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TaffyDB - The JavaScript Database

TaffyDB - The JavaScript Database
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louischatriot/nedb Peity • progressive <canvas> pie charts Peity (sounds like deity) is a jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a <svg> mini pie 2/5 donut 5,2,3 line 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 or bar chart 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 and is compatible with any browser that supports <svg>: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Opera, Safari. Download version 3.2.1 Uncompressed 8.7Kb jquery.peity.js Minified 3.6Kb (+gzipped 1.7Kb) jquery.peity.min.js Source Pie Charts Call peity("pie") on a jQuery selection. You can also pass delimiter, fill, height, radius and width options. <span class="pie">1/5</span><span class="pie">226/360</span><span class="pie">0.52/1.561</span><span class="pie">1,4</span><span class="pie">226,134</span><span class="pie">0.52,1.041</span><span class="pie">1,2,3,2,2</span> JavaScript $("span.pie").peity("pie") Donut Charts Donut charts are the same as pie charts and take the same options with an added innerRadius option which defaults to half the radius. $('.donut').peity('donut') Line Charts $(".line").peity("line") Events

25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Midnight in Paris Woody Allen’s latest places starving writer Owen Wilson in Paris with his fiancée, Rachel McAdams. Searching for inspiration for his incomplete novel, Owen begins taking strolls around the city at night where he discovers an unexpected group of people. I wish I could be more specific, but it would ruin the surprise. Let the Right One In The best vampire movie ever made in my opinion. Watch Let the Right One In for FREE on Amazon Instant Video The Man From Earth Holy &#%@ this film’s plot is fascinating! Garden State This is my absolute favorite film. Waking Life It’s impossible for you to grasp Waking Life without actually watching it, but I’ll do my best to explain it. Watch Waking Life for FREE on Amazon Instant Video Closer This film is a rather dark, yet comedic story about the twisted relationships between Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le Scaphendre et le Papillon) Sin Nombre Snatch Spirited Away The Descent Once

360doc--个人图书馆 MariaDB jQuery++ The Mushroom/LSD Experience Explained & Explored Anyone that has tried a psychedelic drug know that it’s impossible to fully explain the experience to someone who hasn’t tried one. The entertainment industry completely misrepresents these experiences with dragons flying out of people’s faces and walls melting into nothing, which never occur even with strong doses. So, here is my best attempt at explaining the psychedelic experience. I’d like to start this off with an anecdote from Ram Dass, who was talking about working with a member of the anti-drug coalition on a book about LSD. “It was a picture of a guy on the floor, looking at some spilled Coca-Cola. The General Sensation While tripping, you realize that Shakespeare’s idea that “All the world’s a stage” was excitingly true. Furthermore, your appreciation for absolutely everything is exponentially magnified. The Visuals For the most part, you do not see things that are not actually there. Perception This also holds true for any object you look at. Rules for Tripping Happy tripping :)

L’embarras du choix - Comment choisir la bonne plate-forme pour Big Data / Hadoop ? Cette année, le big data est devenu un sujet pertinent dans beaucoup d’entreprises. Bien qu'il n’y ait pas de définition standard du terme “big data”, Hadoop est de facto un standard pour le traitement big data. Presque tous les grands éditeurs de logiciels tels que IBM, Oracle, SAP et même Microsoft utilisent Hadoop. Cependant une fois que vous avez choisi d’utiliser Hadoop, la première question à se poser est de savoir comment débuter et quel produit choisir pour vos traitements big data. Plusieurs alternatives existent pour installer une version d’Hadoop et réaliser des traitements de ces données. Alternatives de plates-formes Hadoop L’illustration suivante montre différentes alternatives de plates-formes Hadoop. Dans le paragraphe qui suit, nous nous attarderons sur les différentes alternatives en commençant par Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop La version courante du projet Apache Hadoop (version 2.0) inclut ces modules : Problème 1: installation d’un cluster complexe Le package Big Data

Machine.js How to Become an Early Riser It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. - Aristotle Are morning people born or made? In my case it was definitely made. In my early 20s, I rarely went to bed before midnight, and I’d almost always sleep in late. I usually didn’t start hitting my stride each day until late afternoon. But after a while I couldn’t ignore the high correlation between success and rising early, even in my own life. … and the next morning, I got up just before noon. Hmmm… I tried again many more times, each time not getting very far with it. It’s hard to become an early riser using the wrong strategy. The most common wrong strategy is this: You assume that if you’re going to get up earlier, you’d better go to bed earlier. It seems there are two main schools of thought about sleep patterns. The second school says you should listen to your body’s needs and go to bed when you’re tired and get up when you naturally wake up.

The Apache Cassandra Project From Java to Node.js « n0tw0rthy I’ve been developing for quite a while and in quite a few languages. Somehow though, I’ve always seemed to fall back to Java when doing my own stuff – maybe partly from habit, partly because it has in my opinion the best open source selection out there, and party because I liked its mix of features and performance. Specifically though, in the web arena things have been moving fast and furious with new languages, approaches, and methods like RoR, Play! Recently, two factors made me deep dive into Node.js. Second was the first hand feedback I got from a friend at Voxer about their success in using and deploying Node.js at real scale (they have a pretty big Node.js deployment). So I jumped in. First of all, the event-driven (and non-blocking) model is a perfect fit for server side development. Second is the community and how large its gotten in the short time Node has been around. Third is that it was just so easy to pick up. Getting to know JavaScript Learning Node.js Frameworks? Web MVC