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40 Amazing Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

40 Amazing Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

How to create a grid quickly and easily with Photoshop Here is a quick technique for creating a grid. This was written for digital painting but it can be used for anything. Note: This tutorial is meant as a supplement to my digital painting tutorial. What you will need Adobe Photoshop.A reference photograph. Why not use the grid tool? Photoshop can’t currently create proportional grids with the grid tool, it’s a global setting that gets applied to every document. Here is an example: In the grid below I created a 2×2 inch square and created a gridline every 1 inches, note the four squares I want to create an image that is twice the size of this while also having four squares (a gridline every 2 inches). Notice that this has 16 squares whereas the other one only has 4! At the moment there is no way to set a different grid for each document. Part One: Preparing a grid for your reference photo. Find the width of your reference image First thing you need to do is find the width of your reference image. Find the width of each square in your grid Click Ok

350 Photoshop Tutorials | Best Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop is what makes the virtual world seem alive. Its nothing less than a blessing for designers. The Internet is full of Photoshop Tutorials and you will find a tutorial on each and every tool. With that being said, we understand that these tutorials require time and effort to find so we’ve saved you both. How? Well, basically, we compiled a collection of easy to understand Photoshop tutorials that will aid you with just about every aspect of Photoshop and teach you the essentials of the software. Who knows, after going through these tutorials, you may end up being the next big thing in the world of Graphic Design. This article is divided in 14 Sections: Advertisement Tutorials for Beginners 5 Common Photoshop Myths Solved for Absolute Beginners In this post, author will provide 5 Simple, Yet Useful Photoshop “How-to”s for Absolute Beginners. More Information on 5 Common Photoshop Myths Solved for Absolute Beginners How to Use and Create Brushes in Adobe Photoshop Text Tutorials Fire

Perfect masking using a highpass 1 Open any picture that contains a big shot of a person / celebrity / whatever. I use a picture of a well known celebrity. 2 Duplicate the background layer 2 times, you should that layer 3 times then. On the top layer use Filter / Gaussian Blur: 18px. Set the layer to 50% transparency in the layers dialog.Then go to Colors / Invert. You should have something similar to my picture now. 3 Click the right mousebutton on the layer in the layers dialog and choose “Merge down”.Colors / Desaturate (average). At the end you should have an image containg almost only black an white.

10 Must-Have Photoshop Plugins That Are Free If you’re looking for new and creative ways to edit or enhance your images, plugins can make your Photoshop workflow go so much smoother. Whether you want to add some noise or create some stunning color effects, we’ve got a fantastic list for you – and all completely free! 1. virtualPhotographer by optikVerve Labs For those who haven’t grasped all the nooks and crannies of Photoshop yet, or simply don’t want to spend hours tweaking an image, virtualPhotographer is a simple plugin that has over 200 presets for you to apply to your images. There is also a very nifty split-screen preview function that allows you to see the before-and-after of your edit. 2. This incredible plugin works with Photoshop to process and save PNG files much faster, and also saves them in a smaller size. 3. If you haven’t mastered the idea behind curves yet, this plugin has eight common presets to select from, allowing you to choose which one compliments your photo the best. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 .

Creating a Masking Effect Tutorial by iAPDesign Alright guys, I will show you right now how to make a simple masking effects tutorial in Photoshop CS5 by iapdesign. Actually this tutorial is kinda easy to do, you just need to be creative and enjoy what you are doing. So lets start! Here is the Final Image that we’re going to do today! Requirements for this tutorial: 1. 2. Open a New Document in Photoshop, I used 640×480 pixels for this tutorial. Get your Gradient tool (G) setup the color to the image below. And add some highlights in your background by adding some dark color. Now let’s create a splatter, create new layer and your chosen splat brush use it. Now let’s add the stock photo that we use or any photo you want to used. So here it comes the masking effect, hover your mouse in the middle of the the Splat layer and the Stock layer while pressing Alt then click it with your left mouse. Just add some drop shadow in your Splat Layer using the blending option. So that’s it guys,

14 Advanced Level Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials In this post, we will learn some Master Strokes of Phtososhop CS5. This is a collection of Video tutorials, tips and tricks and methods of working with the very latest features of Adobe Photoshop. These are the magic tricks that raise you from the level of an average user, to an admirable pro, who has right to brag about his skills. If you think you know Photoshop very well, let’s see if you already know this stuff. I believe even the masters would learn something here. Compositing and Selecting Hair Adobe Photoshop CS5 has a GREAT NEW Feature called Edge Detection. Photoshop CS5: New Blend Modes In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the new blendmodes in Photoshop CS5. Advanced Motion Blur Masking and Blending This Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorial will get you through the toughest motion blur with flying colors. Adobe Photoshop CS5 – PatchMatch Quick Techniques to Create a Panorama Special techniques with Content-Aware Fill The amazing new feature in Photoshop CS5: the Content-Aware Fill. [ad1]

Top Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube You Need to Watch We know how much are readers love great Photoshop tutorials. In this list we thought we would switch it up a bit and list some awesome Photoshop tutorials on video. While I prefer text and images when doing tutorials I know there are many people out there that would rather watch a video tutorial. Ladies and gentleman, without further delay I present to you the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I have viewed all of these tutorials at one time or another and have learned a great deal from them. Tutorial External Tip – 14 Advanced Photoshop Tutorials You Should See In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. Here I collected 14 great Photoshop tutorials, which can help you to expand your skills Oktober 11, 2012Toni PolkowskiDesign, Tutorial External Tip – 13 Superb Photoshop Tutorials You Should See In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. Juni 18, 2012Toni PolkowskiDesign, Tutorial External Tip – 15 Brilliant Photoshop Tutorials You Should See In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. März 21, 2012Toni PolkowskiDesign, Tutorial External Tip – 16 Outstanding Photoshop Tutorials You Should See Dezember 6, 2011Toni PolkowskiDesign, Tutorial

Photoshop 101: How To Create and Use Clipping Masks A clipping mask is a quick way to create masked effects that show and hide parts of images or photos. In this tutorial we will create a clipping mask with text and an image. Step 1: Find an image with some interesting texture. I’m going to go with a grass background. Download the image here: Step 2: Add text to the image Open the image in Photoshop and use the type tool and type some text on top of the image. Step 3: Drag the text below the grass layer Step 4 Create the clipping mask With the grass layer selected go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. And there we have it! Step 5 Add a drop shadow Add some nice shadow to the text by right clicking on the layer effects icon and adding a drop shadow. Step 6: Add More Grass Next lets duplicate the grass layer and drag it below the text layer. Step 7: Change the color of the grass With the top grass layer selected go to Image>Adjustments>Hue Saturation. And there we have it… Purple grass!

Useful Adobe Photoshop Techniques, Tutorials and Tools As web designers, we always have something new to learn. Over the last decade our workflow has changed dramatically — it’s become more sophisticated and highly diversified. Not only do we have a much larger variety of improved tools to use; there’s also an endless stream of new techniques emerging and spreading within the web design community via social networks. And this is where the opportunity to learn new useful, practical approaches and techniques comes in. We can learn by exploring the different design approaches other designers have taken, when solving their problems and apply these approaches to our work to become more productive and skilled. Therefore, our editorial team is permanently looking for interesting techniques, tools and tutorials, which we carefully select and present in round-ups on Smashing Magazine. Below you’ll find an overview of new useful Adobe Photoshop techniques and tutorials that we’ve found and collected over the last months. Illustration Link