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Lesson Plan Helper for ESL kids classes

Lesson Plan Helper for ESL kids classes
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Lesson plans A set of lesson plans and worksheets for use in first lessons in business English. As you look at the lesson plan and worksheets, use the wish list grid to tick off the points on the ‘Wish list’ you think they achieve. Does the number of ticks really denote a good lesson? Further suggestions Depending on the materials used, the materials and lesson plan provided here seem to cover all the points down to number 21 (learn something about how to study English).This point could be added by providing students with a language reference section on numbers or tenses to check their answers against before going through it as a class.Tips on self-study (22) could be added simply by telling the students where these language reference sections came from and where they can buy the book.Homework (25) could be practice exercises from the same or a similar book.

Have Fun Teaching TESOL Lesson Plans for Children - TESOL - Yahoo! News Search Results Teaching English to preschoolers (3 – 5 years old) Theme of the lesson: Learning things that are moving and related subjects to the moving things. Proficiency level: preschoolers (3 – 5 years old) Skill objectives: students’ skills in identifying five things that are moving, and where they are moving on. Methodology: Combination of Total Physical Response and Communicative Approach Key objects of learning: flashcards, books, DVD Warm Up: Circle time and then sing the song “Wheels on the Bus” with a motion. Introduction to teaching objectives: hands out flashcards that have pictures of car, bus, motorcycle, airplane, and ship. Teaching/in-class assignment: Using real miniatures of car, bus, motor-cycle, airplane, and ship, flashcards or books to show the moving things. A car moves on the land (ground) and has 4 wheels, engines, and 1 steering wheel. A bus is bigger than a car. A motorcycle is smaller than a car or a bus. An airplane flies on the sky, up and above. A ship sails on the water.

Educational Songs / MP3s Our Free Educational Songs are both entertaining, and informative. Research shows that children learn better through music than through almost any other medium. Use these educational MP3s to support and enhance your lesson plans. All songs will appear within the KidsKnowIt Network Educational Music Player. Which Educational Song Would You Like To Listen To? Play Random Songs Add Your Song To Our Database Share your talents with millions of children worldwide. Songs must be original. If your song(s) meet these criteria use our contact form to submit a request to have your songs included in our database. About Us | Our Mission | Our Story | About Advertisements | How Can I Help | Contact Us All content copyright © The KidsKnowIt Network 1998 - 2014

Instant folklore - building a spoken story I first came upon this activity in a beginners Gaelic class, but it can be used at any level as the difficulty is set by the students' own knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Get the class to sit or stand in a clear order -- eg in a circle or a line. Start the story off with a simple, short sentence. An example of how this might turn out (/ separates individual contributions):I am tired / because / I went to bed late / last night. / Now / I want / an ice-cream / and / a bath. This is quite effective because it forces the students to retain the English for later repetition (as opposed to translating to their native language). The first few students won't get the benefit of this the first time round. If a student can't remember what came next (this will probably happen several times in a game), let the person who originally said the next line repeat it for him.

Teaching Ideas - Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and resources for use in the primary classroom. "What's in the bag....?" Simple yet practical exercise. I use it for kindergardeners through 7-8 year olds. Any plastic bag will do. Migook InCh'ongju, S. CuRrEnTLy, PLUG another, & creations Can you believe it is AUGUST... where did it all go? some of you are already back in school (((moment of quiet for them))) BLESS THEIR HEARTS I still have a week before I go back... and what does the start of AUGUST bring us... CURRENTLY OK B2S must haves (back to school must haves)... pick up to 3 things that you have to have to go back to school... NUMBER ONE a personal laminator... I am telling you this thing is AWESOME... NUMBER TWO if you read my blog... you KNOW I love me some Jeff Anderson... anywho... his newest book is my book of the summer and it is a great resource if you want a great resource for mentor texts and easy to implement ideas... this is the book for you... it is a SUPER easy read and full of life changing ideas... seriously I have said this before and I will say it again... his books have changed my life as a teacher... teaching writing is such a joy now!!! (Linkup closed) OK now back to currently... here is your template... RULES... 1. 2. on the B2S must haves...

Happy and you Know it - refresher I find that one of the most terrifying things is when you are completely done with the lesson and you still have 10 minutes to go, and reviewing the lesson would go over about as well as giving an inspirational talk on how marching on the Trail of Tears was great for the Native Americans quads, calves, and burning unwanted pounds... it wouldn't go well. So what I've found is, or remembered is the Happy and you Know it song... and it works great on young kids and self-conscious teen agers.You remember: If you happy and you know it clap your hands....blah blah. Well change it around. I've used: happy - pat your gutsad - cry boo hooscared - scream in terrortired - go to sleep (they go crazy when you fall asleep in mid-sentence)angry - growl out loudhungry - eat you handetc... you get the idea Good Luck Sean SeidellCurrently of Tainan, Taiwan

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