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Afflante - Architecture, Interior Design, Art & Fashion

Afflante - Architecture, Interior Design, Art & Fashion
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Idolize Your Killers April 29, 2010 Henri Cartier-Bresson's portrait of Sartre is currently on view in his retrospective at MoMA As with his entire body of work, Sartre’s theory of imagination refers to—and, naturally, affirms—his ontology, in which he explores Husserl’s tenet that “all consciousness is consciousness of something” in the context of the ‘detotalized totality’ of being-in-itself / being-for-itself dualism. Sartre postulates an admittedly underdeveloped notion of image consciousness in his early work The Imaginary (1940), though these writings are largely eclipsed by his later political [viz. Marxist] proclivities; nevertheless, his theory of imagination is a sufficient foundation of a phenomenological aesthetics. Notably, Sartre implies that the imaginary (or ‘irreal’) has the same ontological import as the real: if the real is never beautiful, it is simply because beauty is, by definition, imaginary, where imagination is a permanent possibility of consciousness. Read the rest of this entry »

ARKINKA Revista de Arquitectura, Diseño y Construcción Art Ruby graphic design | A Turtle's Salon du Thé 9 January, 2013 The Tube Dear London Underground, Happy 150th birthday! There have been inexplicable delays, blackened ‘nose residue’; a one hour halt on the Central line between Liverpool Street and Bank which I endured Elaine Benes-style one rainy Sunday afternoon in 2009 (I’ll not forget!) Yours with great affection, Adeline PS. (1889, 1920, 1939 and 1964 from Retronaut; 2012 from TfL) 2 December, 2012 Oscar And suddenly, it’s that festive Yule-tide-y time of year again. This is ace: (From here) 2 January, 2012 It’s the New Year Admittedly been leaving the camera at home and just enjoying the holiday moments which seem to be whizzing past. 20 December, 2011 That time of year again Wow. As a practising (but struggling) minimalist, it’s a chance to lash out and purchase beautiful things for loved ones. And to reflect on the year about to end, and the new one about to begin. Merry Christmas and safe, happy holidays to all! (Image from Charley Harper Colours) 8 November, 2011 Love in a very cold climate

香蕉设计网 Artspace - Contemporary Art for Sale From The World's Best Artists Public School » Blog Archive » Graphic Design In Israel 1985 צילומים מתוך: Graphic Design In Israel 1985′ by Gad Almaliah’ הספר הושאל לבלוג והועלה בשיתוף עם יותם הדר בנוסף לצילומים שבתוך הפוסט ניתן לראות את הסט השלם דרך פליקר Reuven Adler Gad Almaliah Mali (Barac) Alon, Moshe Amar Dan Arnon, Ester Aroty Joseph M. Itzhak Bechar Dror Ben-Dov, Uri Ben-Yehuda Dror Ben-Dov Naomi and Meir-Eshel, Raphie Etgar Emmery Fenyo, Dan Gelbart Dan Gelbart Zev Harari, David Harel Zev Harari David Harel Ilan Hagari, Roni and Aryeh Hecht Asher Kaldron Natan Karp, Shmuel A. Natan Karp Shmuel A. Gideon Keich, Jacob Kimhi Gideon Keich Esther Kurti, Dov Lif Esther Kurti Ilan Molcho Barak Nachsholi, David Neeman Barak Nachsholi David Neeman Zvi Narkis Shlomo Niego, Gabi Neumann Shlomo Niego Amram Prath, Prosper Benharrosh

El Hogar Primitivo Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design - Daily Art And Design Blog Jean David - vintage travel posters from Israel Israel -the land of the Bible Tourism posters by Jean David (L) c1954 (r) 195?produced for the State of Israel Tourist Centre My Knowledge of Jean David (Sometimes referred to as Jan David) is limited. However, what work I’ve seen from him has been nothing less that stellar. Looks like the whale is riding a boat of waves. DETAILS - Architecture seen in section — Marco Pogacnik, Research Unit Arte del costruire – Art of Building, Università Iuav di Venezia