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EXeLearning eXeLearning is a free / libre software tool under GPL-2 that can be used to create educational interactive web content.[2] eXeLearning can generate interactive contents in XHTML or HTML5 format. It allows you to create easily navigable web pages including text, images, interactive activities, image galleries or multimedia clips. eXeLearning, available for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X,[3] allows you to create or develop accessible contents in XHTML or HTML5 format, to generate complete websites (navigable web pages), to include interactive contents (different types of questions and activities) in each page, to export the contents in different formats such as ePub3 (an open standard for e-books), IMS or SCORM (educational standards used to publish interactive contents in platforms or elearning tools as Moodle or any other OER (Open Educational Resources) repositories or XLIFF (standard for translation). History[edit] The original project remained active until 2010.

Hot Potatoes - Descargar HotPotatoes es una aplicación con la que puedes desarrollar hasta seis tipos distintos de ejercicios educativos para tu página Web. Las herramientas que incluye el programa son las siguientes: JQuiz, JCloze, Jmatch, JMix, JCross y The Masher. JCloze permite elaborar un listado de oraciones en las que el usuario debe adivinar la palabra que falta. No te olvides de proporcionar pistas para facilitar al internauta la resolución del ejercicio. Mediante JQuiz es posible elaborar cuestionarios multirespuesta. Con JMatch puedes generar ejercicios de arrastrar y soltar en el que el usuario debe relacionar una palabra de una lista con otra. JMix es una herramienta con la que es posible indicar una frase para que el alumno la ordene palabra o palabra, aunque también es posible desordenar las letras o sílabas de una palabra. La última, The Masher, te permite compilar el resto de los ejercicios y generar un documento HTML entero con todos ellos.

Beautiful web-based timeline software Mind Maps – GoConqr Delve Deeper Don't stay on the surface - go beyond it. GoConqr’s Mind Mapping tool not only allows you to produce clear learning content, it also lets you delve a little deeper by attaching snippets that you can fill with informative notes, pictures, video or links to other resources. You can maintain a simple visual overview while easily accessing relevant content with more depth to provide context. MindMaps are just one of the features that lets you create highly appealing learning material by giving you total control over visual elements such as colour, font type and size, as well as the option to include images. Source more material and get inspired by the 9 million learning resources in the GoConqr library. Explore Them Now