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Labo Planète Accueil Cité des sciences et de l'industrie du mardi au samedide 10H à 18h Vendredi18Avril Toutl'agenda La Cité est ouvertede 10H à 18H 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou75019 Paris FRANCE01 40 05 80 00 Tout l'agenda Exposition temporaire Art robotique jusqu’au 4 janvier 2015 A la croisée de l'art et de la science, l'exposition Art robotique présente une vingtaine d'œuvres animées, fruits de l’imagination créatrice d’artistes renommés. Exposition temporaire La Voix L'expo qui vous parle Jusqu'au 28 septembre 2014 Une plongée dans l’univers de la voix entre art, sciences et technologie. Événement ZONE3 Donne de la voix Les 19 et 20 avril Beat box, Chorale Geek, Master class en chansons, comédie musicale improvisée… Un programme à faire vibrer les cordes vocales ! Exposition temporaire Formes Observatoire du design Prolongation jusqu’au 2 novembre 2014 La Cité des enfants Nos lieux ressources La géode Planétarium Visite + Boutique en ligne

altered books Cut the bindings off of books found at a used book store. Find poems in the pages by the process of obliteration. Put pages in the mail and send them all around the world. This site is a chronicle of a very specific set of collaborations between the artists listed below working on the titles listed below. *loves = referred 200+ people our way loved us on August 21st, 2005 MilkandCookies loved us on August 21st, 2005 The J-Walk Blog loved us on August 22nd, 2005 In4mador! robot wisdomloved us on August 22nd, 2005 MetaFilter loved us on August, 23rd, 2005 G4 Attack of the Show loved us on August 24th, 2005 Oink! mishechkaloved us on November 19th, 2005 granolagirlloved us on November 23rd, 2005 Bifurcated Rivetsloved us on November 28th, 2005 Zaborloved us on November 28th, 2005 zloblogloved us on December 1st, 2005 Glubibulgaloved us on December 1st, 2005 jessickaloved us on December 3rd, 2005 juliepatchouliloved us on December 3rd, 2005 la letteratura russaloved us on December 5th, 2005

D-Day - Normandie 44 : Etat des Lieux - Débarquement et Bataille de Normandie The Reading Space “The nothing-to-hide argument (…) is not of recent vintage. One of the characters in Henry James’s 1888 novel, The Reverberator, muses: “If these people had done bad things they ought to be ashamed of themselves and he couldn’t pity them, and if they hadn’t done them there was no need of making such a rumpus about other people knowing.” (…) Likewise, in Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s novella “Traps,” which involves a seemingly innocent man put on trial by a group of retired lawyers in a mock-trial game, the man inquires what his crime shall be. “If you have nothing to hide, then that quite literally means you are willing to let me photograph you naked? To evaluate the nothing-to-hide argument, we should begin by looking at how its adherents understand privacy. Privacy can be invaded by the disclosure of your deepest secrets. Privacy, in other words, involves so many things that it is impossible to reduce them all to one simple idea. The problems are not just Orwellian but Kafkaesque.

La Seconde Guerre mondiale, la Guerre du Millénaire biblioklept | L'Histoire par l'image An Invitation to World Literature Greek, by Euripides, first performed in 405 BCE The passionate loves and longings, hopes and fears of every culture live on forever in their stories. Here is your invitation to literature from around the world and across time. Sumerian, 2600 BCE and older Turkish, by Orhan Pamuk, 2000 Greek, by Homer, ca. eighth century BCE Greek, by Euripides, first performed in 405 BCE Sanskrit, first century CE Japanese, by Murasaki Shikibu, ca. 1014 Chinese, by Wu Ch'êng-ên, ca. 1580 Quiché-Mayan, written in the Roman alphabet ca. 1550s French, by Voltaire, 1759 English, by Chinua Achebe, 1959 Spanish, by Gabriel García Márquez, 1967 English, by Arundhati Roy, 1998 Arabic, first collected ca. fourteenth century

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