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Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Aleister Crowley , Freemason, Golden Dawn , Aliens & Angels - reposted from the B:.B:. © from Brother Blue's Mysteriously Missing Pages reposted by watcher website Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley [rhymes with "holy"] was born October 12, 1875 in Leamington Spa, England. His parents were members of the Plymouth Brethren, a strict fundamentalist Christian sect. He attended Trinity College at Cambridge University, leaving just before completing his degree. Crowley was initiated into the Golden Dawn in 1898, and proceeded to climb up rapidly through the grades. The upshot was that he began to listen to Rose, and at her direction, on three successive days beginning April 8, 1904, he entered his chamber at noon and wrote down what he heard dictated from a shadowy presence behind him. In 1906 Crowley rejoined George Cecil Jones in England, where they set about the task of creating a magical order to continue where the Golden Dawn had left off. Love is the law, love under will. Crowleymas, 1974 Dr.

NIHILISM by Eugene Rose by Eugene (Fr. Seraphim) Rose [mark-up mostly done--- notes need work] Editor's Preface I. Introduction: The Question of Truth II. The Stages of the Nihilist Dialectic 1. 2. 3. 4. III. 1. 2. IV. 1. 2. 3. V. In a basement apartment near downtown San Francisco in the earl 1960's, Eugene Rose, the future Fr. In this room Eugene undertook to write a monumental chronicle of modern man's war against God: man's attempt to destroy the Old Order and raise up a new one without Christ, to deny the existence of the Kingdom of God and raise up his own earthly utopia in its stead. Only a few years before this, Eugene himself had been ensnared in the Kingdom of Man and had suffered in it; he too had been at war against God. It was in such a condition of intense hunger that Eugene found himself in the late 1950's. "For years in my studies I was satisfied with being 'above all traditions' but somehow faithful to them.... As a writer, Eugene felt he must call his contemporaries back from the abyss. I.

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TED Quotes: Facts, insight and humor from TEDTalks — in shareable bites TED Quotes are made possible by Allianz SE Facts, insight and humor —in shareable bites TED Quotes brings you salient bits of TEDTalks, on everything from activism to storytelling, from chemistry to curiosity. Have thoughts about TED Quotes? Want to suggest a quote? Follow us on Twitter: @TEDQuote About Allianz SE Allianz provides singular insight and expertise to help people manage new risks and opportunities. Learn more about Allianz SE. - StumbleUpon Sometimes we just need to remember what the 12 Rules of Life really are: 1. Never give yourself a haircut after three margaritas. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

SN 1987A SN 1987A fue una supernova que tuvo lugar en las afueras de la Nebulosa de la Tarántula (NGC 2070), situada en la Gran Nube de Magallanes, galaxia enana cercana perteneciente al Grupo Local. Ocurrió aproximadamente a 168.000 años luz (51,4 kiloparsecs) de la Tierra,[3] lo suficientemente cerca para ser visible a simple vista. Fue la supernova más cercana observada desde SN 1604, que apareció en la Vía Láctea. Historia[editar] La luz de la supernova llegó a la Tierra el 23 de febrero de 1987. Fue descubierta por Ian Shelton y Oscar Duhalde en el Observatorio Las Campanas en Chile el 24 de febrero de 1987, y de forma independiente por Albert Jones en Nueva Zelanda.[4] En marzo de 1987 fue observada desde el espacio por Astron, el mayor telescopio espacial de rayos ultravioleta de la época.[5] Precursor[editar] Poco después de registrarse el acontecimiento, la estrella progenitora fue identificada como Sanduleak -69° 202a, una supergigante azul de tipo espectral B3. Véase también[editar]

Ancient Greek Sacred Sites Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece Temple of Hephaistos The Temple of Hephaestus in central Athens, Greece, is the best-preserved ancient Greek temple in the world, but is far less well-known than its illustrious neighbour, the Parthenon. The temple is also known as the Hephaesteum or Hephaesteion. It is sometimes called the Theseum, due to a belief current in Byzantine times that the bones of the legendary Greek hero Theseus were buried there; in fact the bones alleged to be those of Theseus were buried in the 5th century BC at another site nearer to the Acropolis. The temple is located about 500m north-west of the Acropolis and about 1km due west of the modern centre of Athens, Syntagma Square. Built of marble from Mount Pentelus, in the Doric style, the temple is hexastyle, that is with six columns under the pedimented ends, and has thirteen columns on each side (counting the corner columns twice). The Acropolis in Athens The Acropolis is high above the city on a natural prominence. Rhamnous

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived Additional notes from the author: If you want to learn more about Tesla, I highly recommend reading Tesla: Man Out of Time Also, this Badass of the week by Ben Thompson is what originally inspired me to write a comic about Tesla. Ben's also got a book out which is packed full of awesome. There's an old movie from the 80s on Netflix Instant Queue right now about Tesla: The Secret of Nikola Tesla. It's corny and full of bad acting, but it paints a fairly accurate depiction of his life.

Philosopher Bios Dead Philosophers in Heaven null Confession of a Buddhist Atheist & Bodhi Thunder Confession of a Buddhist Atheist Image via Wikipedia By Grant Lawrence Bodhi Thunder Buddhism is different from nearly any other religion in that it doesn’t require a belief in God. Many Buddhists do believe in God. The Buddha instead gave an analogy of a person being shot with an arrow, and there were those that wanted to help remove the arrow. Buddhism doesn’t require a belief in God to remove the arrow of suffering. Books and people can tell you of experiences of God and revelations. See Video Below of a lecture given by author Stephen Batchelor on his book “Confession of a Budedhist Atheist” I work as a school counselor and mental health counselor in Gallup, New Mexico.

Table of contents (With last update date) Cover Foreword (August 13, 2009) Part 1. Preface to part 1 (April 12, 2000) Chapter 1. 1.1. 1.6. 1.7. Chapter 2. 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.6. Chapter 3. 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4. Chapter 4. 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 4.4. Chapter 5. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 5.5. 5.6. 5.7. 5.8. 5.9. 5.10. 5.11. 5.12. 5.13. 5.14. 5.15. 5.16. Chapter 6. 6.1. 6.2. 6.3. 6.4. 6.5. 6.6. 6.7. 6.8. 6.9. 6.10. 6.12. Part 2. Preface to part 2 (October 17, 2010) Chapter 7. 7.1. 7.2. 7.3. 7.4. 7.5. 7.6. 7.7. 7.9. 7.10. Chapter 8. 8.1. 8.2. Chapter 9. 9.1. 9.2. 9.3. 9.4. 9.6. Chapter 10. 10.1. 10.2. 10.3. 10.4. Chapter 11. 11.1. 11.2. 11.3. 11.4. 11.5. 11.6. 11.7.The victim/victimizer polar pair 11.8. 11.9. 11.10. Chapter 12. 12.1. 12.2. 12.3. 12.5. 12.6. 12.7. Chapter 13. 13.1. 13.2. 13.3. 13.4. 13.5. 13.6. 13.7. 13.8. 13.9. 13.10. 13.11. 13.12. 13.13. Chapter 14. 14.1. 14.2. 14.3. 14.4. 14.5. 14.6. 14.7. 14.8. Chapter 15. Chapter 16. 16.3. 16.4. 16.5. Part 3. Preface to part 3 (November 18, 2009) Chapter 17. 17.1.

Presocratic Philosophy The Origins of Western Thought Philosophical Thinking Philosophy as a discipline isn't easy to define precisely. Issuing from a sense of wonderment about life and the world, it often involves a keen interest in major questions about ourselves, our experience, and our place in the universe as a whole. But philosophy is also reflectively concerned with the methods its practitioners employ in the effort to resolve such questions. Thus, philosophy must be regarded both as content and as activity: It considers alternative views of what is real and the development of reasons for accepting them. Since our personal growth in these matters naturally retraces the process of cultural development, study of the history of philosophy in our culture provides an excellent introduction to the discipline as a whole. Greek Philosophy Milesian Speculation During the sixth century, in the Greek colony at Miletus, a group of thinkers began to engage in an extended exploration of the speculative issues.