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Welcome to Earth! It's a planet having an iron core, with two-thirds of its surface covered by water. Earth orbits a local star called the Sun, the light of which generates the food supply for all the millions of species of life on earth. The dominant species on Earth is the human being, and you're one of the six billion of them! The physical composition of the Earth, its people and everything on it contains an electro-magnetic field which is not yet fully understood. Theories and legends about the origin of Earth, people and life itself abound, however they are not commonly discussed. "Who are we? Many religions and philosophies have attempted to answer these questions over the years, but so far none has given an answer that everyone on the planet can accept. In contrast to all the disagreement, the similarities among people on earth are far, far greater than any differences. Welcome again to Earth! Related:  Gör Götüm YollarıGigaPixels

5 Great Sites for Exploring Cities Around the Globe When Google launched its panoramic photomapping service back in 2007, it was the first time many netizens had the chance to explore a swathe of detailed street-level photos from their armchairs. In the U.S., Street View's rivals now include Microsoft's Silverlight-powered "Streetside" via Bing Maps and MapQuest's 360 View. Elsewhere in the world, other international sites offer rival photomapping for their particular part of the globe, even as the reach of Google's Street View steadily increases. We've picked our five favorite websites from around the world that offer extensive street level imagery from places as varied as Munich, Mae Hong Son, Moscow and Miskolc. City8 There are a number of Chinese services that offer street level photography of the country, with one of the first being "virtual tour" software designer Easypano's City8. NORC's photo mapping services cover Eastern and Central Europe. MapJack SightWalk Yandex BONUS: VideoStreetView

Lingyin scenic Hangzhou - klippe imaging - to uncover the story group of monks carved Editors' Picks Check out our newest extraordinary panoramas, hand-picked by our staff and published by the best photographers in the world every day on 360Cities. Take a look... View the 360Cities World Map We are the web's largest and fastest growing collection of interactive panoramic images from around the world. Take a look... Tokyo From 2 Skyscrapers We present Tokyo in all its urban glory. London from the BT Tower New world record largest panoramic photo, shot in partnership with British Telecom to mark the end of London 2012, the year of the Olympics. Our Latest Gigapixel Creation See beautiful Prague from the observation tower on Petrin Hill. Enjoy Mars from Your Armchair Explore Mars courtesy of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission and its rover - Curiosity - which is analyzing soil and rock samples from the Gale Crater. Aerial Panoramas Take An Underwater Tour Take a deep breath and join us for our exclusive underwater tour through the seas of the world. See into 10,000 Windows

Photography Sites - Photography Websites - Photography Directory The 33 most beautiful abandoned places in the World 1. Christ of the Abyss, San Fruttuoso, Italy Via: 2. Via: 3. Via: 4. Via: 5. Image by David Gray / Getty Images 6. Via: 7. Via: baldeaglebluff 8. Via: 9. 10. 15th century monastery, Black Forest, Germany Via: 11. Via: 12. Via: 13. Via: 14. Via: 15. Via: 16. Via: 17. Via: 18. Source: / via: 19. 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track in Sarajevo Source: 20. 21. Source: / via: 22. Source: logicalrealist / via: 23. Source: / via: 24. Image by Dimitar Kilkoff / Getty Images 25. 26. Source: 27. Source: 28. Source: alveart 29. Via:

The splendid mian Mountains2 Shanxi located at Mt. Taihang west, east of Yellow River. Name of the Shanxi, because of occupies Mt. Taihang west to acquire fame. Was called since old times “Biaolishanhe”. Spring and Autumn Period time, most districts for Jin all, therefore abbreviation “Jin”; The Warring States initial period, Han, Zhao, Wei three divide the Jin, because and calls “the Three-Jin”. Rich tourism resources in Shanxi Province, historical monuments, scenic spots more. How to Learn a Foreign Language - Memory Techniques from MindTools © iStockphoto/topshotUK Systems Needed Using the Tools Foreign languages are the ideal subject area for the use of memory techniques. Learning vocabulary is often a matter of associating a meaningless collection of syllables with a word in your own language. Traditionally people have associated these words by repetition – by saying the word in their own language and the foreign language time and time and time and time again. 1. This is a simple extension of the link method . For example, in learning English/French vocabulary: English: rug/carpet – French: tapis – imagine an ornate oriental carpet with a tap as the central design woven in chrome thread. This technique was formalized by Dr. 2. This is a very elegant, effective mnemonic that fuses a sophisticated variant of the Roman Room system with the system described above. This depends on the fact that the basic vocabulary of a language relates to everyday things: things that you can usually find in a city, town or village. 3. Summary

Great White Shark Diving South Africa Photo panoramique de Londres record du monde : Observez le Big Ben, le London Eye, le Tower Bridge, et d’autres endroits défiant votre imagination. À propos de cette photo Il s’agit d’une photo panoramique de 80 gigapixels, fabriquée à partir de 7886 images individuelles. Ce panorama a été photographié à partir du sommet de l’édifice Centre Point, situé dans le centre-ville de Londres, durant l’été 2010. Nous espérons que cette photo rend compte d’une manière inédite des différents sites touristiques de même que de l’énergie de Londres, afin que vous puissiez faire la connaissance de l’une des villes exceptionnelles de ce monde - où que vous soyez à l’heure actuelle. Pour contrôler cette image, utilisez les commandes sur l’écran ou cliquez sur le bouton de votre souris et maintenez-le sur la photo, puis déplacez votre souris. La ville suivante, c’est la vôtre ! Si vous souhaitez que l’on crée un vaste panorama gigapixels comme celui que vous voyez ici, n’hésitez pas à contacter 360Cities.. Presse Téléchargez notre communiqué de presse et notre dossier de presse ici. Télécharger le communiqué. Quelle est la vraie taille de cette image ?