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Logical Homes
Welcome to Logical Homes Fifty years ago it was assumed that by now we would all be living in space stations high above the earth. Yet the future didn't quite work out that way. Most of us live on terra firma in homes that (in the rich western world) are built pretty much the same way as those constructed fifty years ago: by people standing out in the sun hammering wood together. At Logical Homes we strive to design homes that are appropriate for the era we live in. We challenge traditional notions of what a house looks like, how it is built, what it is made of and how it performs. We believe that the options available to progressive homebuyers are limited and we have chosen to do something about it.

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Modern Modular Prefab Canada LivingHomes are now available in Canada! Nexterra Green Homes recently installed the first of four RK6.2 [LINK] in a community of LivingHomes they' re building in Toronto. Their LivingHomes are available for purchase, including their showhome which will be open for public tours in Spring 2012. Nexterra is also available to develop custom LivingHomes in the Toronto/Calgary areas. Click here to more information about Nexterra or here to email them with questions. In other parts of Canada, please contact us directly to discuss how we can work with you to build a LivingHome! Z-Glass Cost to Build Estimated Material Costs: $26,000 (370 sq ft) Want to know how much it will cost to have a contractor build it for you?

Modular Houses-PreFab Housing Modular Construction,Manufactured Homes Note, links open in new window. Glidehouse Glidehouse is one of the forerunners in contemporary, sleek modular housing. Their Clean Living, Green Living website shows you many examples and plans of what they offer. The Glidehouse is designed around a system that includes a thoughtful organized storage system that runs along one side of the home. modular modern homes by Davis Studio Architecture + Design Our prices are an estimated total cost of a completed pieceHome on the West Coast in an urban area, with good access, soils and utilities within 50' of the house, using a Standard pieceHomes plan and pH Balance Finish Package and specification. Pricing depends on many variables and unknowns and maybe higher -- or lower -- in your area. Please use the following information as a guide for preliminary budgeting.

$99K House Series: Core House » Swamplot: Houston's Real Estate Landscape Next featured entry to the $99K House Competition: This design from Houston’s Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects. The firm calls its design the Core House: Like many of the existing homes in the Houston neighborhood, the CORE house is a compact, single story structure that uses pier and beam construction. The CORE house is powered by a “core” module, defined as an unchanging, narrow mechanical/plumbing spine. Modular Designs by: PreFabulous Homes. Modular Design, Redefined. PreFabulous Homes have features to meet your needs: from small vacation properties and single-family homes, to larger multi-family homes and luxurious retreats. We also design for urban development, meeting current market demands for Sustainable Solutions. Sustainability has become a catchword - our role is to explore the possibilities of the products and materials and to recommend those that are feasible, functional and affordabile. The best explanation we've come across is: "Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs." This quotation is from a mystery by Catherine Aird, ' Losing Ground '. Our basic designs range demonstrate the range of possibiliies, from the single-module Antrim with integral deck, to the six-module Hemlock or the Adelle with all sizes between.

Prefab (Better than Modular) Green Homes Our homes offer inspired designs, sophisticated green standards and quality construction in an extraordinarily convenient way – to make life simpler, healthier and more beautiful for you. A team of leading architects has combined warm eco-friendly materials, clean and spacious lines, high ceilings, and thoughtful storage systems to create delightful, sun-drenched indoor spaces. Blu’s proprietary building process and innovative steel-framing technology allow our homes to be built to the highest aesthetic and environmental standards and be delivered quickly and economically nationwide. We are committed to reducing stress and risk for our customers by simplifying and streamlining the home-building process.

Discover There are 5 standard pavilion options which allow you to build and extend on your bachkitTM as your needs develop. From the total bachkitTM to the guest pavilions there are no hidden costs and construction is fully completed from site inspection to interior finish. Being modular, any of the 5 pavilions can be flipped, turned and stacked together to create endless floor plan configurations. For some ideas click on the "individual designs" section below. Prices are based on stable and level sites within the metro area of Perth. 8 Modular Home Designs With Modern Flair There’s just something stylish about modular homes! Which is why so many design enthusiasts are turning to prefab houses for their living space dilemmas. These interesting dwellings are assembled in a factory, then shipped in pieces to the destination of choice, where final construction ensues. Modular homes designs with a modern flair Especially when it comes to modern design, nothing beats the price of a modular home.

Your Ultimate Guide To Prefab Homes - Green Diary In recent years, we’ve seen some highly ultramodern homes going beyond the reach of the commoners. Keeping it a bit low, where an average American home costs about $200,000 (more or less), a distinctively attractive abode, dubbed as Prefab Home – unrelated to the futuristic aspect of living; promises style, of course – has gradually come to the fore. Frequently derided as trailer homes, mobile homes, manufactured housing, and modular homes, these wide trailers or mobile-home parks are, now, an essential part of modern American way of life.

Stylish garden gym room We seem to have featured a lot of garden gyms this year, but this latest one from Garden Spaces is perhaps the most stylish! As you can see the building is unassuming from some angles and spectacular from others. The crisp white render mixed with large expanses of glass is looks very sharp, we’ve seen this feature before on a Garden Spaces building and it makes a refreshing change from cedar cladding. Unity Homes Welcome to Your Legacy The Unity collection of high performance houses has been created and optimized by our team of architects, designers, and engineers. With four distinct "families," these homes have multiple configurations for size and function, and also have numerous features and finish options for both the exterior and interior, to fulfill your needs and preferences.