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Teachers Guide on The Use of Wikis in Education

Teachers Guide on The Use of Wikis in Education
Here are some platforms where you can start your wiki for free. They are among the best available for teachers : 1- Wikispaces : This is a free wiki host providing community wiki spaces, visual page editing, and discussion areas. 2- PBworks This is another great wiki hosting platform that lets anyone sign up and create a new wiki but the free version is ad-supported. Examples of Educational Wikis 1- Classroom Wikis 2- Student Created Wikis 3- Higher-Ed Wikis 4- Group Project Wikis 5- Global Connections Wikis 6- PTO Wikis 7- Teacher Peer Wikis Wiki video tutorials: 1- How to Build an Educational Wiki 2- Using Wikis in The Classroom

MediaWiki 7 Tools Students Can Use to Manage Group Projects Any teacher who has assigned group projects to students has at some point had to help those students organize and equitably distribute work. (Or has had to listen to students complaints about other group members not pulling their weight). Here are some tools that you can have students use to manage their responsibilities when working on group projects. Pegby is a good website for organizing the tasks that you and or your team need to get done. Pegby is set up like a corkboard with index cards stuck to it. The corkboard has three columns to place your index cards on. Teambox is a free service that allows you to create and manage a collaborative workspace for team projects. Enter the Group is a new free service offering collaborative project management for groups. Todoist and its sister service Wedoist are easy-to-use task management services for individuals and groups. Trello is a free service designed to help individuals and groups manage tasks.

Why you Should Create A Blog for Your Class + 5 Platforms to Use In an earlier post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, we argued that setting up a class virtual space in the cloud is an indispensable task for today's teachers. This space can preferably be a website, a blog, or a wiki or, if possible, all of them. The educational benefits of having such a space for students include: Improve students writing skills through posting and commentingHelps students have a voice Promote the notion of independent and personalized learningPromote a spirit of collaboration among studentsEngage parents in the learning taking place in the classroomConnect with students from other schools and exchange with them learning experiences. As for teachers, they can use these class virtual spaces to : Blogger Blogger is a free Google service which provides users with a simple and easy to use blogging interface. Wordpress Similar to Blogger, Wordpress is also easy to use and is free for basic versions. Kidblog Edublog Glogster Edu

Learn The Best Ways To Use iPhoto For iPad [Feature Cutest kid ever? Probably. Summer time is vacation time, at least here in the U.S. With kids out of school for the warmest months of the year, families travel to amusement parks, historical sites, and even to other countries, making memories along the way. What better way to store the photographic memories from this summer’s vacation than with high quality photos, edited, stored, and shared with just your iPad and iPhoto? Good Edits Make Better Photos While the built in Photos app can do some basic things like rotating photos or sorting them into albums, chances are most of us have wished we could do a few more basic tweaks to our photos before we send them off to be printed or shared with friends and family. First up, the iPhoto for iPad app is $4.99, which is surely not going to break the bank. Cropping photos well is a basic yet underutilized editing technique that most photographers do first. Color correction is another quick way to make good images great. Red eye happens, folks.

Wikis explained These four friends are going on a camping trip. They need to bring the right supplies because they're backpacking. The group needs to plan and plan well, so coordination is key. They're all computer users, so they start planning with an email. The important information is scattered across everyone's inbox. There is a better way. Most wikis work the same. The buttons are really important. Here are our camping friends and here is a wiki website. Once you're finished editing, you click save and the document becomes a webpage once again, and is ready for the next person to edit it - easy! Edit - Write - and Save. Mary signs up for a wiki site and then sees the new site for the first time. Now it's John's turn. Henry visits the wiki, clicks edit and he can edit the page. Frank saves the page and realizes something awesome. But wait! John visits the wiki and clicks edit to edit the page. John clicks save and next, Frank visits the wiki and sees the lists and the link to the new page.

Acrobat: Как организовать совместную работу: рецепты от Adobe Одним из наиболее удобных форматов для обмена документами заслуженно считается формат PDF, с которым можно работать в любой операционной системе. В этом формате могут храниться не только сконвертированные текстовые документы и таблицы, но и чертежи, трехмерные модели, видео и аудиозаписи. Формат PDF поддерживает работу с формами, их заполнением, распространением и сбором данных для их обработки; в его состав включена поддержка скриптового языка JavaScript для осуществления функций проверки корректности заполнения полей на стороне клиента и любых других задач, которые можно осуществить при помощи программирования. Он представляет собой удобный документ с различными инструментами рецензирования и коррекции уже готовых документов. Немаловажно, что продукты компании Adobe поддерживают использование ЭЦП. Виды и защита подписей Первый вариант подписи – "подпись чернилами". Иное дело – электронная цифровая подпись.

10 Excellent Platforms to Create your Classroom Website and Blog There are several web platforms that allows users to easily create their website in a matter of minutes. We have handpicked a list of the most popular platforms to start with. Check them out below and if you have other suggestions, share them with us in the comment form below. Platforms to create websites for your class 1- Google Sites This is by far our favourite and anyone with a Google account have access to it. 2- Weebly for Education This is another popular platform for creating websites. 3- Webs Webs has a solid site builder that allows users to set up a website in as few clicks as possible. 4- Yola This is another great platform where you can create your websites for free. 5- SchoolRack This is more education focused and might be a good platform where you can build your classroom website. Platforms to create blogs for your class 1- Blogger Like Google Sites, Blogger is a service provided by Google and is completely free. 2- Wordpress 3- Edublog 4- KidBlog

New Insight into Tablet Computer Use Head and neck posture during tablet computer use can be improved by placing the tablet at a higher position to avoid low gaze angle, say scientists. "Compared to typical desktop computing scenarios, the use of media tablet computers is associated with high head and neck flexion postures, and there may be more of a concern for the development of neck and shoulder discomfort," said lead investigator Jack T. Dennerlein, PhD, of the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Fifteen experienced tablet users completed a set of simulated tasks with two media tablets, an Apple iPad2 and a Motorola Xoom. During the experiment, users completed simple computer tasks such as Internet browsing and reading, game playing, email reading and responding, and movie watching. Head and neck flexion varied significantly across the four configurations and across the two tablets tested.

CrocoDoc — сервис совместного редактирования документов Неумолима поступь прогресса. Еще, казалось бы, совсем недавно весь документооборот был бумажным, а теперь все строчат по клавиатурам и даже в налоговой перешли на дискеты. :) Одно из важнейших достижений нашей эпохи – скорость обмена информацией. Crocodoc – это удобный сервис для совместного рецензирования документов. После загрузки документа он открывается во встроенном редакторе (1). Главная ценность этого сервиса заключается в той легкости, с которой можно пригласить к редактированию любого человека. Ну а когда все готово, то кнопка Download позволит загрузить оригинал или файл с исправлениями в формате PDF. Разработчики сервиса Crocodoc предлагают нам несколько ситуаций, когда использование их детища может быть просто необходимо – например, рецензирование документов, получение отзыва на дизайн при веб-проектировании, заполнении форм в формате PDF и так далее. Google+

Here is How to Use Weebly to Create A Website for Your Class April 24, 2014 Weebly is perfect for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. I have been using this platform for sometime now and find it really interesting. I have also included in the popular " 10 excellent platforms to create your classroom blog or website" post. Weebly is very simple and easy to use and and has a drag & drop website editor which is stunningly simple to utilize, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. Weebly enables your students to express themselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment that you control. Here are some features that Weebly provides for its users: A Managed, Protected Environment for Your Students. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a free website for your class.