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Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics

Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics
by Maria Popova A visual A-Z of the hidden treasures of language. As a lover of language and words, especially obscure and endangered words, I was instantly besotted with Project Twins’ visual interpretations of unusual words, originally exhibited at the MadArt Gallery Dublin during DesignWeek 2011. Acersecomic A person whose hair has never been cut. Biblioclasm The practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, books or other written material and media. Cacodemonomania The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit. Dactylion An anatomical landmark located at the tip of the middle finger. Enantiodromia The changing of something into its opposite. Fanfaronade Swaggering; empty boasting; blustering manner or behavior; ostentatious display. Gorgonize To have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on: Stupefy or petrify Hamartia The character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall. Infandous Unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned. Jettatura Ktenology Leptosome Welter

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19 Outstanding Words You Should Be Working Into Conversation There are some of our favorite words that appeared in mental_floss stories in 2011. Some are foreign words. Others come from medical dictionaries. And there's a surprising amount of hobo slang. Have fun working these into conversation this holiday season!

Lexophiles LEXOPHILES (LOVERS OF WORDS): 1. A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired. 2. A will is a dead giveaway. 3. The Alphabet Refracted Through Backlit Letters Shot on iPhone donating = loving Brain Pickings remains ad-free and takes hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of dollars to sustain. If you find any joy and value in it, please consider becoming a Member and supporting with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good dinner: (If you don't have a PayPal account, no need to sign up for one – you can just use any credit or debit card.) You can also become a one-time patron with a single donation in any amount:

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English ere are the 100 most beautiful words in English. How do we know we have the most beautiful? They were chosen by Robert Beard, who has been making dictionaries, creating word lists, and writing poetry for 40 years. wwftd dictionary index [ home ] [ wwftd list ] wwftd dictionary index wwftd?? 20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback Photo: Katherine Hodgson If we all start using them, these words can be resurrected. DURING MY UNDERGRADUATE studies as a Linguistics major, one of the things that struck me most is the amazing fluidity of language. New words are created; older words go out of style. Words can change meaning over time, vowel sounds shift, consonants are lost or added and one word becomes another.

How To Change User Habits With Interaction Design Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin — the wireframing and prototyping app — where he develops in-app and online content for the wireframing and prototyping platform. As creatures of habit, we humans behave predictably. We avoid interactions that make us feel bad, and seek out interactions that make us feel good.

Grandiloquent Dictionary This is the result of an ongoing project to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words in the English language. It also contains a few words which do not have equivalent words in English. At present, the dictionary contains approximately 2700 words, though it is constantly growing. Luciferous Logolepsy Welcome to Luciferous Logolepsy, a collection of over 9,000 obscure English words. Though the definition of an "English" word might seem to be straightforward, it is not. There exist so many adopted, derivative, archaic or abandoned words in what we loosely define as the "English Language", that a clear-cut definition seems impossible. For the purposes of this project though, words are included that may stretch any basic definitions.

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Dig the favorite much! I will definitely tell you about Greg at some point! His amazingness is humbling, actually. I'm holding you to this fantasy Scrabble game, I hope you realize that :) by megela Aug 28

Delicious is right. I love these. I didn't know a single word which is a little humbling. I'm not sure of my favorite, perhaps "tarantism". I love the definition and totally know the feeling. I don't have a trick to remember new words other than just trying to use the frequently. I like your idea of breaking them apart and making up stories. Was Greg truly gregarious? :) I'm still pretty sure you'd trounce me in Scrabble. by featherking Aug 28

Wowsers! These are so clever and pack such a punch to the eyes and brain at the same time. Sweet find. Do you have a favorite? It's so hard to pick! As I scrolled I kept thinking, "And THAT one is good too!!" I knew very few of those words, which was delicious in it's own right. I love learning new words, but have a terribly short-term memory for keeping them and using them. What's your trick for that? In junior high to keep up with vocab quizes- I had to break the word down and come up with some crazy story or reference that would trigger the meaning to pop up for me. Most of the time- the more obscure the reference, the better it worked, although some quite simple ones worked just fine too. My friend Greg, who has a fantastic personality, is the only reason I remembered what gregarious meant. As a bonus, I still think of him each time I hear it :) This would be a super fun project to work on. You could do a sea-based series! Nautical terms would match your drawing style perfectly :) And then I could buy your posters in your Etsy shop! #brokenrecord by megela Aug 28