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Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL

Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL
Shining Light Productions' Technical Support is highly acclaimed by many as the best in the software industry. The reason? You get to talk to the original/current developer of the product one-on-one...this means that there is no annoying third party using scripted responses. The downside is that, since you ARE e-mailing a real developer, you need to realize this and respect the developer, no matter what mood he/she is in. A developer's time is extremely valuable and a developer may not be in the most pleasant mood all the time. You can quickly get on any developer's nerves by e-mailing multiple times, mis-spelling, mis-communicating, need to be told where your "Start" button is, or you manage to catch the developer at the end of an eight hour debugging session (or worse, the frantic portion of a release cycle). Feature Requests: To suggest a feature, send an e-mail to Shining Light Productions describing the feature in as much detail as possible.

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Breaking down app.js file - nodejs, express, mongoose A working draft of the app architecture is in progress, visit the boilerplate wiki Ok, this post is long overdue! tl;dr : This blog post explains how to structure and organize your node.js application. Its an anatomy of nodejs-express-demo app Generating an SSL Certificate with Apache+mod_ssl Introduction This document is intended to be a quick guide to generating and installing an SSL certificate on an Apache web server with the mod_ssl module. While this is not an overly difficult process, it does involve running several long commands with numerous options. This document should be all that you need to walk you through the process of generating the certificate and installing it in your web server. This document does not attempt to discuss compiling or installing Apache and mod_ssl.

Installing iPhone apps without a MAC-using apple developer account and Phonegap build « Nikhil's Den People wonder if they can develop an iOS mobile application and deploy it on an iOS device using windows. I spent a lot of time trying to generate P12 and signing certificates using OpenSSL in Windows and then deploying it in my iPhone using Phonegap. After all the trials I figured out that it’s possible to generate P12 and certificates using OpenSSL, but it’s better to buy an Apple developer account for certificates and P12 to avoid any jailbreaking or warranty void.

Node.js Debugging Support extension Sign in to write a review Sort by: by 月下听禅 | January 22 2014 Could anyone give a sample? frequently used SSL commands using opensslusing keytool (included in recent Sun java reference implementations) openssl generate a new private key and matching Certificate Signing Request (eg to send to a commercial CA) openssl req -out MYCSR.csr -pubkey -new -keyout MYKEY.key add -nodes to create an unencrypted private key add -config <openssl.cnf> if your config file has not been set in the environment decrypt private key

Detailed Guide for setting up building iOS apps without a Mac I just did a successful build and run using this workflow - it has been described in summary as a response to this question: This is a more detailed step-by-step guide of the process. 1. Essential Node.js patterns and snippets In this post, I take a look at the different patterns that you need to know when using Node.js. These came from my own coding and from a look at the code behind Tim Caswell’s flow control libraries. I think it is necessary to know how these basic patterns are implemented even if you use a library.. 1.1 Class pattern If the class is long, then instead of doing a single Class.prototype = {…} assignment, it may be split into multiple Class.prototype.method = function () {..} assignments.

SSL/TLS Strong Encryption: FAQ Available Languages: en | fr The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions.-- Claude Levi-Strauss Configuration Is it possible to provide HTTP and HTTPS from the same server? Nodejs Windows Setup · pcimino/nodejs-restify-mongodb Wiki Installing Python & C++ Libraries Apologies to Ubuntu & Mac users A user emailed me asking about some errors he got setting up this project. I realized that I forgot to document the requirements for Python and C++. Knowledge Center - SSL Certificates Support This document provides instructions for generating a Certificate Signing Request on Apache. If you are unable to use these instructions for your server, Symantec recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or an organization that supports Apache-SSL. NOTE: To generate a CSR, a key pair must be created for the server. These two items are a digital certificate key pair and cannot be separated. If the public/private key file or password is lost or changed before the SSL certificate is installed, the SSL certificate will need to be re-issued.

Wrapping Kue wth Promises and Domains · Steven Lu If you’ve ever used kue before, you’ll notice its callback based. What happens if you loose that callback? Well, that job will stall your worker and remain “active” until the next time you restart your worker. Disabling Certificate Validation in an HTTPS Connection By default, accessing an HTTPS URL using the URL class results in an exception if the server's certificate chain cannot be validated has not previously been installed in the truststore. If you want to disable the validation of certificates for testing purposes, you need to override the default trust manager with one that trusts all certificates.