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Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL

Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL
Shining Light Productions' Technical Support is highly acclaimed by many as the best in the software industry. The reason? You get to talk to the original/current developer of the product one-on-one...this means that there is no annoying third party using scripted responses. The downside is that, since you ARE e-mailing a real developer, you need to realize this and respect the developer, no matter what mood he/she is in. A developer's time is extremely valuable and a developer may not be in the most pleasant mood all the time. Bug Reports: To report a bug in the Win32 OpenSSL Installation Project, send an e-mail to Shining Light Productions describing your system setup, pertinent configuration information, what your intended goal is, and provide all related information (no matter how irrelevant it seems) to the bug. Feature Requests: To suggest a feature, send an e-mail to Shining Light Productions describing the feature in as much detail as possible.

PhoneGap Build Installing iPhone apps without a MAC-using apple developer account and Phonegap build « Nikhil's Den People wonder if they can develop an iOS mobile application and deploy it on an iOS device using windows. I spent a lot of time trying to generate P12 and signing certificates using OpenSSL in Windows and then deploying it in my iPhone using Phonegap. After all the trials I figured out that it’s possible to generate P12 and certificates using OpenSSL, but it’s better to buy an Apple developer account for certificates and P12 to avoid any jailbreaking or warranty void. (Each link will open in new tab) Once you are done with installing above, follow below 6 steps: Step 1- Archive(zip) www folder of your application -> If you already have www folder for your application which contains index.html you can skip this part. Once you register you app your testers will get an email on their registered E-Mail ids from where they can downloadTestFlight app on their iOS devices and install and run your application(Note: They should open that E-mail in their registered device.)

Detailed Guide for setting up building iOS apps without a Mac I just did a successful build and run using this workflow - it has been described in summary as a response to this question: This is a more detailed step-by-step guide of the process. 1. Download and install OpenSSL for Windows 32 bit from this location: (You may need to install the VC2008 32 Bit Redistributables as well) For the remainder of this guide, it's assumed you have installed OpenSSL into C:\OpenSSL-Win32 which is the default location. 2. 3. C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin\openssl genrsa -out mykey.key 2048 4. C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin\openssl req -new -key mykey.key -out CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest -subj "/, CN=Your Name, C=US" Replace email address & name by your own and C=US by your country code if needed. 5. Refresh the page after a few moments and your CSR should be accepted. 6. This will download the developer_identity.cer file.

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