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Pictaculous - A Color Palette Generator (courtesy of MailChimp)

Pictaculous - A Color Palette Generator (courtesy of MailChimp)
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PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made of Win Instagram Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 500 million people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day––the highlights and everything in between, too. Use Instagram to:• Post photos and videos you want to keep on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video.• Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to your story.

Color Explorer • Free tools for working with digital colors 12 Annoying Things About Your Website That Drive People Away How many times have you visited a website and ended up sorely disappointed? Or worse, annoyed as all get out? For me, the answer is an easy one: a lot! So, I put together a list of the 12 things that annoy me the most about websites. Let’s see… 12. Music blares the minute I visit your site. 11. Your "awesome" Flash website takes forever to load and then blasts me with all these neat-o visuals that require me to twiddle my thumbs and waste precious time. 10. Pop-up ads (and that’s what they are) make me want to kill you. 9. [Cue scream here.] 8. Sure, I have a lot of patience and free time. 7. Websites that don't tell me what you do, why I need what you do, and what it's gonna cost me are downright ineffective. 6. Contact pages that make us feel like Alice in Wonderland? 5. Black backgrounds and white or grey type are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read. 4. Fonts that are too small can be remedied by a surfer; I’ll give you that. 3. I consume a lot of content. 2. 1. The Bottom Line

Themer by MyColorScreen - Android Themes in One Click 72 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo Inspiration If we are starting to go crazy in typography style, then let’s continue with typographic and smart logo designs, shall we? Here you’ll find 72 beautiful logos created by talented designers. This showcase just proves the point how much can one/two words, icons tell using correctly white, negative, positive spacing, colors, accents creating interesting associations. Explore and get creative as I did! 1. Who killed letter i? 2. Really smart logo! 3. Typeface: word-play: face from the type and letter T. 4. Just loving this logo, great stylization! 5. Very popular logo already, but thought I still share it in typography section. Author’s comment: “Logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. 6. Just smart logo, which rings the bell! 7. Author’s comment: “Gizzy bear is how a little kid might say grizzly bear. Just genius! 8. Simple, artistic and very clever – all in one place! 9. Very good logo – yes, sticky! 10. Oh, snap – logo with very clear message. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Photogene for iPad pour iPad sur l’iTunes App Store Color Palette Generator Color Palette Generator #ffeeff #ffccdd #eeaaaa dull #33aa77 #ffeeee #ffbbdd #ff7799 vibrant URL of image: Make color schemes. If you like this you might also like, my logo generator All Tools Biorhythms Business Card Generator Calendars, Printable Swiss Style Color Palette Generator Color Picker Comic Strip Maker Crapola Translator Drawmigo Favicon Generator Flickr RSS Feed Generator IMG2TXT Invent-a-Word Logoshi Logo Maker Pixel Art Generator Rainbow Words ROT13 Subwords! Reference Ajax Example ASCII Table Current Stamp Price Jedi Robe Pattern Recipes Special Characters URL Encoded Chars Really Old Fun and Games Hangman Horoscope Magic 8 Ball Mastermind Star Wars Costumes © 1999 - 2017

IP and City Sign Widget - For Myspace Layouts & Backgrounds, Forum Sigs, Blogs Inspired UI - Mobile Apps Design Patterns [iPhone] Professional Photo Editing, Cheap Image Retouching, Air Brushing Services, Online Photo Repairs PicsArt - Photo Studio 500 millions d'installations, PicsArt est l'éditeur photo gratuit #1 sur mobile, facile à utiliser et qui va au-delà des filtres. Téléchargez PicsArt et profitez de nos outils, effets, créateur de collage, caméra, cliparts gratuits, stickers crées par des millions d'utilisateurs et de nos outils dessin. Avec PicsArt, vous pouvez faire des photos géniales, essayer de nouvelles techniques et vous amuser avec les amis en remixant des photos libres en collages et mèmes géniaux.En gros, avec notre créateur de collage, outils dessin, logiciel photo, appareil photo et plus, PicsArt est votre suite creative tout-en-un. Et c'est GRATUIT. Montrez vos montages super cool sur Instagram avec #picsart, nous désignerons nos favoris!

How To Disable Snap Shots on Blogs M ikel recently made a plea to people who use “Snap Shots” on their blogs to please reconsider. Snap Shots (sometimes referred to simply as “Snap”) is that highly annoying feature that pops up an ad-filled preview of the target whenever you roll your cursor over a link on a Web page (usually a blog). Here’s an example: Just by rolling over the link, the huge Snap Shots window pops up, obscuring the text that you’re trying to read. This is annoying because 95% of the time it happens unintentionally. People roll their cursors around the screen as a matter of course, and when a blog has Snap Shots enabled, these unexpected and unwanted previews pop up. I agree with Mikel. (which is not the same as hosting a WordPress blog yourself), then your blog will have Snap Shots enabled . I will show you how you can do exactly that. To Turn Off Snap Shots in This is really easy, and I strongly urge anyone with a blog to do this. Log into WordPress and go to your Dashboard

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Color palette generator for pictures. by troutski145 Apr 26

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