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20 Best Tutorials for Creating HDR Photos

20 Best Tutorials for Creating HDR Photos

Top 10 Best Photoshop Tutorials This Week 009 « Tutorialstorage | Photoshop tutorials and Graphic Design Feb112012 It’s time to present you a Top 10 selection of Best Photoshop Tutorials. If you want to share with us your photoshop or illustrator tutorial, your work, design or photography send us a mail or via Twitter using #tutorialstorage in the end of the tweet. Graphic design often involves mixing media and design styles to achieve a creative result, so it’s important to know how to use a variety of tools, techniques and resources at your disposal to create a coherent composition. Without a coherent and well thought out composition, your artworks will not have the polished and memorable finished result that you’re hoping for.In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to have some fun with vectors, custom brushes, and stock images to create a colorful and eye-catching nature themed girl composition in Photoshop. Tools used: Adobe PhotoshopVarious stock imagesCustom brushesVectors Time for your photo manipulation dose. About the Author: Hey, my name is Valeriu Bosneaga alias Valeron.

Técnicas para convertir tus fotografías a blanco y negro con Photoshop. | En busca de la fotografía perfecta En este tutorial vamos a conocer diferentes técnicas, basadas en Photoshop , para poder pasar nuestras fotografías en formato .jpg de color al blanco y negro, y todo esto con unos pocos y sencillos pasos. *Presupondremos que serán en formato .jpg, puesto que si están en formato RAW las posibilidades de edición se multiplican exponencialmente al poder utilizar para editarlas Camera Raw. Es posible que a estas alturas muchos os preguntéis: ¿Pero aún hay alguien que no hace sus fotografías en color?. Pues si, ya que las imágenes en color no han reemplazado a las de blanco y negro, sino que, estas últimas, simplemente se han convertido en manifestaciones artísticas que excluyen el color como recurso. El principal objetivo de este tutorial es aprender a ejercer el control creativo durante la conversión a blanco y negro. Una de las formas más sencillas para conseguir una fotografía en blanco y negro es directamente con la cámara de fotos. Ventajas de trabajar en RAW Con Photoshop haríamos:

44 Grunge Photoshop Tutorials What’s up today? We’ve actually compiled a whole array of creative grunge tutorials so you can infuse staggering grungy styles into your artworks using Photoshop. Lately the grunge effect is known to be an enormously popular trend in web design, and basically it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. So if you want to really wild on your grunge designs, you may now explore different techniques in Photoshop that can give your artwork some textured, aged and uneven looks with rusting metal signs, dirty spots, grunge patterns, scorched borders, or overall distressed accents. Head blow off effect Designing a typographic concept poster Distressed effects in Photoshop The new way to create 3D text Create a rough woody text effect with wood splinters texture in Photoshop How to design an impressive graphic tee in Photoshop How to make a worn vintage beach ad in Photoshop Design an awesome geometric shaped typography with grungy background in Photoshop Creating a retro grunge poster

PhotoTech Tutorials Advertisement Over the recent months we’ve been presenting various showcases of photography – while many readers hated the showcases, most readers found them inspirational and perfect for a lousy workday’s morning. However, what we should have done in the inspirational posts is not just provide you with some inspiration for your work, but also present useful photographic techniques which can help you to achieve optimal pictures for your designs. And as requested by many of you, now it’s time to correct our mistake. In this post we present useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for various kinds of photography. Among other things, we cover high-speed photography, tilt-shift photography, black and white photography, motion blur, infrared, night, smoke photography, macro photography, HDR, panoramic photography, RAW processing and others. 1. Quick guide to Simple High Speed Macro PhotographyThis is a quick tutorial to get you started with high speed photography. 2. 3. 4. 5.

35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials Top Home » Digital Artworks • Gallery • Illustration • Inspiration • Photoshop • Tutorials » 35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials If you are a lover of 1980’s style or like much vintage years styles then you are at exact point. Nostalgic and old-fashioned designs look and feel very much attractive and many times they have a lot inspiration in them. Creating a Stunning Old-World Look in Photoshop Design a Stylish Retro Game Boy Poster in Photoshop DIY vintage T-shirts How to create retro sunflower poster in Photoshop How to Design a Rockin’ 80′s Party Poster Creating a Space-Helmeted Future Retro Illustration Design a Retro Futurism Space Scene Make a Retro-Space Typography Poster with Colorful Lights Gigposter Design: The New Sex Create a Vintage Looking Image with Photoshop Design a Colorful Retro Futuristic Poster in Photoshop Design a Retro Summer Poster Illustration Retro Modernist Poster Design with 3D Typography Create a Retro Design Poster in Photoshop Old World Wax Seal Comments

25 Tutoriales impresionantes y Profesionales para Photoshop Suscribirse para ver tutoriales 25 Tutoriales impresionantes y Profesionales para Photoshop Increíble que te puede servir suscribirte a Learn Photo Editing, Photoshop + Photography Tutorials, este producto contiene una inscripción a los 25 Tutoriales impresionantes y profesionales para Photoshop. A continuación les compartiré los ejemplos de cada uno de los tutoriales, quedaran impactados con lo que pueden llegar a aprender, verán unas imágenes con efectos impresionantes para las fotografías y sus aplicaciones distintas. Con estos tutoriales impresionantes, realmente no necesitas unas cámara de treinta mil pesos o un lente de quince mil pesos para que tus fotos salgan increíbles para usarla en los medios publicitarios de una manera creativa, estos 25 tutoriales te harán subir a un nivel profesional muy alto, grandes trucos aprenderás. A continuación el listado de los tutoriales que contiene suscribirte a un costo muy considerable y justo. Suscribirse para ver tutoriales Me gusta:

Cool Photoshop Abstract Effect Tutorials « PixelDetail Photoshop is a powerful tool that belongs in any designers toolbox. Abstract works is a mysterious of web design header, beautiful photo effects, vibrant desktop backgrounds or it can be beautiful art. One of the most unique and creative things you can accomplish with Photoshop are abstract effects. In order to save your time, I have collected some of the best Photoshop abstract effect tutorials of all time. These are selected from our Photoshop users and readers. Learn tips and tricks, cool effects, and how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively. 1. In this tutorial, you will learn a simple technique for creating brilliant light streaks. Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop 2. In the tutorial, writer will show you the steps I took to create this glowing Floral Pattern in Photoshop. Simple Glowing Floral Pattern in Photoshop 3. In this tutorial you will learn that how to create a beautiful and extraordinary effect with some simple steps. Special Purple Lighting 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Camera Exposure: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed A photograph's exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it's been captured by your camera. Believe it or not, this is determined by just three camera settings: aperture, ISO and shutter speed (the "exposure triangle"). Mastering their use is an essential part of developing an intuition for photography. Achieving the correct exposure is a lot like collecting rain in a bucket. In photography, the exposure settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed are analogous to the width, time and quantity discussed above. Each setting controls exposure differently: Aperture: controls the area over which light can enter your cameraShutter speed: controls the duration of the exposureISO speed: controls the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to a given amount of light One can therefore use many combinations of the above three settings to achieve the same exposure. By the Numbers. How it Appears. Slow Shutter Speed Fast Shutter Speed By the Numbers. How it Appears.

Rapid Vector Portrait Process This Quick Tip tutorial will guide you through the process of making a vector portrait rapidly. A picture will be used as a guide for black and gray paths. We'll review some shortcuts that will allow you to achieve good quality results with few steps and minimum fuss. Final Image Preview Below is the final image we will be working towards. Tutorial Details Program: Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator CS4Difficulty: BeginnerEstimated Completion Time: 1-2 hours Step 1 Take a picture of yourself or of an other person. Step 2 Open the photo in Photoshop, unlock the layer. Step 3 Press the button Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer under the layers panel and then select Threshold. Step 4 Open up both of the images in Illustrator. Now select one of these images again, and in the top menu press the triangle located to the right of the Live Trace button (shown below). I used these settings: 4px Blur, 4px Path Fitting, and 1000px Minimum Area. Do the same for other image as well. Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8

Guía Detallada: Cómo Hacer Fotografía De Humo ¿Siempre has querido hacer una fotografía como esta, pero pensabas que era extremadamente difícil? Pues lamento decirte que estabas en un error… En este tutorial te explico los pasos para que puedas hacer la prueba en tu casa y veas que no es tan complicado. Humo, por Juan Miguel Rogado Materiales Trípode.Tela negra. Cómo preparar tu “mini estudio” casero Coloca la tela negra como fondo y frente a ella el trípode con tu cámara, a ser posible, con un objetivo macro. El flash tienes que colocarlo a un lado, formando 90º con la cámara, para que no ilumine el fondo, además, será mucho mejor, para evitar que refleje sobre la tela, colocar la cartulina negra entre la tela y el flash externo. Entre el fondo y la cámara, obvio, coloca tu fuente de humo. Por si no me he explicado bien, aquí tienes un esquema para que lo veas mejor: Posición de los materiales para una fotografía de humo óptima Aspectos técnicos Lo ideal es un enfoque manual, por eso te aconsejo que utilices el trípode.

Ten The Best Creative Photoshop Tutorials The best of Photoshop Tutorials, mostly about photo manipulations and retro poster style. Check out new tricks that you can learn and apply it to your own designs. These tutorials are the best from great sites such us Abduzeedo, 10Steps.SG, Webdesigner Depot, PSDFan and Psdeluxe. We Hope you like this article…!!! +50 Webs y Recursos Online Para Darle Vida a Tus Fotos Internet está lleno de recursos, medios y utilidades que facilitan la labor de editar, retocar, almacenar y compartir nuestras fotos. No tener Adobe Photoshop CS5 instalado en tu ordenador, no disponer de una página web propia, o no poder contar con un galería que te ayude a difundir y exponer tu obra fotográfica ya no es un problema. Internet, sinónimo de democratización, te lo pone todo a tu alcance para que puedas darle vida a tus fotos. El artículo de hoy consiste en una exhaustiva pero cuidada selección de más de 50 Webs y recursos online, en su mayoría gratuitos, que te ayudarán a utilizar tus fotos y a darles un poco más de protagonisto y vidilla, en vez de tenerlas en una olvidada carpeta de tu ordenador Editores de fotos online Sitios para compartir fotos Almacenamiento gratuito de fotos Photobucket – Uno de los servicios de almacenamiento y hospedaje de fotos más populares. Fotos desde el móvil Presentaciones y diapositivas artísticas Búsqueda de fotos Bancos de Imágenes