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Radioactive Decay: A Sweet Simulation of a Half-life PiccoloNamek [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Purpose To demonstrate that the rates of decay of unstable nuclei can be measured, that the exact time that a certain nucleus will decay cannot be predicted, and that it takes a very large number of nuclei to find the rate of decay. Context This is the second lesson in a three-lesson series about isotopes, radioactive decay, and the nucleus. The first lesson, Isotopes of Pennies, introduces the idea of isotopes. To do this lesson and understand half-life and rates of radioactive decay, students should understand ratios and the multiplication of fractions, and be somewhat comfortable with probability. In this lesson, students will be asked to simulate radioactive decay by pouring small candies, such as plain M&M's® or Skittles®, from a cup and counting which candies fall with their manufacturer's mark down or up. This lesson can be done in two, 45-minute class periods. Planning Ahead Motivation Development Ask students: Assessment

How to Find Websites and Domains owned by a Person? Learn how you can find the other websites (or domain names) that are owned by some person using online lookup tools. Say you are on a website and would like to know which other web domains are owned by the same person who owns that website. Is it possible? Yes there are some easy workarounds (and tools) that can help you find domains owned by an individual or a company though you may not be successful on every hunt. Let’s give it a try! Step 1: Reverse Whois Lookups with Google When you register a web domain, your name, contact address, phone number and other details are stored with the domain in a public registry database that anyone can access online using a Whois Lookup tool. Go to and enter the domain name that you are trying to research. "PHONE_NUMBER" "STREET_ADDRESS" Replace Phone Number or Street Address in the above search queries with the actual data from the whois database. /adsense=1234 Step 4.

CK-12 People's Physics Concepts 1. Units and Problem Solving Units identify what a specific number refers to. Keeping track of units can help you avoid mistakes when you work out problems. 2. One dimensional motion describes objects moving in straight lines. 3. This chapter discusses parabolic and projectile motion, acceleration, and velocity. 4. In this chapter, we explore forces and Newton's laws. 5. Forces which cause objects to turn around continuously in a circle are known as centripetal forces. 6. Isaac Newton in a triumph of brilliance declared that there is one law of physics that governs motion and he unified “earthly” bodies and “heavenly” bodies with the The Universal Law of Gravitation. 7. The total amount of motion in the universe is constant. 8. When any two bodies in the universe interact, they can exchange energy, momentum, or both. 9. The third conservation law is conservation of angular momentum. 10. The development of devices to measure time, like the pendulum, led to the analysis of periodic motion.

Web 2.0 productivity tools Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, social benefit organizations, NGOs, educators, students, journalists, Web publishers, general public. Following are Web 2.0 tools we’ve come across that have increased our productivity. Part of the early adopters creed is to share discoveries with others. Please add your own recommendations in the comments! Academic search Socialbrite recommends:Alternatives: Blog Bookmarks Calendar Google Calendar30 Boxes, CalendarHub, Cozi, Famundo, HipCal, Jotlet, Rota Board, Scrybe, Spanning Sync, Trumba, WhosOff Contacts Document manager SimplifyThisBlinksale, docharbor, docstoc, DocuSign, EchoSign, FreshBooks, Invoice Place, Scribd, Sertifi, ShareMethods Email Feed reader Instant messaging DigsbyAdium (open source), Campfire,, Google Talk, imo, Kool IM, MSN Web Messenger, Peekamo, Twitter, Zoho Chat Microblogging Personal pages Photo editor Photo manager FlickrContakme, DPHOTO, DropShots, Dumpt, Photobucket, PhotoShelter, Pikeo, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Zoto Polls Fax

Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception Pendulum Lesson Plans Reviewed by Teachers Why Select Other Criteria? Sometimes you only have 45 minutes to review participles before Tuesday's assembly, or you need curriculum you know was reviewed after a certain date. Duration: If curriculum authors indicate how long it takes to implement a resource, i.e. a 30-minute vocabulary exercise, a three-day science experiment, or a two-week expository writing project, we note it for you. If not, our teacher reviewers may indicate an estimated amount of time it would take. When you select a duration in this box, you'll see only resources with that stated duration. Resource reviews that do not include a duration will be excluded from the list. Reviewed After: Limit the resources you see to those reviewed since the date you choose by clicking the box and making a selection.

10 Best Android Apps for Men If a man wishes to thrive in today’s world, he needs to embrace new technology and new tools. For many men, their go-to, everyday tool is their cell phone. What was once just a device to make simple phone calls, now can be used to navigate cities, send emails, and even teach essential man skills. After just a few years on the market, the Android OS has spawned over 500,000 different apps that both entertain and help us be more productive. How To Tie a Tie This app offers simple step-by-step instructions on how to tie 12 different necktie knots. Animated Knots If you forgot how to tie the trusty knots you learned in Boy Scouts, The Animated Knots app is for you. A robust drink mixing app for the budding mixologist. (Free) Grill the perfect steak with this steak timer app from Omaha Steaks. The Men’s Health Workouts app comes preloaded with over 20 of the magazine’s most popular workouts. Harness your inner Bear Grylls with the U.S. (Free)

Science 2012 | 335 Pages | ISBN: 0930872886 | EPUB | 1 MB This is the most comprehensive gathering of Inayat Khans teachings on the mind and its potential, and contains material which has not been published e... English | 2014 | ISBN: 1493903659 | ISBN-13: 9781493903658 | 230 pages | PDF | 6,7 MB Protein Structure Prediction, Third Edition expands on previous editions by focusing on software and web servers. ... 2014 | ISBN-10: 1848214634 | 96 pages | PDF | 1 MB An ideal resource for students, industrial engineers, and researchers, Signal Processing with Free Software Practical Experiments presents practical ... ( Category:DSP Date:25 Mar 2014 ) English | 2014 | ISBN: 1627039856 | ISBN-13: 9781627039857 | 270 pages | PDF | 21,2 MB Plant-Pathogen Interactions: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition expands upon the first edition with current, d... 2012 | ISBN: 1133106293 | English | 1280 Pages | PDF | 136 MB Succeed in the course with BIOCHEMISTRY. ( Category:Physics Date:21 Mar 2014 )

Home - The Best Educational Web 2.0 Sites home Radioactive Decay: A Sweet Simulation of Half-Life PiccoloNamek [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Introduction In this simulation, you will use small pieces of candy marked on one side. They will be your “nuclei.” 1. 2. 3. 4. Analysis:1.