! Early PrimaryMid Primary

Free Coloring Book for Kids | Free Coloring Books for Children, All their avorite Princeses, Horses, Sports and Characters all for online or printed coloring