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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
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This Simple Mental Trick Can Slow Down Time Ever wonder why time seems to speed up the older — and busier — you get? The answer is simple: It’s probably because you’re just not paying attention. Most of us know the feeling well: As we grow up and fill our days with more busyness, time seems to fly by faster and faster. The Inc. The more detailed the memory, the longer the moment seems to last. Eagleman’s research made headlines again this week. “The reason is you didn’t lay down any new footage during the flight,” Eagleman wrote. British journalist Claudia Hammond echoed the idea that the amount of input our brain is receiving at any given moment can create a “time warp.” Humans seem to process the world in three-second increments (the duration of a handshake, the length of the annoying sound computers make when they start up, and the periodic rhythm of speech), and we develop a sense for how those increments sync with clock time. So the solution to the time-flying problem? Also on HuffPost:

Chie Mihara :: Colección El tema de esta temporada es “Rompiendo Reglas”!Ofreciendo lo inesperado, el factor sorpresa y mucha novedad.El trabajo de campo ha sido mezclar y combinar diferentes líneas y formas geométricas en salones clásicos, en zapatos de cordoneras, mocasines y Mary Janes. Encontrar formas realmente interesantes e inusuales.Hay muchas combinaciones de colores en su mayoría al tono: marrones, azules y colores ciruela.Las puntas son más alargadas y delgadas. Todo un cambio. Los años sesenta y setenta con toques ochenteros son el núcleo de la colección. Espero que os guste, Chie Mihara Podéis encontrar todos los modelos en modelo: NORMAN modelo: LUCE modelo: NUCE modelo: AROA modelo: BELOVE modelo: BARA modelo: BUDDY modelo: CAROLA modelo: GAMBLER modelo: FRIAS modelo: HOPER modelo: LILIAN modelo: GRAZIA modelo: GIGA modelo: FOLI modelo: FAI modelo: DUBI modelo: DELI modelo: CRETA modelo: CLAUDIA modelo: HARINA modelo: HARZA modelo: JAMARA modelo: JARANDA modelo: JASPER modelo: JELI modelo: JOSE modelo: KROSS

WANKEN - The Art & Design blog of Shelby White Galaxy Zoo Few have witnessed what you're about to see Experience a privileged glimpse of the distant universe as observed by the SDSS, the Hubble Space Telescope, and UKIRT Roughly one hundred billion galaxies are scattered throughout our observable Universe, each a glorious system that might contain billions of stars. Many are remarkably beautiful, and the aim of Galaxy Zoo is to study them, assisting astronomers in attempting to understand how the galaxies we see around us formed, and what their stories can tell us about the past, present and future of our Universe as a whole. more The launch of this new version of Galaxy Zoo, the 4th, comes just a few weeks after the site’s 5th birthday. It all started back in July 2007, with a data set made up of a million galaxies imaged by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, who still provide some of the images in the site today. Are you an educator? Navigator

Mindfulness exercises | Living Well Mindfulness practice allows you to be able to identify, tolerate and reduce difficult, painful and even frightening thoughts, feelings and sensations; it gives you back some sense of mastery over them. Rather than feeling that you are being pushed around by your feelings and thoughts you learn to be able to have some agency over them. So what is this thing called mindfulness? Below are some definitions: The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment to moment (Kabat-Zinn, 2003). Put simply, mindfulness is as simple as becoming aware of your here and now experience, both internally and in the external world around you. Sometimes it is easier to understand something in terms of what it is not. If you do some or even most of these things at times, then you are probably a normal member of the human race. We have provided a number of downloadable mindfulness exercises in this section.

Alejandra lunik Yours, Roxanne :: :: Periodismo de lo desconocido :: Descubre Milenio3 y Cuarto Milenio :: El siglo del yo: máquinas de felicidad; documental sobre el deseo y las necesidades artificiales Una parte importantísima del capitalismo es el proceso ideológico que, paralelo a sus mecanismos económicos, lo fortalecen y lo perpetúan, nos hace pensar que este es el único modo de vida posible o, por utilizar perversamente el motto de Leibniz, que este es el mejor de los mundos posibles. La propiedad, la acumulación, el consumo, entre otros, son, en efecto, realidades económicas, materiales, pero también circunstancias que impactan en la vida mental del individuo, en sus pensamientos y sus acciones, en sus hábitos y los conceptos bajo los cuales rige su existencia. El siglo del yo es un documental de cuatro capítulos que examina esta situación, rastreando sus orígenes históricos y las implicaciones sociales que ha tenido. Así, la necesidad y el deseo comenzaron a producirse en serie, a intercambiarse, a comprarse y venderse, a tratarse como cualquier mercancía se trata en el capitalismo.

How to Make a Money Rose Bunch the petals together with the bud in the center and slide them around the outside of it until they look natural. Then, take the floral tape, starting just under the bloom, pulling steadily to keep the tape stretched, and tape down the bundle of wires. If desired, a small collar of artificial rose leaves or an artificial ring of rose sepals can be placed at the base of the bloom to add more realistic detail.

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