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Photoshop : Comment réaliser un portrait typographique

Photoshop : Comment réaliser un portrait typographique

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Image to Vector in Photoshop Learn how to create vector photo effect out of any image, clipart, graphics. You can obtain vector ink photo effects in just a few simple steps. I am planning to automate these steps into a Photoshop action that you can easily use and customize. In the meantime you can use Photoshop adjustments and filters like Photocopy and Threshold to create this vector effect. In this tutorial I am going to show you a simple way to create a image to vector effect using any photo/image/graphics/etc. Christmas Tree Christmas Cards These are our first Christmas Cards. To make them we pulled the top layer off a piece of cardboard, cut out some triangle shapes and after putting on some green paint, we printed some small Christmas trees onto the card. Once they were dry we printed some Christmas Tree lights using the other end of our paintbrushes. And when the cardboard trees that we used for printing were dry we glued them onto some card and got some more cards :) For the decorations we used that trusty favourite, glitter.

50 Fantastic Typography Tutorials Zusammengestellt von Nousheen Aquil Heute bringen wir einen weiteren, sicherlich interessanten Beitrag zur Typographie, der ein paar nützliche englischsprachige Tutorien enthält. Der Beitrag soll helfen zu erkennen, dass die Gestaltung schöner typografischer Entwürfe nicht immer einfach ist. frottement des feuilles et de la peinture murale Lots of lovely leaves around to make beautiful decorations with! Whooo! This activity was really easy and I always like the art activities where kids can work on one thing collaboratively. Especially something that is all about the process and not how well you can draw etc, so the three year olds were able to contribute just as much as the five year olds and you can't even tell which bits of the art work were done by which kids. It's just one lovely mural that they all had a hand in producing. I used painters tape to stick a big strip of butchers block paper to the kitchen floor.

40 tutoriel photoshop dédié au vintage et au style rétro Blog pour quoi faire Un blog ? Oui mais pour quoi faire ? Un blog ? Pour quoi faire ? de l'informatique ? Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Fake Miniature Scenes - Visual Photo Guide I discovered the Tilt Shift technique perusing the photography of Drew Wilson , an uber talented young photographer here in Sarasota. I asked him about the process and he was kind enough to share it with me. Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial I am just in love with my metal flowers!! Love making them in all different sizes and shapes. Getting better at each time! So many ways you can use them. Hope the picture tutorial will help you make some pretty ones too! 70 Wonderful 3D Typography That Truely Inspires Imagine an artwork without type – you can only make assumptions what the graphics are trying to deliver. Type enhance and ensure you get whatever message the campaign is delivering. Typography design on the other hand, is what many designers are striving to improve and excel. Getting to the next level in typography design, at most of the time, may be tricky and challenging.

3rd Grade: Ted Harrison Paysage avec des pastels de craie This is a beautiful project! First we studied Ted Harrison, Canadian artist....looked at his work...created a landscape using repeating lines, outlined our drawing in glue on black paper....added color with chalk. Easy and fun!