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Ecosystem Marketplace -
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Ecosystem Based Management Tools Messages from the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference, A new approach – the water, energy and food security nexus | Water Energy Food Nexus, Bonn 2011 Sustainable Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design: Offering Better Ways to Live, at Less Cost Today and Tomorrow, Anywhere on Earth SECTIONS OF THE BOOK SOLVIVA: Table of Contents || Introduction || Some current realities || A visit to Solviva How I got on the path of seeking better ways to live... || Wastewater Management Greyburg or Greendale: where would you rather live? A VISIT to SOLVIVA WINTER in my HOME In the midst of the record-cold and dark winter of 1984, the temperature is well below zero degrees F, and the howling wind creates a fierce windchill factor. Bundled up in full winter gear, with an armload of groceries, I struggle against the arctic blast, down the path toward my home. With relief I deeply breathe in the fragrant warmth of my home and the beauty of the sun pouring in through climbing and cascading green leaves and red, orange and yellow flowers. Enchanting scents waft from jasmine and honeysuckle, sweet peas, pineapple sage and peppermint geranium, orange and lemon blossoms, and compost-rich living earth. Before the tub is full, I have time for one more task: pollinating the tomato flowers.

Is it time for private company marketplaces? With the IPO market in the doldrums for some time, and merger activity still scarce, shareholders of venture-backed companies have had trouble getting liquidity for their stock. The dearth of exits has created a new opportunity for companies such as SharesPost, which launched in June 2009, and SecondMarket, both of which are trading platforms for buyers and sellers of private securities. It's an active sector. Recently, SecondMarket just acquired its competitor InsideVentures for an all-stock purchase. In this week's Vator Box, Ezra Roizen (Vator Box regular and digital media investment banker) and I take a look at the prospects of SharesPost. Our guest host is Lorenzo Carver, whose expertise is in understanding valuations of startup companies through his company, Liquid Scenarios. Here are some of our observations: - Providing an online platform to trade shares of private securities is an open territory. - There may be challenges in protecting buyers of securities.

A Matrix for Mapping Ecosystem Service Markets Over the past decade, more and more businesses have come to recognize that man's economy depends on the earth's ecology, and that ecosystem services – from waste treatment and pollination to genetic resources – generate tangible benefits to industry. Furthermore, because these benefits have gone unquantified, they have also gone unpaid for -- and the ecosystems that provide them are in decline. This has sparked a diverse array of efforts around the globe to value and pay for ecosystem services. Many of these Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) efforts – like the booming carbon markets – already channel billions of dollars into projects designed to keep the planet's ecosystem infrastructure alive. Others, however, are less developed. Even in carbon -- by far the most successful ecosystem market to date -- the concepts are emerging, changing rapidly, and dispersed across geography and institutions. Mapping the Markets Commodity Types Payment Types Lay of the Land Promises and Pitfalls

General | Many Strong Voices - Programme Overview Linking the Arctic and SIDS The Arctic and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are directly threatened by climate change and vulnerable to its effects. Both regions face considerable challenges in confronting climate change impacts on their economies, ecologies, and cultures. While communities in both regions have proven able to adapt to changing conditions in the past, climate change today and in the future will pose new and unprecedented challenges to the regions’ adaptive capacity and resilience. Although natural and human environments within and between the two regions differ markedly, the Arctic and SIDS share many characteristics which impose particular constraints to, and offer unique opportunities for, sustainable development and adaptation to global climate change. There is a need for cooperation between the regions to deal effectively with common challenges. “An effective response to climate change will depend on creating the conditions for international collective action.”

Green Wineries Embrace Innovation from the Fields to the Bottle | Eco-Leadership on Consumers are discovering that going green doesn't mean the end of the good life. On the contrary, when it comes to wines, sustainability makes them even better. Word is getting out, spurring a plethora of wines labeled "sustainable" to appear on the shelves of retailers like Whole Foods. No surprises there, since every industry these days recognizes the potential of reaching the LOHAS market. But in terms of wine, does "sustainable" connote a commitment to greener growing practices or is it a marketing gimmick? After a cursory perusal of winegrowers' websites, I reminded myself that a slick marketing strategy does not always equal sustainability. What I really wanted to know was, "Are sustainable wines better than their conventional counterparts?" My husband and I love wine, but we are by no means connoisseurs. Michael Honig is one of these experts. Honig begins the tour of Honig Vineyard & Winery by showing us his solar array. How much does it cost to do this much good?

How Does The Market Move? | Social Media Directions Tilpasning til klimaendringer i norske kommuner - Forside 75 per cent of Food Diversity Lost in Last Century The average person, roaming supermarket aisles with their trolley, is under the impression that our modern globalised food production system, despite being damaging in every other respect, brings one major benefit to consumers -- that being more food choices. Wrong. It's a myth . The corporate takeover of agriculture is seeing a rapid and systematic decline in seed and crop diversity, as they seek to standardise all aspects of global food trade. That's what makes the work of Stephan Fayon, who directs an international seed bank in Auroville, India, so significant. It might be argued that, the issue of unnecessary transport aside, an increase in trade invariably leads to increased choice for consumers. It's that old short-term thinking thing happening again. "I have heard . . . that people may become dependent on us for food. Supporting local farms, particularly those that concentrate on crop diversity and soil health, is one way you can help reverse this trend. Further Reading:

MPP: About our company Welcome to Marketplace Partners–a results-driven, no-nonsense consulting and marketing services firm. We specialize in working with business, professional and technology service firms to achieve their full growth and profit potential. We understand B2B services businesses – they are quite different than product companies – and they require strategy and execution specifically suited to their unique needs. We have been delivering “the goods” for our clients for more than a decade. We have paid our dues, streamlined our business and developed high-impact partnerships and proven services; we are well prepared to help make your business better. Our Ideal Client If you are partial to being fawned over, like very fancy presentations, expensive lunches, and expect the ambience of big overhead, we are not for you. There are few professionals who have as much experience as we do with service businesses. Our Proven Services